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Hello! (◕‿◕✿) I'm Linds, an uber dork who joined in the spring of 2015. If you ever want to chat/plot just hit me up on AIM (found in Contact info). I'm pretty much clueless half the time so am prone to asking a lot of dumb questions and making bad jokes that I think are funny but they're not really and I can't understand why.

  • Feel free to leave stuff here.

Other stuff


  • Reply Times: This varies from a few hours to a few days.
  • Word Count: I don't mind word count at all! My posts range from 250 - 400 words, though I tend to try and match count.
  • Plotting: Always welcome, though I tend to enjoy more open-ended plots with less distinct points.
  • LASKY: I love Lasky, especially with adoptables or currently off-board characters. Not always open to non-canon, though.
  • Powerplay: I generally expect minor PPs, and some major ones depending on the context of the thread, no permission needed. However, please ask for anything questionable / major.
  • Mature Content: I may do some mature content, but I kind of suck at it so.
  • Thread Dates: I don't tend to worry about this all too much unless a current plot's going on or I have an important thread happening at the moment.
  • OOC Endings: Welcome and sometimes preferred!
  • Gravedigging: Feel free to ask, but I tend to lose muse for really old threads. :c
  • Inactivity: Feel free to poke me! I don't mind at all, in fact it's appreciated!