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Status: Moderate
Pronouns: She/they/any
Character Slots: 3/3
Joined 'Souls: 22 Nov 2022
Timezone: U.S. Eastern

Oh hey!

I'm Lauren but I go by Lou here on 'Souls! I was a member wayyy back in the day and played a variety of short-lived characters. My most recent character was Endymion Russo. I decided to return to 'Souls at the end of 2022 because I missed the universe, the characters, and writing with a bunch of awesome people. I rejoined with a descendant of Endymion's, Sabriel Kali.

I'm a big ole nerd. I love video games (Zelda, Pokemon, Elden Ring, etc.), playing D&D, reading fantasy and sci-fi... all the standard dorky stuff. I also really love animals, cats especially--I have 8 right now, hehe. (help)


Discord: psalmistlou
Discord communication is preferred over PM. Don’t be shy, shoot me a message!

Private Message: OOC Account
If you feel more comfortable sending me a PM, shoot it over to my OOC account.




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Active Characters

by Raze

Sabriel Kali
The Arbiter of Salsola

Canine NPC: none
Animal NPCs: Jasmine (cat)

by Viktory System

Túrin Kali
The Confidant of Salsola

Canine NPC: Pine Tenebris
Animal NPCs: none

by Despi

Harriet Courtright
Las Brasas of Del Cenere Gang

Canine NPC: Rodeo
Animal NPCs: Cerberus (horse), Canela (Rodeo’s horse)

Inactive Characters


➤ None


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OOC Information


  • Feel free to DM me on Discord for plot ideas, thread requests, anything really.
  • Mature Content: I will write mild violence, substance usage, and light sexual themes but I prefer fade-to-black for graphic violence or sexual scenes.
  • OOC Ending: OOC endings are totally fine. I'd prefer not to do any gravedigging but I'm happy to start new threads to continue plots!
  • LASKY: I'm not particularly eager to do LASKY but if it's an interesting plot, I might take you up on it. You're always welcome to reach out and ask!

Wiki and Coding

Thank you San for the wiki code!

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