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If you are interested in one of my open characters, I prefer to be PMed the below adopt application so we can get it in writing. After that, I likely will reach out to you via Discord if you have an account there. There may be more relevant details to discuss!


Please send the following in a PM titled "[CHARACTER NAME] Adoption Application".

[list][*][b]OOC Name:[/b]
[*][b]Character Name:[/b]
[*][b]Character Ideas:[/b] (How you see this character, your plans for the character, why you wish to adopt them, etc.)
[*][b]Changes:[/b] (If this is a looser or medium adoptable, let me know what you may like to change about pre-adopt details. This isn't applicable to stricter contracts.)
[*][b]Writing Example:[/b] (Required for first-time adopters / new players that have not posted much yet )
[*][b]Are the terms of the adopt contract ones you agree to upon adopting?:[/b]
[*][b]When do you plan to join with this character?:[/b] [/list]

Contract Outlines

  • Loose:
    • This character is prettyloose and has less terms in the contract, if any.
    • Pretty undeveloped and allows more free use with regard to most aspects of the character.
    • Writing samples not required.
    • Majority of pre-adoption character changes are likely to be allowed from me.
  • Medium:
    • A character that is "required" to follow a few to several terms of the contract.
    • Some smaller/a few key aspects of the character are developed.
    • I'll need a writing sample in the application for this if you are a new adopter or new player that has not posted much yet.
    • A few pre-adopt changes are likely alright, though I'll need to be asked first and might say yes or no depending.
  • Strict:
    • These characters are required to remain the way they are with no pre-adoption changes.
    • They likely have on-board connections or have been played previously.
    • These characters have extensive history, either from previous play or as a heavily-used NPC. Only players with a firm grasp of the character's history and personality will likely be accepted.
    • I won't allow changes to their history save for a few detail tweaks. Maybe. Personality and such can be expanded on, but not much else can be changed.
    • Definitely needs a writing sample regardless of newbie status.


  • Adoptable Reclamation:
    • I may reclaim a character from you if the character is removed in an activity sweep, if you as a player go inactive, if you are banned, if you don't follow the contracts terms, if you don't communicate with me properly/as needed about important details/developments, or if you don't join with the character by a specified window.
    • We can talk through re-adoption as necessary or desired.
    • If you've played the character for about more than a year or have made about more than one hundred posts or so, I probably won't reclaim them if things like inactivity happen. It's still possible that I might depending on a case to case basis.
    • Exceptions can be made with reclamation and re-adoption, especially if there are extenuating circumstances and/or you talk to me about any problems. Life outside of 'Souls such as family, friends, work, education, etc. can and should be prioritized. Don't hesitate to reach out!
  • Art & Baubles:
    • Anything given with the adoptable returns with the character.
    • Anything acquired by the player (commissioned art, icons/titles purchased via game points or won in board contests, etc.) is considered their property, though I may request for certain pieces to remain with the character if and only if the player gives their express approval. Otherwise, title and icons can be requested for transfer within a timely manner.
  • Player Considerations:
    I may not adopt to players that:
    • Are first-time players on 'Souls or otherwise have no active characters.
    • Have IC or OOC infractions.
    • Have previously adopted from me, only to drop the character after a short period of time.
    • Constantly pick up, drop, and switch characters.
    • Show severe streaks of inactivity, constant absenteeism, etc.
    • Fundamentally misunderstand, misuse, or radically alter the character.

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Crypto Sexteyne

Available Adoptables

Crypto Sexteyne



  • Species: Coydog hybrid
  • Gender: Nonbinary (they/them). This may be changed if desired.
  • Sex: Male. This may be changed if desired.
  • Date of Birth: Nov 10 2019
  • Pack: A loner band not yet formed called the Red Crusade.
  • On-Board Relations: X Crux, others pending
  • Contract: Medium


  • Background: Crypto Sexteyne is a coydog originating from Carnalis. Having been born into his cult, Crypto is following X Crux and a few others to hopefully establish a loner band in Nova Scotia. They have a strong skill for smithing and building, though they usually repair buildings and make them from scratch less often. Additionally, they do scouting and spy work, infiltrating different areas to gather information.
This one harbors many secrets behind those colorful, friendly eyes.
(As a note, I'm open to changes being made pre-adoption, such as name, gender/sex, age, etc. I can even tweak their appearance for you if desired.)
  • Traits: Secretive, hard-working, religious, sneaky, witty, quiet
  • Plot Opportunities: This character must reside in the (not yet formed, we need your help!) loner band, Red Crusade, upon pick-up and remain there indefinitely. Some potential plots include (but are not limited to) -
    • Founding the loner band! And potentially a pack in the far future?
    • Scouting out and finding a place to settle!
    • Etc.!




  • Background: A compulsive liar and a witch with wit, Niko has a dark past. Is the future just as dark, or will they find joy for once?

Born and raised in Moscow, their family gave them a strange upbringing. Their mother, Lyuba Chernbelov, was killed by their brother, Egregore Prizmov in self defense shortly before his disappearance. Their littermates and cousins have had a reunion in Salsola, having followed suit after hearing back from Innokentiy Prizmov via a letter sent to Niko. Tired of Russia, they packed up and left to join their family.

(As a note, I'm open to changes being made pre-adoption, such as name, gender/sex, etc.)
  • Traits: Dual nature, compulsive liar, spiritual, sarcastic, cunning
  • Plot Opportunities: This character has on-board relations in Egregore Prizmov, Lev Prizmov and Innokentiy Prizmov.
  • Niko is a witch from a unique cult formed by her mother in Moscow, now dissolved. What practices has she let go of, and what beliefs has she retained?
  • Many Prizmovs have committed crimes like murder and cannibalism. Has Niko? If so, why/how/what?
  • Niko has a dual nature. What this means and why is up to you!

Previous Adoptions


Characters that were adopted and are presently active on-board.

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Characters that were adopted and were either dropped, reclaimed, or decommissioned.

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