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Hello! I've been playing Souls on and off since 2012, introduced to the place by Vannah, and initially played Inocencio Kit Victor. Flailed around for a while, and then wandered off, not to return until early 2015. I've not wandered off since, even if I've had my times of terribly activity, but doubt I'll wander off again. I have way too much fun with writing here to disappear again! ;D

Big thank you to Sie for letting people use her player wiki page as a base. *would have been here forever making this otherwise*





  • Gender: Male
  • Location South Bend, IN
  • Birthday: April 17th

PM — Garsea Heiwa

  • Being able to easily go back and reference PMs is easier to do, but not a requirement to contact me!
  • Prefer that PMs go to my current primary (Janik in this case).
  • Give your PM a descriptive subject.

Discord— Mikoshi16#0118

  • Prefer Discord for plotting, given how quickly things can be hashed out when we're both there bouncing ideas around.
  • Please introduce yourself if you catch me lurking and it's our first time speaking.



1.  Info

1.1  Roleplay Information

Plots & Threads

  • I tend to prefer that dating be vague, anything beyond deciding which threads come before or after another, with a general idea as to month/week becomes tedious to keep track of!
  • I can do starting threads or you can, it might take me longer to conjure up a starter than a reply though.


  • Generally uninterested in LASKY or using Preybot.
  • More than comfortable with Mature themes, this includes both gore, AND sexually explicit threads.
  • I generally write to whatever the other person is comfortable with, whether it's fade to black at the slightest insinuation of something mature, or the opposite.
  • My 'limits' in this regard, are that I won't write threads that require a mature tag(or anything particularly risque) with anyone under the age of 18, or someone I think may be under 18.


I am usually fine with discussing assumptions that can be made about my character, but would like it discussed all the same.

OOC Notes

  • I'm usually easiest to get a hold of on weekends, or Fridays. Weekdays are hit or miss.


  • I vary quite a bit on how quickly I reply to threads. Usually anywhere from 30 minutes(I write too slow to usually go faster than this, no matter how exciting the thread is) to a week+.
  • I'll sometimes forget a thread, if I have not replied within a week or so, feel free to nudge me!


  • I love plotting things out, but usually prefer to leave intricate details for the thread itself. IE: "Coyote and Wolf should get drunk and flirt with one another" versus "Coyote and Wolf should meet at 10am, break out a bottle of wine, and do X Y Z in that order.".
  • If we've come up with a plot that we both really like, and have started to write for it, but you change your mind, I only ask that you let me know. If Coyote can't be Wolf's friend anymore because of another plot that conflicts, that's totally fine, I'd just like the opportunity to start scrounging for something exciting to replace the plot that won't work any longer. ;P


  • I'm totally alright with OOC endings to my threads, especially ones that have gone on for over a month or two in real time.
  • Grave digging archived threads isn't something I'm fond of doing, but will for important plot threads.

1.2  Souls Characters












  • cNPC: Liir Altav
  • Beryl(Raven bird, much mean to Inca)


Other Former NPCs

Using and Referencing NPCs

1.3  'Souls Things I Like

1.4  Character Tidbits


Character Data

Pack Membership

Thread and Post Counts


Bleeding Souls

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1.5  History


1.6  Threads


2.  Other

2.1  OOC


  • Interests and Things:
  • Books: Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan is amazing, if you have not read this. You should immediately go read it! O:
  • Games: WoW (This is less fun than you'd think, given how much I play it), Stellaris, Europa Universalis 4, various other PC games that I hop on and play for bursts at a time.
  • Music: I'm a sucker for Disney music, sappy love songs, and 'dramatic' music.
  • Movies:
  • TV: Nope, no TV, only Computer!

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