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  • Location Virginia
  • Birthday: November 3, 2000

Discord — @Legacy#8962

  • Discord communication is preferred for requesting threads.
  • I prefer to be contacted by DM or mention.

E-mail — kyrathehuntress@gmail.com

  • You can e-mail me if you don't have a forum account.
  • I don't usually check my email, but you can send me a PM or Discord message if I haven't replied to it.


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1.  Info

Y'all can call me Legacy, the Majestic Leg, Leggy, or whatever, I'm cool. I float in and out of 'Souls because my brain can never concentrate on one task for very long. I apologize for that. I also draw some bad artz, write a bunch and finish very little, and have way more inspiration than actual motivation. So yeah that's pretty much it.

I also have a bad habit of making characters I may never play, so you can hit me up if you ever need character ideas.

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1.3  Roleplay Information

Reply Times

  • I have varying reply speeds ranging from a couple of hours to a week and a half. I am not against poking to get me to reply to a thread, but please note that word count and overall poetic-ness of a reply may go down if I am notified I haven't posted.
  • Planned threads will take priority over meet-and-greets and open threads.

Ending Threads

  • I would much rather end a thread ICly as opposed to OOCly, but if something comes up and you need to back out I will end it OOCly. I understand everyone has lives outside of 'Souls and sometimes things come up. The best thing you can do is communicate with me and I will assume the conversation or whatever has happened in the thread has finished and the characters went their separate ways.

Requesting Threads

  • Don't feel ashamed to DM me asking for a thread idea! The only reason I will not accept is if I already have a lot of threads going (6+), but even then I will politely let you know I'm not open for threads at the moment.

2.  Guestbook

Please leave something here if you find this page ~Legacy

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  • *high fives* I see your gust book signing procrastination and join you with it - Kitty
  • I found your page! And, AH! I love R. Riordan's books too! Everyone should have Buford the Table :3 → Pi
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