Hello, I am Karma ^-^ I'm currently in highschool and I love writing. Truthfully, 'Souls is the first place I've ever role-played, so please excuse me if I misunderstand something. From the time I'm writing this, I just joined 'Souls like a week ago(so thats like early September, 2013). I'm a decently unsocialable person off the internet (I really dont know if I'm any better on the Internet either). I'm normally quiet and just sit in the corner with my books.

General Info

Favorite things

  • My Kitties - I have three kitties, at the moment: Gypsey(yes, gypsey not gypsy), Bella, and Little Bit. They are my sweet babies and I'll probably put pictures of them up here whenever I stop being so lazy.
  • Books - I read... a lot. Really, I can't name a favorite book. Everyone I ever touched has been my favorite ^-^
  • Games - I'm a geek; I play geeky games including: Assassin's Creed, Minecraft, Ledgend of Zelda, and a whole lot more.


You can feel free to PM me, or you could always email me at rythem_of.life@rocketmail.com. It may take me longer to get the Email. I have the mail app on my phone, but how often do I really check it.

Role-play Stuffs

Thread Request

  • I love threads and writing and plots and... yeah. Feel free to hit me up for any threads or plots you might have in mind! If I have time(and if it fits my characters), I'll do it. No problem
  • I enjoy starting threads, but if you'd like to instead, thats perfectly fine. Just let me know.


  • I'm patient. Don't feel rushed by me.
  • My reply speed is generally consistant, around a day to three days. If I take more than a week to reply, poke me please!
  • If you're going to be absent and we are still in a thread together, please make sure to let me know before you leave.


  • OCC endings are fine, as are any other assumptions. Just PM me and we'll discuss it.


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