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i'm nic! i'm 21 years of age & i use they/he pronouns! i've been an off and on member/lurker of 'souls for a long time. i most recently rejoined this month [apr 2020]. i also run a studio in my spare time to make art for 'soulsters. when i'm not doing that or postin', i'm playin' vidya games. rn i currently play wizard101 for nostalgia reasons :'D

Player Preferences


  • my discord from under the cork tree#9075 (all lowercase, just like that!), this is my preferred method of contact for pretty much anything. feel free to shoot me a DM, no friend request required!
  • if for whatever reason DMing on discord is unavailable, my second preferred form of contact is PM on 'souls to my primary (currently tetrad)


  • i love the wiki! please feel free to DM me about it or @ me in #wiki-collab if you need either help or second opinions on things!
  • 100% okay with edits to my pages, barring this one. otherwise, go wild, just please don't delete any info!


  • DM only for plotting, please! PM plotting messes with me brain B|
  • players of all speeds welcome! i may poke you just to make sure the thread doesn't die, but only if over a week has passed, usually when nearing the 2 week mark.
  • similarly, please poke me if i take longer than a week to reply.
  • my word count is super flexible. i don't mind shorter posts at all, i actually find threads with short posts super relaxing!
  • OOC endings welcome and even encouraged for threads that don't go far for one reason or another!

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