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Art by Masahikoko@FA
Mate to Languedoc Dreamer, Artist, Writer SoSuWriMo Champion 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019, 2020 Witch, Pagan, Shaman, Healer Starmaker, Creator Poke'Master since 1998

This page is a wip.

I'm Jacoby "Jmonster" Patis, a Non-Binary, bi-racial, goat-lion monster boi that occupies this corner of space. My pronouns are He/They. My birthday is May 17th, and I'm currently 29 years old. I also have a long-term significant other. I currently live in the Godforsaken Swampland of America, South Florida.

I have several Aliases, and can answer to any of the following names/monikers: J, Jmon, & [nebulousgoatking] I have also answered to the name Panda. I also will answer to stupid nicknames that I have been given too, so feel free to get creative ;]

Additionally, I have a set of about 8 characters that I use as Fursonas, and/or Mascots. You will see them pretty often, and probably see a few of them around on this wiki-page. The top 3 characters I use are Jmonster, Saturn, and PomSuga. Below there is an image of each of these characters that you can click on to learn more about them, if you are really that interested. I also have too many characters. Sorry, but also not sorry.

I've been part of the Souls community for the better part of 10 years now, and I started my journey on Souls with a yellow punk-rock wolf named Daisuke. I played him for some time before I started to play my infamous character, Cotl Van Ulrich. Currently, I play Cotl's descendants, of which, I play up to the third generation from Cotl's blood. I've learned a lot over the years of writing here at Souls, and it helped me develop my writing skills, as well as my story building skills. I do hope to one day use these skills to maybe write a fantasy novel!

Unfortunately, I work two day-jobs that takes up most of my time. My other hobbies include: Watching Anime, Drawing, Writing(duh), and Dog-Training. I don't take commissions for art anymore, typically.

I currently have a 13 year old Corgi(Tomasu), a 4 year old German Shepherd(Mason), and a 10 year old Albino California Kingsnake(Ezio). I used to have quite a few more pets throughout the years! I love animals, and learning more about them! I know too much about dogs and cats due to my upbringing, but I know jack-shit about exotics. If you have some cool animal facts, please share them! I love learning new things about different animals!

Some of my favorite things in this harsh world is: Strawberry Milkshakes, Tacos, Corgis, & Monster Energy(Dragon Green Tea).

Always Remember: An androgynous asexual always eats apples.

Jmonster Saturn-Dosei "Tatsuya-Kai Spartacus (tiger) PomSuga(Kohisuta)



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Typically, I show up as invisible on Discord, but it is likely that I am online, or at work. If you leave me a message, I will get back to you as soon as I can. I prefer to be contacted by discord, but you must have a server in common with me to be able to message me. I do accept most of my friend requests and have a very little block list, so feel free to send me a request if you need to get a hold of me.

Discord — @[nebulousgoatking]#1710

Additionally, I dislike being PMed on the board, and would rather you not contact me there unless you absolutely need to.

  • I am very meticulous about my wiki pages and ask that others respect that my characters should not be edited or added to other wikis without my explicit permission. I do routine updates on my characters pretty regularly, but always ask before you do something regarding any of my characters PLEASE, and THANKS! (Feel free to sign my Guestbook though!)
  • Some Original Characters depicted on this page are "fursonas" that are all parts of my personality. My Main 'sona is Jmonster — you can visit his profile for more info about him! You can also read about the other OCs depicted on this page at my Currently my profile is themed to my secondary fursona, Saturn-Dosei.
  • Thread Status: TENTATIVELY OPEN
  • Activity Status: SLOW - dealing with mental health issues.
  • Ending Threads — I let the auto-archival archive threads, but I also grave-dig if requested. Usually will gravedig threads if I did not intend to let them sit for a long time.
  • Requesting Threads — Message me on discord for threads.
  • Other Preferences — I do not do Preybot. However I am always open for LASKY threads of Current, Past, & Future Characters. Also will do AUs.

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Active Characters

Inactive Characters

By Alaine

Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi

The Jagermeister of Salsola
♂ Coydog
NPC: Raito Ulrich-Lykoi


Privileged of New Caledonia
♂ Wolfdog
NPC: Kattegat Tarasova


Rank of Packs
♀/♂ Breed


Rank of Packs
♀/♂ Breed

Future Characters

Dead Characters

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LASKY Characters



  • These are characters you can frequently see me playing in canon lasky.
  • These are characters you can infrequently see me playing in canon lasky or see me playing in AUs or noncanon laskys.

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Jmonster By Keihiko@FA!

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