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  • Primary: Achaikos Visus

PM — Achaikos Visus

  • PM communication is strongly preferred for plots, thread links, and other important things.

AIM — slyv33

  • AIM is preferred for plots that require back-and-forth brainstorming.
  • I logon daily!


  • I'm on Discord the most out of all IM programs. It's my main form of contact! PM me for my DiscordTag.
  • I am on Skype or any other program by request only.
  • I can be found occasionally in the 'Soulschat. Shoot me a quick PM if you need me to appearify there!

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Hi! I'm best known as Sly in the 'Soulsters community, but you could also call me by Jake if you're into that first name basis sorta thing. I used to be on here a long time ago, though admittedly I'm not quite sure who I used to play (if any of you crustys find anything familiar to me, lemme know BI) but only recently rejoined 'Souls and have given in a real shot. I've fallen in love! ...Okay, I also mean that kind of literally, because my boyfriend Ace joined here too with me. We play the VIsus siblings in CdM together! My Ace is new to RP forums so be gentle on him, okay. <3 UM, BUT ENOUGH OF THE GROSS PDA. I love meeting new people and even though I sometimes need to recharge (that ambivert feel), other times I'm always up for talking or plotting whenever you want it. I've also been through some stuff in my short lifespan, so if you ever need any advice, you can feel free to turn to me and I'll try my best to help you out. I'm not a mom friend per say, but definitely a big bro friend according to others. B)

Thanks to Raze for basically this whole page. I'm a smelly code thief B|

1.  Characters

1.1  Active

Achaikos Visus

1.2  Inactive

Future Characters

Retired Characters



1.3  NPCs



Achaikos Visus

  • cNPC: --
  • Cassis (horse)




2.  RP Info

2.1  Plot & Thread Requests

  • I'm 99.9% always open for threads.
  • You can use any form of contact to plot things out with me!
  • I use flexible thread dating -- you don't have to check with me to date a thread!

2.2  Assumptions

  • I am rarely opposed to OOC endings, pre-thread assumptions, long-term assumptions, etc. Discuss this with me!
  • I am okay with some OOC assumptions; check my individual characters' pages for specifics. Anything out of the ordinary, please contact me first. This includes NPCs, though I am more flexible with some.

2.3  Replies and Speeds

  • Replies may take less than a week or up to two weeks to reply to threads. If I'm slower, check to see if I'm on absence!
  • Gentle, polite reminders or "pokes" to reply to or start a thread are okay after a week has passed.
  • Contact me if you need me to prioritize a thread (e.g., rank or plot threads).
  • I am sometimes open for sprees. It doesn't hurt to ask me to spree a thread, ever!

2.4  Archival

  • I prefer to start wrapping up threads if they are more than two months old.
  • If I start a private thread and you haven't made a first reply after a long time, I may mark it AW if eligible.
  • I'm alright with grave-digging threads sometimes, if they're important.

2.5  Other Preferences

  • I tend to match length, with my minimum being around 300 words. Sometimes shorter if that's my partner's preference.
  • Minor powerplay to move a thread along (walking to follow someone, nonviolent touches, etc., within the grounds of realism and reason) is always acceptable. Other forms of powerplay may be allowed on a case by case basis. If you're unsure, contact me!
  • I am fine with mature threads and plots. However, for sexually explicit threads, I sometimes prefer fade to black. Additionally, I am not interested in rape plots.
  • I will play Preybot!
  • I will play LASKY on a case-by-case basis.

3.  Catacombs

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4.  Guestbook

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