Salena's Adoptions

Salena's Adoptions


Please note that Discord and PM's are the best way to get into contact with me. If I am not online, leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I've seen it.

General Information

Current Adoptions


I'm a pretty relaxed adopter! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am interested in active roleplayers who are thoughtful and will be invested in their character. If you have an idea for a character but don't want to adopt one of the pre-made ones, then no worries. There are options to create custom made adoptables from my families and areas.

Available Adoptions

Harlow by Celestial Drifter on DA

by Celestial Drifter on DA

  • Sex: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • DOB: 14th February 2022
  • Species: Coyote-Dominant Hybrid
  • Adoption Contract: Moderate
  • Adoption Contact: Salena & Adel

Bambino of Salsola

Son of Eden de le Ulrich and Aani Aston-D'Noires, though may be believed to be Wrath's son due to looking too much like Aani to tell who his real father is. After having given birth to him and his siblings in the wilds, his mother (Eden) found him and his siblings, bringing all of them back home to Salsola. She took on the task of raising him and his littermates alone, with the only other help being from Lexus, Aani's sister and former servant turned aunt by the children. Although the male seems to have a problem with sleeping more than he should, he is loved by his family, and looking to start finding his own path in life, especially now that his littermates have passed him on that front.

Active Relations: Eden de le Ulrich (Mother), Arius de le Ulrich (Brother), Deirdra de le Ulrich (Sister), Syrus de le Ulrich (Half Brother), Iverness de le Ulrich (Sister), Lexus Whitlock (Adopted Aunt)

Art Baubles: Lupus Reference, Optime by Corie

Custom Adoptions [Show]  
  1. Custom adoptables are families and areas I have created that are open to custom made characters with open ties to actively played characters, or ties to extended families.
  2. If you would like to create a custom adoptable, please send me a PM first!
  3. Please be sure to read over all the information and the options that are available to custom adoptables. A formal application form is not required for these adopts, but we must discuss your character before it becomes official.

del Morte
A well known trading family from the ports of Newfoundland. This family has two branches, a non-luperci branch as well as a luperci branch. Each side has their own specific tasks and work to help their family prosper together. The luperci virus has been introduced to the non-luperci side of the branch due to unfortunate circumstances, but they still bring these line of crafters to life.
Available Options:

  • The del Morte family is still rather small, but you can help expand upon this family. There are many open family members for both sides of the branch (luperci and non-luperci) so there are plenty of options for custom made members.
  • Silas del Morte was captured at a young age and brought to Rabenuhr to be made a slave. He was one of the first to have the luperci virus introduced to his blood. Bred for sex, he is offered out for one nights, and sometimes pups are born. Perhaps your character is one of his bastard pups?

A secretive family hidden away in the areas on Montreal, Canada. This once pure family has now been stained by the dark deeds of its descendants. Wanders by nature, these hunters have made their way to Salsola, but mainly reside in the Toronto area. Still calling themselves 'saviors', they are anything but that.
Available Options:

  • The Salvato family is still rather small, but you can help expand upon this family. There are plenty of options open with ties to Locke Salvato. Perhaps you are a close relative (cousin, younger sibling, older sibling, aunt, uncle) or perhaps more distantly related?
  • Locke Salvato is in his prime, currently taking up residence in Mortimer. Perhaps you have someone to have children with him? It wouldn't be the first time he's done so. Options with ties to Salsola as well.
  • Mortimer is not a happy, kind kingdom to live in. This place is bloodthirsty, and one right of passage is murdering a captured pup. However, is your pup perhaps the product of rape? Locke Salvato will happily save your child to be raised in Mortimer as one of his own children. Options with ties to Salsola as well.

One of the more renowned slave rings present in Canada, hidden away on the island of Newfoundland. Founded by the Blackwood family, Ophelia Blackwood is the current master of the slave ring. Ruling over the camp with a strict rule, he is responsible for the production of reliable slaves, gladiators, and maintaining a cold-hearted staff. All slaves and gladiators of Rabenuhr will have the raven brand.
Available Options:

  • Rabenuhr is always looking for new slaves, whether they be non-luperci or regular luperci. Not even children are safe from the clutches of this slave camp. Besides, the younger, the easier they are to shape into perfect gladiators or slaves. Perhaps your character was captured and brought here to be bred or your character was born here?
  • Very rarely, there are those from Rabenuhr that manage to escape from the slave camp. These very few lucky souls are constantly on the run to ensure they are not captured again. Perhaps your character managed to get away? Better hide your brand mark.

Contracts [Show]  

Important: Click 'Show' on the button above to read all relevant contract information prior to applying for an adoptable.


  • Activity: Character may fall anywhere in your roster, though 'Souls activity guidelines do apply.
  • Personality: Lenient characters tend to be largely up to the player who adopts them, but discretion, thoughtfulness and good taste are expected.
  • Pre-Adoption Changes: Usually acceptable, so long as you adhere to 'Souls rules regarding retconning.
  • Post-Adoption Changes: Reasonable development and changes are acceptable. I will not reclaim a character if a radical change or a change in poor taste occurs.
  • Join Date: Once approved, the adopter must join with the adoptable within three (3) months. After three (3) months, you will have to reapply for the character.
  • Writing Samples: No sample is needed.


  • Activity: It's suggested that this character be at least a secondary, but tertiary and quaternary are also acceptable.
  • Personality: The adopter needs to display a moderate grasp of the character's personality. Attention to detail isn't as important as hitting all the right big character notes.
  • Pre-Adoption Changes: Considered on a case-by-case basis. A moderate character will always have some gaps for the adopter to fill, and I am always open to this. For larger important changes, I would prefer that the adopter discusses it with me first.
  • Post-Adoption Changes: Reasonable development and changes are acceptable. I will not reclaim a character if a radical change or a change in poor taste occurs.
  • Join Date: Once approved, the adopter must join with the adoptable within two (2) months. After three (2) months, you will have to reapply for the character.
  • Writing Samples: For new players only, please provide 2 short (1 paragraph) writing excerpts.


  • Activity: Must be a primary or secondary character.
  • Personality: The adopter must display a firm grasp of the character's personality. I am looking for a sensitivity to the character's motivations, thoughts, feelings in addition to the finer details of the character.
  • Pre-Adoption Changes: Generally, no, as there is often very little wiggle room with a strict character's past and personality.
  • Post-Adoption Changes: The adopter will need to have very good justification for radical changes, otherwise they may be required to forfeit their character. Reasonable changes and developments are fine!
  • Join Date: Once approved, the adopter must join with the adoptable within one (1) month. After one (1) month, you will have to reapply for the character.
  • Sample: For new players only, please provide 2 short (1 paragraph) writing excerpts. I would also prefer to discuss the character over Discord.

Pre-Adoption Changes

  • You are free to discuss with me about any alterations you may have in mind for the adoptable, however, please do not get offended if I turn these down. I may have a set idea in mind for the adoptable, and may be hard pressed to make changes in regards to certain details about them. I am more than willing to work with you, however, please be understandable and respectful!
  • Generally, I am more open to small changes in the character’s appearance (i.e. a scar, maybe a minor alteration in hue, a marking) or minor details in their history or personality.
  • For characters that are not very developed (i.e. never played), I am, obviously, more open to bigger changes to them! :3

Post-Adoption Changes

I’m pretty easy for post-adoption changes, as I fully understand that characters grow and change over time! However, I would ask that you:

  • Do not heavily alter…
    • …their personality (i.e. a quiet, meek character shouldn’t become loud and feisty!)
    • …their appearance (i.e. don’t sever off a leg, please!)
  • Do not kill them

Of course, I’m willing to work with you if you talk to me about these drastic changes beforehand! Doing any of the previously listed without trying to contact me first may result in forfeiture of your adoptable :(


Please understand that these adoptables, even the Relaxed ones, are my creations and my babies, and, as such, I would like to see them played to their fullest. I may reclaim (or re-adopt) an adoptable if you have:

  • Broken a specific term of the adoption contract in regards to a character (ex. Wolf is supposed to join/stay in Pack A, but you make him join Pack B)
  • Extensive inadequate play (unrealistic deviation from pre-set character history or personality, etc.) and/or have radically changed the character from its original design
  • Dropped the adoptable…
    • …for a long period of time (6+ months since character was dropped)
    • …with only brief play (0 - 6 months, 0 - 100 posts, etc.)
    • …with inadequate play (unfinished threads and plots, errors in interpreting pre-set character history or personality, etc.)
  • Disappeared from or otherwise permanently departed 'Souls
  • Been permanently banned from 'Souls
  • Fail to actually Join ‘Souls with the adoptable within the requested deadline

I am happy to work with you if there are issues, and would actually prefer it if you kept me in the loop in regards to any possible activity issues you may have with the character (ex. lack of muse, need to temporarily NPC for such and such reason, etc.) or picking them up. Communication is key, and, so long as you keep me informed and aware of what’s generally going on, I’m willing to help you out!

Your Stuff

  • All baubles (art, titles, icons, etc.) originally given with the adoptable return with the character.
  • Gift art and gift graphics are typically considered reclaimable with the adoptable.
  • Commissioned and bought art is considered property of the commissioner. However, I may request to use this art should you go inactive and/or are unreachable.
  • Titles and Icons...
    • ... earned via game points, contests, etc. are considered property of the player who earned them; however, you must request removal/transfer in a timely manner after dropping the adoptable or they become property of the adoptable.
    • ... purchased via the 'Souls store are considered property of the player who purchased them and will be removed upon reclaiming the adoptable.


Application Form

If you are interested in adopting one of the listed characters, please contact me via one of the methods listed at the top of this page.

Please include the following information in your application:

Your preferred name/alias: Player name
Character: Name of the adoptable you are applying for
A single writing example as the adoptable character: Optional unless otherwise stated - A single paragraph is fine, I don't need an essay!
Your interpretation of the character: No need to be overly wordy here -- just tell me how you might intend to play their personality, their motives, etc.
Any plots or ideas you have for the character: Optional
Have you read, understood, and agree to the contract terms on my adoption page as well as any individual restrictions for this character?: YES/NO
When will you be actively joining with the character?: An estimate is fine - be sure to update me if your timeline changes


I greatly appreciate adopters who are patient, strong and active roleplayers, etc. I may not adopt to players who:

  • Constantly pick up, drop, and switch characters.
  • Who have a high number of characters. (This relates mostly to strict characters)
  • Who constantly ask for adoptables, then fail to join with the adoptable.
  • Show severe streaks of inactivity, constant absenteeism, etc.
  • Are not going to join with the adoptable as soon as possible.
  • Have adopted from me before, only to have the situation go awry in some way.
  • Have broken forum rules or are, in general, disrespectful or cause drama with other players.

Don't be intimidated! This is just a warning :) If you're interested, ask anyway -- the worst that will happen is a no, after all! I'm pickier about some characters than others, but it can't hurt to ask if you're interested!

Past Adoptions


Unavailable / Reclaimed / Dead

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