I'm terrible with code, so this won't be organized as awesomely as some of the other pages (if anyone's curious, my character page/s are organized well because smarter people set those up for me).

Past Characters


Well, I've been here since January of 2003, and it's been something of a rollercoaster ride, from being what one friend termed as an "OOC ghost" for the first year who had trouble setting up any plots at all, to being relatively well known and active(whether that was a good thing or bad thing really depended on the person =P) by my third and fourth year. Most people know me as being Skoll's player, though I got my screen-name from my earlier character, VoidFane. I wrote the Souls age chart and optime weight-chart, though these two have been modified to better fit the board's needs, and therefore are not entirely mine. I have also developed a set of 'fighting charts' which can be used to gauge how one character might do against another in a fight, BUT, given the nature of most fights on the board, I don't expect this to be very practical except in a tournament setting XD.