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  • Location: Arkansas, United States
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Birthday: 1st October
  • Joined 'Souls: 24th September 2015
  • Auxiliary Slots: 07 / 10 in use
  • Primary Character: Eden de le Ulrich
  • Reply Speed: fast to moderate
You are welcome to give me a friendly reminder if I haven't replied to our thread in 2-3 weeks.
  • Prominent Families:
  • Prominent Areas:
Rabenuhr, Mortimer (Assistant)
  • DISCORD: Salena#9965
Discord communication is strongly preferred for plots, general chat, etc.
Don't be afraid to DM me even if I appear offline; Discord is connected to my mobile and so I'll eventually get your message!
PMs are disabled on all my characters; please PM my OOC account only.
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About Me

Art by ShinyZango on Tumblr
SS August 2019 (Zuri) CS December 2015, March 2020 Anthro Arabian Wolf Engaged to Malceum Gamer, Artist, Writer, Chef SoSuWriMo Champion 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (Always remember...) (Just…nope)

ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Hello all you wonderful people, my name's Salena. I am a veteran of 'Souls, having returned after a rough patch in my life, having been through a break-up and a depressive rut. Having moved back home, I am now a graduate with an Associates degree in Culinary Arts. Though I am happy to have graduated, I plan to return to school in order to obtain a Business degree. I am engaged to Malceum (as is his online name), someone I had met at least 8-9 years, and someone who has been a huge support in my life. Been going strong on Souls again and never showing any signs of stopping. I love writing and the community we have all made here. There is a bit of a running gag with my name in the Souls related discord servers. Ever since Jmonster misspelled my name, and others on accident, I have purposefully misspelled my name in each chat, unless it's a special name. There's an ever growing list of misspellings of my name, and I love it so much. So far we got: Slaena, Slena, Salnae, Slanea, Lasena, Salenabi, Saulensa, Salen, Snalea, Slanea, Slenina, Solnaenae, Lanaes, Slalanea, Slanoi, Salagna, Sluniba, Slenoba, Slenobi (Thanks to those that keep doing it on purpose. It gives me such a good laugh. ❤)

I am the creator of the del Morte family, the Salvato family, and co-creator of the Vela family. I am also the creator of the slave ring Rabenuhr. I am an assistant to the kingdom of Mortimer, helping to bring together information for this unique, blood-driven group. If you are interested in becoming a part of this area or these families or world territory, please feel free to send me a message and we can discuss things further. I love making plots with others! Hell, if you have an idea and looking for people that might be interested, feel free to give me a call. I'd love to hear it.

Though I am currently not open for any kind of commissions, and my muse can be very fickle when it comes to art, I do have intentions of returning to the art scene. Updates will be made if ant of this changes, though check the misc links at the top for my current status with art. When not working on 'Souls or at work, I have been working on some personal writing, just something to explore some writing with characters outside of Souls (mainly my fursona Salena). I am happy to share my work for anyone that is interested in reading it, then feel free to check out the links below. I'll update it as new stuff comes out. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it.

My Writings:
Vinátta Anathema Sapient Inferni Cour des Miracles Salsola Mistfell Vale Del Cenere Gang Casa di Cavalieri New Calendonia The Cartel Petite Cour

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  • Reply: Posting time varies. I reply to the thread that has gone the longest without reply first, with my average word count range between 200 and 400 words. Sometimes I will put plot related threads over older threads depending on the situation.
  • Inactivity: If over 14+ days with no reply has passed and I haven't posted a player update, feel free to send me a polite PM or DM.
  • Closing Threads: I don’t care if threads are ended OOCly or ICly! If you would like to OOC end a thread (or revive a dead one to IC finish), just let me know!
  • Tables: I prefer text tables, but do not mind other kinds to tables. Just make sure the text is dark and readable. Also be sure to use a readable font and not too big on size.
  • Plotting: I'm normally up for any kind of plot, so long as it makes logical sense in regards to my characters. However, I do nit pick realism at times. Please be serious with your plot suggestions.
  • Requesting: I prefer making plots through plot request threads, but if there is a spur of the moment idea, or I have not gotten back to you in some time, I do not mind discussing plot things over Discord or PM. Feel free to poke me on either one if you want to plot something out.
  • Lasky: I will do LASKY threads! Feel free to hit me up on Discord or PM if you want to do a LASKY thread. I will not do prey-bot however.
  • Mature Content: Yes! Blood, gore, language, mature-themes, all fine with me!
  • Powerplay: Minor PP is fine, please ask for anything else beforehand or if you're unsure though.
  • Assumptions: I'm fine with packmates knowing of my character (name, rank). For anything not specifically listed in their assumptions section on their wikis, please ask first.




Eden de le Ulrich
Salsola (Cleric)
* ♂ / ♀ Coyote-Dominant Hybrid

Other Characters






  1. If your character is in the same pack as my characters (and therefore their NPCs), feel free to reference these characters as being seen around the packlands, etc. in your posts.
  2. If you'd like actual interaction with these characters, please send me a PM first!
  3. Special notes are added about each of the characters here, as well -- please pay attention to them, and make sure you are adhering to that character's temperament, etc.



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  • Soot? (Horse)
  • Asmund? (Cat)
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Guest Book

  • Salena is cool beans - Kitty
  • How have I not been here yet? I MEAN MY ADOPTS ARE ALL OVER THIS PAGE SO.... (I love you Slaena<3) - Jmonster
  • Your wiki profile here is beautiful, I may steals. <3 - Nat

❤ Thank you for your comments everyone, I love you all so much! ❤


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Spotlight Soul is an award that is offered to one character at the top of every month that makes them stand out from everyone else. The reason for winning this award varies with each month and are stated in each news post. I have had the honor of holding spotlight soul for August 2019 with Zuri.

Community Soul is an award that is usually offered to a player at the top of every month for a multitude of reasons that are stated in each news post. I have had the honor of holding community soul for December 2015 and April 2020.

(Hover: Anthro Arabian Wolf) The paw print of a luperci that is used on the Souls board. Though Salena (my fursona), is not a luperci herself, she could still be classified as if she were in constant optime form. Thus, the icon is used, but the hover distances her from the luperci to what she actually is.

A mateship heart is in order since I am in a relationship and want to do nothing but sing my man's praises. Malceum is someone I met over World of Warcraft, and we've been friends for roughly 8 years now. We started dating about 4 years ago, starting in a long distance relationship, but have finally moved in together in Oct 2019. I am happily engaged and will soon be married.

Though not technically co-ranks in the sense of the forum, it's a good representation of my own personal hobbies/interests. I have been a gamer for a very long time, and will continue to be in the future, at least I certainly hope so. Artist and writer kind of go hand in hand. Since getting my Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts, I can safely call myself a chef (even if I don't always believe it).

A special icon that is awarded to anyone that has completed Souls Super Writing Month (SuSoWriMo), a challenge that is hosted every January and asks players that enter to write 50,000 words worth of posts in that month. I have been a SoSuWriMo Champion for: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

(Hover: Always remember...) One of 50 icons that was hidden around various sections of Sapient's forum section (including posts), website, and wiki pages for their first 'Icon Hunt of Procrastination.' Though I am not a coffee drinker, this was the very first icon offered to us on the hunt, and with how late or long I am around. The hover is a play off of never forget how painful it was trying to find all the icons.

(Hover: Just...nope) One of 100 icons that was hidden around various sections of Sapient's forum section (including posts), website, and wiki pages for their second 'Icon Hunt of Procrastination.' There were a ton of mugs to choose from, and while I would like to add more, this one definitely encapsulates how I feel about a lot of stuff.

  • My demonic eye icon, Now then, let us see what you truly fear and its hover, "Now then, let us see what you truly fear," is a reference to The Good Doctor (or Alastair as he was nicknamed by Salena), the hollow that she shares her mind with. The eye is what his own eyes look like and the title is a quote that was given to me by my fiance when I asked him what he would say.
  • My pins icon, Time for givin' up the ghost. F**k it's you I hate the most and its hover, "Time for givin' up the ghost. F**k it's you I hate the most," are a reference to the Mystery Skulls Animated series on Youtube. The icon is a combination of the three pins worn by the character Arthur Kingsmen (who is my favorite), and the hover contains lyrics from the song "Ghost" by Mystery Skulls. The lyrics were chosen as a reference to the first video in the series where the second half is said by Lewis to Arthur.
  • My tree icon, Campe Diem! and its hover, "Campe Diem!," is a reference to the animated show Camp Camp by Rooster Teeth, a show that I adore. The tree was chosen as a reference to my favorite character, David, and the hover is the Camp Campbell slogan.
  • My custom title, "MEAN LADIES" with its hover, "This place is filled with them," is a reference to the animated series Red vs. Blue, another Rooster Teeth show that I love. The line is edited slightly, but is a reference to Caboose's line in RvB Season 8 Episode 10, "How? The computer won't let me. She's mean. This place is filled with mean ladies.", when asked to help against Agent Tex.
  • My custom title, "HELLBENT" with its hover, "Don't know what else to do," is a reference to the song "Hellbent" by Mystery Skulls, which is not only another reference to another song used for the Mystery Skulls Animated series, but a song that my fiance claims is a perfect representation of our relationship.
  • My pumpkin and knife icon, that's not pumpkin juice... and its hover, "that's not pumpkin juice...," was a prize icon given to those that completed the Wordtober contest in October 2020, which I did.
  • My custome title, "I'm not FREAKING OUT" with its hover, "But it feels like time is running out!," is a reference to the song "Freaking Out" buy Mystery Skulls, which is yet another song that was used in the Mystery Skulls Animated series (I am such mystery skulls trash); although, it also fits me with how I can tend to either freak out or do my best to keep a level head when running out of time on things.

Active Characters

Idrieus Eternity

  • Her gold coin icon, The Price for Freedom and its hover, "The Price for Freedom," are reference to how she came to join Salsola, offering leadership one of the Five's coins as her gift. These coins were given back to her in mass as a gift.
  • Her custom title, "KARMA'S GONNA COME COLLECT YOUR DEBT" are song lyrics from "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by Set It Off, and was chosen for a lot of her attitude on others. Whether it was someone that had wronged her or someone else that had been wronged, karma is going to come back and get them eventually. It's not something they can truly outrun.
  • Her sheep wolf icon More than a Warning, with it's hover "More than a Warning," and custom title "smiles of plated GOLD" with its hover, "Deceit so Natural," both go hand in hand. These also have lyrics from "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by Set It Off, and was chosen not only as a good representation of Salsola, but her distrust of many of those around her because she lives in Salsola.
  • Her puzzle piece icon Puzzlemaster! and its hover "Puzzlemaster!," was an icon awarded to players who participated in Souls' 17th Birthday puzzles, where I was the first one to finish all of them.
  • Her witch fox icon, Those who don't believe in magic will never find it and its hover, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it," was an icon rewarded to members of Salsola during October 2020 for those that made at least 13 posts during that month.

Eden de le Ulrich

  • His custom title "I'm in your dreams now" and hover "Feet off the Ground, Floating in You" are song lyrics from "Man on the Moon" by Zella Day, and was chosen because the M.A.P (Multi-Animator Project) that used this song as a base became the inspiration that would lead to his dream-like abilities to commune with the dead.
  • His pot of flowers icon, Spring Spree 2020 was won for participation in the 2020 Spring Spree event. It was given to Eden as it fit well with his love of flowers.
  • His witch fox icon, Those who don't believe in magic will never find it and its hover, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it," was an icon rewarded to members of Salsola during October 2020 for those that made at least 13 posts during that month.
  • His roja icon, Roja Bingo 2020 and its hover, "Roja Bingo 2020," was an icon rewarded to those that won one of the prizes for the Troupe's Bingo contest. It was given to Eden to fit with his color theme and as the one that spent the most time there.

Silas del Morte

  • His treasure skull icon, Forever Changing with its hover, "Forever Changing," is in part a tribute to how the life around him, as well as his own personal life, is constantly changing. It is forever in motion surprising him at many turns. The other part is a tribute from the family he hails from.
  • His flying raven icon, Bound to the Raven's Call with its hover, "Bound to the Raven's Call," is a reference to his servitude in Rabenuhr, a stain on his life and a brand on his wrist that he will never be rid of.
  • His custom title "SILENCE" (SILENCE in Wingdings) and hover "Beware the man who speak in Hands" is a reference from the video game "Undertale," and was chosen not only to reference the fact that his preferred method of 'speaking' is in sign language, but also how there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to him. He may seem gentle and harmless, but can get brutal if given the right order or circumstances.
  • His witch fox icon, Those who don't believe in magic will never find it and its hover, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it," was an icon rewarded to members of Salsola during October 2020 for those that made at least 13 posts during that month.


  • His custom title "復讐 生まれ変わる" with it's hover, "Vengeance Reborn," is a direct translation of the Japanese text. It was chosen for the feelings he had for both his parents (though mostly his mother). When growing up, he was hated for simply looking like his murderous grandfather. When he learned about this, he took his vengeance on his mother for her neglect, and his vow to make sure his father didn't do the same, nor would harm come to his family.
  • His custom title "RAGGEDY MAN" is a reference to Doctor Who (Matt Smith's Doctor). It was chosen because when Hibiki was growing up in Sapient, he would often be wearing raggedy clothing as he didn't have the skills to make his own or to get some new ones from others.
  • His Sapient chalice icon It's ale downhill from here and its hover "It's ale downhill from here," was purchased in the wake of Sapient's disbandment, the place where he had been born. The hover title was a cute pun that was added by Kitty when offering to let her pick whatever hover she wanted.
  • His Cour des Miracles Fleur-de-lis icon icon A brief respite in a brightly lit miracle and its hover "A brief respite in a brightly lit miracle," was purchased in the wake of Cour des Miracle's disbandment. The hover title was chosen by Gen, but perfectly fits how he was able to turn his life around when he came to the Court from his damaged life in Sapient. It had been his light in the darkness.

Inactive Characters

Itō Miwa

  • Her lotus icon, Beauty laying within the darkness and its hover, "Beauty laying within the darkness," is a tribute to one of the families that she comes from, and the hover in reference to Miwa's own beauty.
  • Her human skull icon extinction didn't kill us and its hover "extinction didn't kill us," was an icon awarded to players who won Souls' Humans Contest, where Sammiie and I had a thread that won the Borderline Ridiculous But Maybe It Could Actually Happen?? category.

Crucifix de le Poer

  • Her chaos star icon, Chaos Star with its hover, "Chaos Star," is a tribute to one of the families that she comes from, and the symbol she had tattooed on her ear.
  • Her custom title "TU FUI, EGO ERIS" is a phrase that was used in the video game "Silent Hill 3," which translates from Latin to "As you are, I was; as I am, so you shall also be." This was chosen not only because I love the game it comes from, but it was a phrase that fit her and what her family dynamic would become.

Weaver Valentine

  • His green jewel ring icon, was chosen not only because it was a Salsola only icon able to be purchased with points, but the green one matched his eyes.

Haunt D'Angelo

  • Her custom title "NIGHTMARES ARE REAL" is a reference to her and her brother, Horror, being almost living nightmares. They were outcast from their home for their brutal nature, and hasn't stopped since then.

Sybil Moineau

  • Her chaos star icon, Chaos Star with its hover, "Chaos Star," is a tribute to one of the families that she comes from. Though taking her father's name, her mother was a Lykoi, and ended up getting the star tattooed on her right leg.

Auguste Aston

  • His green/black symbol icon Adopted and Proud and its hover "Adopted and Proud," was awarded to him when I adopted him to play as him in Vinatta.
  • His Vinatta knot icon icon Vinatta's Top Viking and its hover "Vinatta's Top Viking," was given to the member that made the most amount of posts in a certain month. He won this, but it was never removed from him when the month was over.

Dahlia Winthrop

  • Her chaos star icon, Chaos Star with its hover, "Chaos Star," is a tribute to one of the families that she comes from. When her sister passed away, the icon was transferred from her account.
  • Her Inferni flame icon, , was purchased in the wake of Inferni's disbandment, the place where she had been born. When her sister passed away, the icon was transferred from her account.
  • Her The Cartel flame icon, You have to love yourself a fire with its hover, "You have to love yourself a fire," was given to her when Del Cenere Gang came into formation, a sign of her time living with the other members of the Cartel.
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