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Hello There! I'm Nicolas (AKA Nic, but I prefer Nicolas)! I'm/we're a plural system of 23 years of age & we all use He/They pronouns, though some of our headmates use others! We've been an off and on member/lurker of 'Souls for a long time. We'll probably continue to pop in and out for as long as 'Souls is running! We make art in our spare time as well. When we're not doing that or posting, we're playing vidja games.
Our official 'system name' is Hydra Triangle, which is also our username everywhere else we go.
Feel free to edit our pages, just please don't delete any information!

Player Preferences


• My discord is HydraTriangle#9075, this is my preferred method of contact for pretty much anything. Feel free to shoot me a DM, if it doesn't work shoot me a friend request!
• If for whatever reason DMing on Discord is unavailable, my second preferred form of contact is PM on 'Souls to my OOC account [Nicolas].
• As a last resort, my e-mail is Please use this if I am inactive on the site and DM is not available!


DM preferred for plotting! I allow DMs from 'Souls servers, & if that doesn't work, you can always send me a friend request too.
Shorter posts are my preference (200-500 words), however I don't mind longer posts if there's a lot of drama in a scene. I prefer many shorter posts over few long posts because it allows for more character interaction.
OOC endings are welcome! Grave-digging can be done on a case-by-case basis. I probably won't be interested in reviving a meet-and-greet without a reason, but more important IC threads can be revived. \\ • Okay with mature content that is not sexual. (Characters can discuss sexual things, and there can be a hint of suggestion or a fade to black, but generally not comfortable with more than that)
• Okay with dark content (e.g.: abuse, incest), even if it's 'romanticized' / 'glorified' in the eyes of the characters. General disclaimer that I obviously don't condone any of that stuff IRL, even if I write characters who do. (My thoughts on the subject heavily align with what Kiri said in this post.)
• Another perhaps obvious disclaimer, but I sometimes write characters who are bigoted. Again, I do not hold any of those beliefs IRL and I believe in the inclusion of any good-faith identity.



Willow Martel
Trans Male Coydog
Los Inciendos of Del Cenere Gang
Occupations: Arquero I
NPCs: Raeburn Martel, Rustbroke, Frank
CLOSED for threads

Innokentiy Prizmov
Non-Binary Wolfdog
The Associate of Salsola
Jobs: None
NPCs: Polymorph Prismshard
OPEN for threads