Mars (Melissa)

Mars (Melissa)




  • Location: Canada
  • Birthday: 15 December 1989
  • Joined: 11 September 2016 (originally early 2000's)
  • Primary: Cesare dei Cattanei
  • You can call me either by my name, Melissa, or my nickname for this site, Mars.
  • Please contact me about anything regarding plots, character creation, wiki help, coding help, art trades or just to chat.

PM — Cesare

  • Currently my only account and the only way to get a hold of me.


  • Fairly responsive, unless absent.
  • Will respond at least within the hour or at most within a 24 hour period.


I currently live in the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but I am planning on moving out to Eastern Canada again soon for a change of scenery. I am a freelance Interaction Designer, but also hold a part-time job doing dog walking and working in a pet store for some reliable cash flow. As an Interaction Designer I do web and app designs, front end development and graphic design, so if you need help with getting something coded or would like to do an art trade I'm game.

I started roleplaying in the early 2000's and had been incredibly active in the community until around 2010, when I started college. I am looking to get back into writing and start building connections with the community again.

Inactive Characters

Cesare dei Cattanei

Loner - No Rank
Wolfdog ♂
2 Years Old


Cesare dei Cattanei

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Adoptable Characters

You can view my adoptables information here!

  • Traits: Happy-go-lucky, stalwart, adventerous, swashbuckler
  • Species: Lupo Italiano
  • Date of Birth: 29 March 2015 (1.5 Years Old)
  • Gender: Male ♂
  • Pack: Loner (Will join Krokar with Cesare)
  • On-Board Relations: Cesare dei Cattanei
  • Plots Available: Yes
  • Contract: Moderate

RP Info

Plot & Thread Requests

  • Feel free to request threads through Private Message. Highly prefer if you have a plot in mind, but I am open to quick threads if you would just like our characters to meet or do trade.
  • Please remind me if we discussed a thread for me to start and it has not been done in a timely manner.
  • Open to doing LASKY.

Reply Times

  • Anywhere from a day to two weeks, depending on my schedule. If you want to spree please let me know and we can work out a schedule.
  • I prioritize threads that progress plots.
  • Please PM me if I take longer than a week to reply, I may have forgotten.


  • OOC endings are usually fine if it is near the end of our thread, or if there needs to be a clean-up.
  • I will probably remove inactive threads from my post log after a month of no reply. Please message me if you want to revive a thread or think that you may take longer to reply.


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