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oh hey!
I'm Lauren but I go by Lou here on 'Souls! I was a member wayyy back in the day and played a variety of short-lived characters. My most recent character was Endymion Russo. I decided to return to 'Souls at the end of 2022 because I missed the universe, the characters, and writing with a bunch of awesome people. I rejoined with a descendant of Endymion's, Sabriel Kali.

I'm a big ole nerd. I love video games (Zelda, Pokemon, Elden Ring, etc.), playing D&D, reading fantasy and sci-fi... all the standard dorky stuff. I also really love animals, cats especially--I have 8 right now, hehe.

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I'm fairly quick to reply and I'm up to just about any type of plot! Right now, my characters are polar opposites: one is a goth Snow White and the other is a cranky ole coyote bitch.


  • OOC Endings/Gravedigging:

OOC endings are totally fine. I'd prefer not to do any gravedigging but I'm happy to start new threads to continue plots!

  • Mature Themes:

I'm okay with a decent amount of violence but try to avoid graphic imagery as much as I can. I do not roleplay sexual material.

  • LASKY:

I'm not particularly eager to do LASKY but if it's an interesting plot, I might take you up on it. You're always welcome to reach out and ask!


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Sabriel Kali

The Family of Salsola
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Sabriel is a witch currently living in Salsola. She's got a goth Snow White vibe--sweet but macabre. Right now, she's most likely to be in Salsola unless visiting La Estrella Roja, Amherst, or the surrounding areas. If you want your character to meet a slightly spooky lady to help you talk to dead people or whatever, hit me up!

by Despi

Harriet Courtright

Encender of the Del Cenere Gang
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Harriet is a prickly, crotchety coydog currently living in DCG. She's got family trauma and a chip on her shoulder. She's real fun. 8D

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