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You have joined one of the many great packs in 'Souls -- congrats! Unlike being a Loner or a Creature, being a pack member comes with various perks (pack games, contests, and ranks) as well as responsibilities. This is a short guide to help you understand how being part of a pack is different from being a loner or creature, and how you can be a great packmember!

1.  Help Your Pack Leaders

You can help your pack leaders, too!

If you have suggestions for the pack games, send them in to your leaders! Many of the packs do what are called thread prompts, which are generally based around some In Character circumstance or some new character in the pack. If you have an idea, Private Message it to your pack leader! Other packs offer Catacombs-like collectible icons; still other packs offer different In Character and Out of Character ways to gain points.

1.1  Greeting Newcomers

Another way to help your pack is greeting newcomers. Before you go any further though, stop and read: if someone else from your pack has already greeted the joiner, don't reply to that joining thread! Wait and grab the next one. Multiple people participating in a joining thread is bad for several reasons:

  • It slows down the thread. Assuming everyone keeps to posting order, it can be days between replies, meaning the poor newcomer has to wait two weeks before they can post anywhere else. That really stinks for them!
  • It can confuse the newcomer. Someone who is very new to roleplaying should be eased into it -- participating in a single thread with a single other participant (usually someone who knows their way around 'Souls very well, and can help guide the newcomer -- see the 'Souls Welcoming Committee page for more information) is much easier than trying to decipher multiple posts and figure out what's going on.

If no one else has replied to the thread yet, you can consider nabbing it! However, please be aware that no matter what pack you're in, if you take a joiner thread you are expected to reply quickly. Joining threads should be your priority thread -- again, it's rude to make newcomers wait! If you can't handle the speed of joining threads, please refrain from picking them up.

Make sure you are willing to help the new member understand roleplaying at 'Souls. If a newcomer seems extremely new or is confused (e.g., their joining form is missing, or they're writing as a two week old puppy) do not reply to the thread. Chances are, a leader has seen the thread already and is already handling the situation!

Otherwise, though, it can be extremely helpful for your leaders if you pick up joining threads. Make sure your character is ranked high enough to be able to greet newcomers -- this will vary by pack, and if you're not sure, you can check with your leader.

1.2  In Character

Now that your character has joined a pack, there are some things to keep in mind while roleplaying!

Pack Law

Most packs have policies and laws ICly that are listed on their website. Make sure to read the rules of the pack carefully; if your character happens to break one of these rules, he or she may get kicked out of the pack! Check if your pack has specific IC laws that your character must obey by checking the pack website, which are all listed on the Active Pack Summary.

Plots in Packs

Generally, you should consult your leader before engaging in any plots within the pack having to do with rape, murder, or other violent acts that could get your character removed from the pack if found out. This is very important even if you have plotted to avoid consequences. Why? Well -- it's worrisome for leaders to check out their pack's IC threads and to come across something like that, with no information about what's going on. :( It's added stress, and the leader then has to take initiative themselves and approach you regarding the plot. Be proactive and help your leader out -- give them a heads up!

Pack Relations

Most packs do not want to engage in war or bad relations with another pack -- especially when such relations are unplanned! If your character is going to cause trouble with another pack, please consult your leader beforehand -- not only is it polite, it saves time and effort of all parties.

1.3  Out of Character

Although it is your character who has joined the pack, you as a player are also part of the pack!


Got a question for your pack leader? Stop! Don't go to the Help and Questions forum, don't go to the 'Souls Assemblage, and don't even try to talk to your leader yet. First, check the pack website. Some pack websites have sitemaps of their own; other pack websites employ a search. If you cannot find the information yourself, you can try asking a fellow pack-member -- but remember, their answers may not be as reliable as the website or the leader's word. Still can't find it? Okay, now feel free to send a PM to your leader -- don't try to post in your pack's maintenance thread or the Help and Questions forum, as your important pack-related question may be missed there. :(

Maintenance & Updates

Sometimes, you'll need something to be updated -- whether it's an open thread you want advertised, game points you want to collect or redeem, or even livestock that you want to add. If your pack has a maintenance thread of its own, post there to request your update; most of the pack maintenance threads are located pinned at the top of the 'Pack News' forum for easy access!

Make sure, however, not to pressure or poke your leaders too much about updates -- give them a few days, as many leaders are busy and don't have time to update things immediately! Maintenance type updates are rarely urgent matters. :)

1.4  Promotions

Being part of a pack also means that there is a possibility to be promoted, both ICly and OOCly. However, please keep these key points in mind!

IC Promotions (Rank Changes)

Different packs have different ways of promoting characters. Some packs require you to complete a certain amount of threads within your rank to be eligible for promotion -- others require good IC behavior. Many packs consider high post counts as a factor in IC promotion, and good IC behavior from your character does not hurt either! One thing to avoid, however, is asking for an IC promotion; leaders promote characters when they think they're ready!

1.5  Leaving a Pack

If you find that your pack doesn't fit you or your character as much as you had hoped, or a plot calls for your character to leave the pack, don't fret -- leaving a pack is something that happens all the time! :) However, it's important to remember to tell your leaders through PM that you are leaving. If you don't, they may accidentally keep you on the ranks table, and continue to check you for activity every month. On top of that, you may remain titled as part of the pack, so it may be like you never left at all!

1.6  General Tips


  • Help out your leader any way you can (giving heads up when someone's left the pack, giving plot ideas, thinking of contests, etc.). Leadership is a lot of work, and more eyes are quite helpful!
  • Post actively and thread with all different members of the pack. One of the best (and easiest) things you can do to help your pack is to BE ACTIVE and BE OUTGOING. Look out for your fellow packmembers' threads in Thread Requests -- help them earn Co-Ranks, complete challenges, thread prompts, and whatever else. Not only does it help them, it helps you, too, in establishing relations within your pack.
  • Help integrate new members of the pack if they seem confused, or out of place -- and know when to stop helping and redirect them to a leader. Sometimes, members simply may not have all the answers and someone's confusion is best dealt with by a leader.


  • Ask for a leadership position. Promotion to leadership is entirely at your pack leader's discretion. You may be an excellent member who does everything right, and still not get promoted -- sometimes, leaders don't feel the need for another co-leader or subleader!
  • Cause drama within the pack, or execute large or dramatic plots without conferring with your leader first -- and remember, if you do decide to act against your leader's counsel, it may result in demotion or even expulsion from the pack.
  • Expect to become a leader -- even if you do all of the above perfectly, there is never a guarantee that you will be promoted! You should help out your leader because you enjoy assisting and want to make 'Souls a better place, not because you wish to be promoted. And remember -- roleplaying is about having fun, not about prestige or power!

1.7  Member Tips

Members: Feel free to add your own tips, however brief, here! Remember, you can sign your tip with four tildes (~)

  • Hello I am a tip!

1.8  More Information and Resources