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  1.   1.  Basics
    1.   1.1  Character Slots
    2.   1.2  Puppies
  2.   2.  Requests
    1.   2.1  Counting Method
    2.   2.2  Old Method
    3.   2.3  Numerical Guideline
    4.   2.4  Example Requests
  3.   3.  Other Factors
    1.   3.1  Ratio
    2.   3.2  Still More Factors
    3.   3.3  Absences
  4.   4.  Reasons for Auxiliary Rejection
  5.   5.  Additional Notes
    1.   5.1  General
    2.   5.2  Increasing Your Post Count
    3.   5.3  Extenuating Circumstances
    4.   5.4  Time Between Requests
  6.   6.  More & Resources

See our Procedures topic for basic information.

We strongly recommend reading this document before asking a question about your auxiliary character slot or puppy request: your question is probably answered herein. The password for the Request Checker is currently 7p8JAGUAR(s).

1.  Basics

1.1  Character Slots

  • Players may play one character initially.
  • A secondary character slot is automatically obtained after meeting these requirements:
    • Four weeks of membership
    • and 45 IC posts.
  • Slots for additional (tertiary, quaternary, and so forth) characters must be requested from and approved by the administration prior to joining with those characters.
    • For slot requests, all of the Player's current active characters' In Character posts are tallied. Players are expected to meet certain activity levels to attain auxiliary requests.

1.2  Puppies

  • Puppies are evaluated similarly to character slot requests. However, only the character(s) using puppy points are evaluated, and the 'SA does not take into account the number of characters the player has or the activity of any other characters when evaluating puppy requests.

2.  Requests

  • Posts are separated into two week brackets, and activity is evaluated according to those brackets.
    • For character slot requests, the administration will tally IC posts from the past eight weeks at the time of the request.
    • For puppy requests, only the past six weeks are counted.

2.1  Counting Method

The administration uses an autochecker that looks up and counts the number of IC posts a character has made since six/eight weeks prior to when the checker is run. This autochecker is not available to the public as there's a strong possibility of overloading the database if used too frequently. It's a bit more work for a human to keep up with the autochecker, especially if a lot of characters need to be counted, but it can be done to an extent. You'll need to know the current date, and count back from there. The below example is if today's date is 24 December. Technically, the autochecker counts back from the exact time and date it's run, so if it's 4pm December 24, it will count back to 4pm October 29, so if there are posts made between 12am and 4pm December 24, they may not be counted.

Note again: the autochecker depends on exactly when your posts were made and exactly when the administration runs the checker. For instance, if you were spreeing at 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM two weeks ago and requested today: if the administration happens to run the checker in the middle of when you were spreeing, you might end up with posts split differently across brackets than you expected. It isn't possible for players to keep up with the checker precisely, because you can never know exactly when we're going to run the checker after you request. It can definitely give you a good idea, though.

  • 29 Oct - Nov 12: #
  • Nov 12 - Nov 26: #
  • Nov 26 - Dec 10: #
  • Dec 10 - Dec 24: #

2.2  Old Method

Prior to development of our autochecker, we manually counted IC posts based on the set bimonthly brackets -- our autochecker does not exactly adhere to these brackets, but it's slightly easier to track your own posts using this method, and you can still get a general idea of your posts by using this method.

  • November 1-15: #
  • November 16-30: #
  • December 1-15: #
  • December 16-30: #

2.3  Numerical Guideline

This is a guideline, not intended to be taken as an absolute or precisely rigid guide. The staff discusses all requests, and we do sometimes look at the things listed in the Other Factors section.

Players consistently achieving this level of activity...

Inactive: 0–2 posts per two week bracket
... should expect to be denied for slot and puppy requests.

Dismal: 2–4 posts per two week bracket
... should expect to be denied for slot requests, though they may be able to obtain the use of a single puppy point.

Poor: 4–6 posts per two week bracket
... should expect to be denied for slot requests, unless their numbers are mostly solid; they should be able to obtain the use of a single puppy point.

Average: 7–9 posts per two week bracket
... may be approved for slot requests, providing their numbers are mostly solid; they are almost always able to obtain the use of a single puppy point, and may be able to obtain the use of two pup points, given solid enough activity.

Good: 10–12 posts per two week bracket
... should expect to be approved for slot requests; they are always able to obtain the use of a single puppy point and should be able to use two puppy points.

Great: 13–15 posts per two week bracket
... should expect to be approved for slot requests; they are always able to obtain the use of a single puppy point and should be able to use two puppy points.

Stellar: 16+ posts per two week bracket
... should expect to be approved for slot requests; they are always able to obtain the use of two puppy points and may be able to obtain three.

Super-Stellar: 20+ posts per two week bracket
... should expect to be approved for slot requests; they are always able to obtain the use of three puppy points.

2.4  Example Requests

Example One

Alice has three characters and is requesting a fourth character slot. Alice's activity is great in general -- consistently average or above, and she would be readily approved for a fourth character.

Jackal has made 56 total posts in the last eight weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 20
2-4 weeks ago: 14
4-6 weeks ago: 10
6-8 weeks ago: 12

Coyote has made 55 total posts in the last six weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 16
2-4 weeks ago: 18
4-6 weeks ago: 9
6-8 weeks ago: 12

Wolf has made 51 total posts in the last six weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 18
2-4 weeks ago: 12
4-6 weeks ago: 10
6-8 weeks ago: 11

Example Two

Bob has two characters and is requesting a third character slot. Bob's activity is subpar and he would not be approved for a third, primarily due to numerical activity: Azazel shouldn't have 0 posts in the most recent two weeks, and Baphomet's +2 and +3 post brackets are harmful.

Azazel has made 20 total posts in the last eight weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 0
2-4 weeks ago: 7
4-6 weeks ago: 8
6-8 weeks ago: 5

Baphomet has made 16 total posts in the last eight weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 2
2-4 weeks ago: 6
4-6 weeks ago: 3
6-8 weeks ago: 5

Example Three

Christina has five characters and is requesting a sixth. While Christina's general activity is good, in this case we are likely to note the +4 and +3, as well as the declining activity since a fifth character, Zytha, was picked up six weeks ago. We may look at other factors: if Christina is promptly replying to all of her threads with long (400+ words) posts, she is likely to be approved. If, on the other hand, she is lagging in her reply times and is only putting up short (100-300 words) posts, she may be denied.

Oriax has made 33 total posts in the last six weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 7
2-4 weeks ago: 14
4-6 weeks ago: 12
6-8 weeks ago: 5

Muriel has made 17 total posts in the last six weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 4
2-4 weeks ago: 8
4-6 weeks ago: 5
6-8 weeks ago: 5

Bill has made 23 total posts in the last six weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 3
2-4 weeks ago: 7
4-6 weeks ago: 13
6-8 weeks ago: 5

Jimmy has made 13 total posts in the last six weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 3
2-4 weeks ago: 3
4-6 weeks ago: 7
6-8 weeks ago: 5

Zytha has made 12 total posts in the last six weeks.

2 weeks ago - today: 7
2-4 weeks ago: 5
4-6 weeks ago: 3
6-8 weeks ago: 0 (Joined 6 weeks ago, bracket not counted)

3.  Other Factors

There are other factors we take into account, but activity is the single most important factor when we evaluate a request.

3.1  Ratio

A player's primary character should be treated as their primary -- the ideal ratio of primary to auxiliary characters is 3:2. Auxiliary characters should all be roughly standardized with a slight bump to your primary character's activity -- e.g., if you have three characters, your ratio would be 3 (primary) : 2 (secondary) : 2 (tertiary). not 3 (primary) : 2 (secondary) : 1 (tertiary). If, in a given period, you were to make 10 posts with your primary, we would expect to see between 6 - 8 posts each for your secondary and tertiary characters.

Ratio is not as important a factor when a player is consistently active -- for example, an "imperfect ratio" is generally not a reason to be turned down if your activity is otherwise good. If you are active with all of your characters, chances are, your request will be approved. If your ratio is completely wonky, however -- e.g., your primary character only has 3 posts while your secondary has 25, or your primary has 25 while your secondary has 3 -- your request is likely to be denied.

What we are primarily trying to evaluate in gauging by ratio is how well you can pay attention to all your characters at once -- neglecting or slacking on a character can indicate that a player is not able to handle another character without further neglect.

3.2  Still More Factors

These are factors that are rarely evaluated with character requests. Typically, we consult these factors only when we're very uncertain about whether or not to accept a request: e.g., when the 'SA is split and cannot come to a decision. For every 20 requests we handle, 19 of them are evaluated solely on the basis of numerical post activity. With these other factors, it's generally only positively factored into the request -- e.g., we will not penalize the player who makes shorter posts, but we will look more favorably on a request if the posts are longer.

  • Reply Times
    Reply times can reveal much about a player's general activity. A long time to reply to threads or long gaps between replies for a given character could mean you're overloaded or struggling with muse!
  • Post Length
    'Souls does not have a minimum word count per posts, but we do recommend one (200+ words). A player who makes many short posts should be evaluated the same as a player who makes fewer very long posts -- so long as their activity in general is enough to sustain more characters. They're writing the same amount, and in the latter case, the player can simply write shorter posts across more characters. In the former case, it might even be more difficult to cut down on activity -- tons of posts means tons of threads, and players can easily overwhelm themselves!
  • Inconsistency
    Inconsistency can sometimes be a factor -- players who frequently drop, swap their characters or quit the game and return may not be approved as readily for auxiliary requests. If you're not sure whether your muse will work out with this new character, use the LASKY forum to test them first.

3.3  Absences

If a player is absent, we sometimes take note, but do not give absentee leniency. Instead, we suggest players take a week (or two, or three -- or however long they need!) to "recover" from absence before requesting a new character. Catch up with current threads and posts before you try for a new character!

4.  Reasons for Auxiliary Rejection

Our standard Auxiliary character rejection template has several reasons why a player has been rejected for the request, as well as their evaluated post counts.

  • Low post counts and low activity.
    This reason, when given, indicates total numerical activity is the issue. If you receive such a reason, you should work on boosting your character's posts in general. Try for more threads, spree threads, faster threads, and anything else you can think of to increase your total number of posts.
  • Lack of consistency between characters, e.g., one character has 50 posts while the other has 5 posts.
    Players given this reason most typically have neglected a character or character(s) (e.g., their primary has 30 posts per bracket, while their secondary has 5 posts per bracket). Look at your numbers and see which of your characters needs more posts, and try to consistently post with that character.
  • General lack of consistency: very long delays between replies, frequent posting for a few days between long absences, etc.
    Players given this reason most typically should focus on posting at least every other day. Try to find a schedule that works for you -- get on every few days and make a post or two; don't stockpile your replies up.
  • Improper balance between characters, e.g.: a tertiary character having the highest post counts.
    Players given this reason for rejection most frequently have an improper balance between their primary and auxiliary characters. Sometimes, this can be remedied by swapping character order so the most active character is the primary.

5.  Additional Notes

5.1  General

  • 'Souls does not have a limit to the number of character slots a player can have.
  • Your slots must be "filled" before requesting a new slot (e.g. you cannot play two characters and request a fourth slot).
  • Slots do not expire except in two circumstances:
    • If you fall inactive (i.e. have no currently active characters), all your slots are removed; you must re-earn each slot upon rejoining.
    • If a character is removed for inactivity (versus being voluntarily dropped or NPCed), you lose a character slot.
  • Remember: posts made after your request topic is posted do not count toward the request. We have no way of evaluating these posts. Make all the posts you can first, and then request.

5.2  Increasing Your Post Count

Try to boost up all of your characters as much as you can -- this can sometimes be achieved by:

  • Check the Open Threads, or post some of your own!
  • Spree threads are when players post back and forth quickly over a short timeperiod (usually a few hours). Ask for sprees in Thread Requests -- but try not to rely on sprees for requests, as we are looking for consistency, too.
  • Cycle through posts with each character. This can be tough as it requires you to switch perspectives really quickly, but it can also help get your post count up and get you to think harder about characterization. Recommended especially if your issue is balancing multiple characters, but also good in general.
  • Set aside a particular time per day to post and just post (like an hour or so). Don't do anything else, just post and write! During this time, remove all distractions (shut your phone off, turn the music up, and request not to be disturbed by housemates). It's amazing what you can get done with a little set time!
  • Post a few Read Only threads. RO threads are an easy way to post without being obligated to continue posting to a thread or waiting on a thread partner and replies. Some find it tough to get partners, or they easily overwhelm themselves with threads. ROs are a good way to offset obligation. Always make sure you keep roleplaying with real players, though!
  • Self-thread, if it makes sense for your characters to meet. You'll always have someone to reply to if you do this!
  • Close old threads; sometimes it can help to have a "fresh start" to get your motivation back up.
  • Participate in pack threads!

5.3  Extenuating Circumstances

The 'Souls Assemblage does not evaluate requests on any other factors -- OOC activity, membership longevity, recent absences, dropped plots, and other such extenuating circumstances are not evaluated for any requests. This is in the interest of fairness -- such reasons can be subjective, and we much prefer to evaluate on hard numerical data. It's objective and can be evaluated in the same way every time.

Similarly, the procedures and restrictions surrounding requests were established for a reason: many players (the 'SA included!) can be grabby-handed with characters. If we all could pick up every character we wanted on a whim, we'd wind up with tons more dead threads, dead-end plots, and other things that are detrimental to the roleplay. Similarly, it's not fair to make exceptions and allow someone to pick up a character before they've waited their six weeks or two weeks, unless we're willing to make that exception for every player who comes to us and asks.

We'd like to reiterate that the procedures are as they are and we don't make exceptions for anyone -- admins, mods, leaders, and all players, regardless of personal circumstance, are all required to adhere to the same procedures in the same way. We understand that it may be annoying as a player to have to wait, but we must insist on a fair, even enforcement of the rules and procedures each and every time. We certainly aren't saying you can't try and ask, but unfortunately, our answer will always be the same.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding! Thank you.

5.4  Time Between Requests

Before making a new character slot request, please ensure that it has been:

  • At least six weeks since your approved slot request.
  • At least two weeks since your denied slot request.
  • At least six weeks since you picked up your newest character.

6.  More & Resources