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1.  About

  • OOC name: Jordan
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Joined: April, 3, 2016
  • Primary Character: Mystery
  • Music preference: Alt rock, and many other genres
  • Favourite band: The Tragically Hip
  • Likes: Hockey, pasta, poetry

I'm that guy who dabs a lot in chat, but don't let that bother you I'm not insane! Just ask my friend Steve! *points to empty chair*

HA Steve, what a joker!

2.  A blank space to ponder

Are you thinking about this blank space? Does it intrigue you? Are you still reading this? Good.

3.  Writing

I can't even with my writing, so don't even with my writing. So if we can't even, then no one knows, and we'll just figure out what I actually mean when I stop loving metaphors so much. But yeah, my job is to give you words that conjure up meanings based on your experiences, which might help me help you understand. Understand???

4.  Posting

5.  Reply Times:

  • I go through random museless streaks, but I'm still decently fast I guess? I usually hate making people wait 3 or 4 weeks.
  • I answer to older threads first, almost always. Always done it this way, so early bird gets the Daniel reply worm. Sounds kinda gross, but you get the idea.
  • If you feel I'm not replying fast enough I'm very pokable. Just don't get me in the ribs they're tender.

6.  Ending Threads:

  • I don't prefer OOC endings. Although, if need be, message me to discuss such situations.
  • If you can't continue participating in a thread you chose to respond to, I may be a little saddened :(

7.  Requesting Threads:

  • Message me to discuss any private threads
  • I would love to do a private thread with anyone! All you need to do is ask!! Plotting too!

7.1  Active Characters



Serana Leishman

  • Member of Anathema
  • ♀ hybrid
  • NPC: none

7.2  Inactive Characters


Future Characters

  • None right now ;)


  • None


  • None


7.3  Guestbook

  • hey! on the right page this time! :) -Sunny
  • Keep an eye on this kid, he will surpass us all with poetic and emotional writing!! ~ Raze
  • Have some pretties <3 ~ Sammiie