Hydra Triangle's Adoptables

Hydra Triangle's Adoptables


Please contact with the following information: (Show)

[list] [*] [b]OOC Name:[/b]

[*] [b]Character Name:[/b]

[*] [b]Character Interpretation:[/b]

[*] [b]Plot Ideas or Character Arcs:[/b]

[*] [b]Writing Example(s):[/b] No less than 200 words.

[*] [b]Have you read and understand this character's terms for adoption?:[/b] [/list]

Post-Adoption Terms

  • Art and baubles...
    • that come with the character are my property and remain so for the duration of play, however permission is granted for the player to use them as they see fit
    • purchased / obtained by the player are the player's property for the duration of play, however may become my property if agreement is not reached about them in the event that the character is dropped
  • Reclamation...
    • I reserve the right to reclaim the character if the adopter becomes inactive on-site and/or drops the character with no prior warning, or breaks the contract terms agreed upon.

Player Stipulations

Generally, my approach to choosing a player is relaxed. However, I may refuse players who:

  • Have been known to break contracts
  • Struggle with grammar or communication
  • Drop characters before 50+ posts frequently (with no IC reason)

Current Adoptables

Lines by Despi
Lines by Despi
  • Owen Martel
  • Relaxed Contract
  • Check Wiki for more info!
Lines by Despi
  • ???
  • Coming soon!
  • Check Wiki for more info!



These characters have been adopted and are currently active.

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These characters cannot be active yet, but have a set date to be picked up on.

Played & Retired

These characters have been adopted out & played extensively. They were then either retired or killed off by their players.

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These characters were adopted but fell inactive. They may be up for reclamation and may be re-entered into the available adoptables soon.

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