hi, i'm ku

and i totally suck at remembering how to work the wiki but i will try anyway. chances are if you're reading this you're wondering why on earth something this dead has an update. i can't blame you. anyway, i've been apart of souls one way or another since mid-2003 with a very long string of characters and like a bad fungus, i tend to come and go. maybe someday i'll turn all of this into a pretty template. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Roswell Blackpike
Dirge Ostrega
Litany Rhodes
Laurel Booth
Gin D'Angelo
Salem D'Angelo
Hezekiah Finch
Basil Flynn?
Corona Lykoi
Dantalion Lykoi
Mephisto Lykoi
Zdravka Molotova
Ira Ravencreek
Akumu Rouyaken
Carbuncle Samms
Kidorah Talik
Usdi Tawodi
Valentine Valiant
Hextor Vanim