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'Souls Soldier of Love Community Soul (Aug 2020) Spotlight Soul: Alejandra Sanctus (Sept 2019) SoSuWriMo Champion '20, '21 d'Artisan Caledonian Salsolan Mistwalker Ashen Cavalier
  • OOC Account: clicky!
  • Primary: Fennore
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Location: East Coast
  • Birthday: Sept. 18
  • Auxiliary Slots: 6/6 filled


hello! I am veldt, previously known as Spacey when I played Aspirin, and I am just now coming up on my second year back at 'Souls! I have absolutely fallen in love again and am always eager to plot and plan spicy threads, so don't hesitate to give me a holler! as of late, I am shamelessly addicted to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Minecraft, and Starcraft (and 'SOULS); I am also a chronic lover of Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, and Jethro Tull; aaaaand I am definitely forgetting some other random interests but I am kind of a huge heckin' nerd. writing on 'Souls is a huuuuge stress reliever for me because of university, and I am so excited to see what the future holds <3

I'm also the co-leader of New Caledonia, working alongside the lovely Amanda. if you have any NC-related questions, feel free to reach out!

in terms of activity, my posting speed is currently medium; you probably won't have to wait more than 1.5-2 weeks for a reply. however, if you find that I'm taking too long, feel free to poke me with a gentle reminder! sometimes things fly under my radar with all of my characters. :')

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Contact Info

I get notifications for Discord and check it pretty often, so if you want to plot or talk, hit me up there! Just check the 'Souls server for my tag. I'd love to talk with you or brainstorm. Otherwise reaching me by PM is fine, it just might take me a bit longer to respond. ;>

Roleplaying Preferences

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  • Mature Content:
    • I will roleplay light sexual content, but if it progresses further I do ask that we fade to black. Maybe small exceptions to this for more plot-heavy romance :eyes:
    • However, as far as violence and gore are concerned, count me in — that stuff is fine with me, so long as we have a clear-cut purpose for it! Senseless bloodshed, maybe not so much.
    • Anything plots that involve drugs or alcohol are A-OK with me.
  • I can roleplay LASKY for character development, plot purposes, etc.
    • Canonical threads take a higher priority and I am not looking for experimental AUs at this time.
  • Minor powerplay is totally cool, but if it's anything more than that I'd love a heads-up. :D
    • Similarly, if I ever make assumptions about your character's actions/words/etc. and you're not down with it, let me know! Usually I don't assume anything egregious without consulting my thread partner first. <3
  • I'm okay with archiving threads early and making OOC assumptions about how a thread went down!
    • I would rather nnnnot gravedig threads unless it is essential to both of us involved that we get a conclusive, concrete finish.
    • Generally speaking, if our thread dies, I won't press for it to be revived — especially if I was the last to post ;x

Fun Zone !!

(none of these are malicious i swear i just like to share stupid memes)


♀ Wolf
Isiltári of New Caledonia
NPCs: Rohan Heartsong, Macha, Thalion

Viridian Soul
♀ Coyote Hybrid
First Officer of Casa di Cavalieri
NPCs: Asshole

Ark Coara
♂ Dog
NPCs: Solas, Azgar

Marina Amaranthe
♀ Wolfdog Hybrid
Bambino of Salsola
NPCs: Alastar

Wichita Long
♀ Jackal Hybrid
El Probado of Del Cenere Gang
NPCs: Jaeger

icon/title trivia





  • High Priestess
    • I uhhhh idk, I needed something for the title prize part of Wordtober lmao. Maybe Jojo inspired? Or tarot? Who knows!
    • Hover — "the sky tonight is so black and blue and beautiful"
      • Lyrics from Sun Kil Moon's Admiral Fell Promises, the titular song from that album. SKM has provided so much good music, thread titles, and inspiration for me over the years; highly, highly recommend them. You'll see them again further down.
  • Usurpation of Fire
    • A nod to Dark Souls 3, one of my new favorite games. Jesus Christ have I gotten mad playing this. I love the bosses and the world, though!!
    • Hover — "and so it is, that ash seeketh embers."
      • The final narration for one of the endings of the game.
  • ⤜Honorable Ashen→ (temporary)



  • A thurisaz, the shape of the brand on Fen's ribcage. She hates it!!
  • A prize for a winning entry in NC's first sub-territory contest.


  • Moonwraith
    • This was Fennore's custom rank when NC first formed as a loner band, and it's stuck as her title ever since.
    • Hover — "i can still hear you when you dream"
      • Lyrics from Smashing Pumpkins' Drown. I found this song on one of my uncle's mixtapes yeaaars and years ago and I liked it; it seemed to fit Fen pretty well.
  • Twilight Princess
    • A nod to my favorite Legend of Zelda game of the same name. I have beat it prrrobably four or five times by now.
    • Hover — "and the stars were in her hair, the moon in her eyes"
      • Inspired by the rendition of Lothlórien as performed in The Lord of the Rings musical. Fennore takes notes out of Galadriel's book, whom the song is about.
  • Brave New World (temporary)
    • This was a temp title for submitting at least three potential areas for the NC sub-territory contest.
    • Not gonna lie, I really loved this title haha. The temp title prize for NC's SSWM Thread Challenges contest in 2021 was directly inspired and made in the image of it because I loved it so much.
  • Songs from the Wood (defunct)
    • FUN FACT: this was the very first title I ever coded in HTML, and it sucked. The color fade, the font, everything sucked. I yeeted it soon after. Only OGs will remember.
    • Taken from the Jethro Tull song of the same name. Heavy NC vibes, for sure.
    • Hover — "galliards and lute songs served in chilling ale"
      • Lyrics from the song that seemed pretty ethereal and conjure a very particular, folky feeling.
    • In hindsight, it's not a song that fits Fennore very well so much as it does New Caledonia, so see ya later, stinky!



  • A rosary signifying Aly's faith in the Abrahamic God.


  • The Way Out is Through
    • From the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name. Alejandra has gone through a LOT since being a slave in Salsola, her stint in Del Cenere, and everything awful thereafter.
    • Hover — "all i've undergone, i will keep on"
      • Lyrics from the song. As easy as it would be for her to just give up, Aly presses forward regardless, painful as it so often is.
  • Flowers of Naïveté (defunct)
    • FUN FACT: this was the very second title I ever coded in HTML, and it also sucked. It was hard as hell to read against the forum background, so it got a major facelift a few short months later.
    • Also taken from a NIN song: I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally.
    • Hover — "buried in a layer of frost"
      • Once outgoing and trusting, Salsola twisted Alejandra into a terrified, subservient creature, burying her childlike innocence underneath a concrete slab.



  • The Sound of Fury Obtained via game points from Mistfell Vale.
    • Nick was sorted into the House Hawkesond, whom are known for being spontaneous, emotional, and spirited.


  • Ride 'Em, Cowboy!
    • A prize title from winning SoSuWriMo in 2020.
    • He's a hot cowboy, not much to say here.
    • Hover — "don't look back or you'll miss it"
      • Nick's a very live-for-the-moment kind of guy, which explains why he has six children that he never intended to stick around for.



  • ☥ Hustle Bones ☥
    • A song by Death Grips. Khali is a cutthroat, hustlin' kinda guy, and I listened to a lot of Death Grips writing for him so, y'know.
    • Hovers — "it's the Year of the Snitch" | "and I'm coming for your Crown"
      • The first pays homage to the Death Grips album of the same name. It's about as chaotic and grating as Khali is.
      • The second plays into Khali's desire to surpass his father and bring honor to his family name.




  • Guillotine
    • Haha wow another Death Grips song. Can you tell I was going through a phase?
    • Hover — "and they all fall down"
      • Lyrics from the above. Viri has a penchant for proving others wrong while proving to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction in the process.



  • Lost but Not Forgotten An icon that only those from Rabenuhr can claim.
    • The hover is for escapee slaves; Amon didn't intend to escape, but things just kind of happen sometimes, what can you do.


  • Oh, Lonely Mountain
    • A prize title from winning SoSuWriMo in 2021.
    • This one's a twofer; it's inspired by Sun Kil Moon's song, as well as the location in The Lord of the Rings. Amon's big, Amon's lonely, so it fits.
    • Hover — "among the ghosts, among the leaves"
    • FUN FACT: this was originally intended to be a title for Solomon, but I ended up dropping Solo for a bit to be tacked on as a cNPC, and it just seemed to fit Amon better, so I gave it to him instead.



  • Take in Full | The Breath of Creation
    • Rand is heavily inspired by a character in Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Alarak; he's the leader of the Tal'darim, who worship the god Amon (;D) and imbibe in the hallucinogenic fumes of their homeworld, terrazine: aka, The Breath of Creation.
    • Hover — "so goes the Chain of Ascension"
      • An in-game quote from Alarak.
      • The concept of Ascension is key to Tal'dirim culture; likewise, the drive to be in-control and in power is central to Rand's character, and he is willing to do just about anything to achieve this.




  • ⤜ Saturn Ascending ⤛
    • Inspired by a song by TOOL, The Grudge.
    • The song's vibe and the title hover are a nod to Salsola's very nature and how Marina barely fits the mold.
    • Hovers — "hang on or be humbled again" | "defining, confining / controlling, defining"
      • Lyrics from the song.
      • Whether she appreciates it or not, Rini walks on thin ice, and one wrong step will send her careening down into the same fate as her her mother.




  • Tastes Like Funnel Cake (temporary)

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