KIM IS MADE OF LOVE. She was on the Souls Assemblage 4EVA and she was alpha of Jaded Shadows for a really, really freaking long time!


BirthdayOctober 14th
Join DateDecember 2001

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1.  Info

Hey all. I'm Kim and I've been around souls for years and years. I served on the Souls Assemblage for several years, ran the Jaded Shadows pack for a long-ass time, and started up the small but long-lived Aika family. I live and work in the central USA with a small menagerie of much-loved creatures. I have a wide variety of interests that vary from biology and languages to books and knitting. I tend to be quiet/easily distracted on chats and on AIM, but I'm really quite friendly, I swear! <3

2.  Contact

The best way to contact me is via the souls PM system. If you are not a registered member of 'souls, (interested in one of my open characters, perhaps? :D) feel free to email me. However, make sure 'souls appears somehow in the subject line, or likely I will delete it D:

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4.  OOC History

I joined Bleeding Souls way back in 2001, shortly after the site opened. My first character was Omoi Aika, who joined Shadowed Stars and quickly rose through the ranks. When Moondust Wolfen left in early 2002, alphaship of Shadowed Stars came to me. At this point the pack was small, barely active, and my character advanced in age. In an attempt to save the pack, I changed characters, moved the pack's territory, and changed its name to Jaded Shadows. As a result, I played Omoi's daughter Mordulin Aika from April 2002 until September 2007.

Offline, school and work have always kept me busy and for most of my career at souls, Mordulin was my only character. When Mordulin began to reach a more advanced age, I began playing Fiacha Aika with the intention of once again passing the pack from mother-to-daughter. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and energy for roleplay around this time, and both Mordulin and Fiacha left Jaded shadows. I couldn't stay away for long, and returned with the first incarnation of Theodoric Martin in Jaded Shadows (Sept 2007-Jan 2008).

Life continued to keep me busy extremely busy, and without much time to devote to writing, I drifted from character to character. After Theodoric left, I began to play the raven Scree? (March-April 2008), who had been an NPC companion of Fiacha's. I dropped Scree to make room for Giuseppe Agapito, founder of the short-lived Insieme pack (April-June 2008). When Giuseppe's mate and son left, he followed them back to Italy and the pack disbanded.

I had a lot of fun playing Festivity (August 2008-April 2009), an African wild dog and jackal hybrid. After decommissioning Festivity, I brought her cousin Alacrity to the board. After a few months as a loner, Alacrity followed Anselm de le Poer to Inferni (April 2009 - mid 2009).

In late 2009, I brought back a revised version of Theodoric Martin to AniWaya. In early 2010, I revived the Aika line in its fourth generation with Galilee Aika.

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