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  • Primary: Lorkan Blackmir
  • I'm super friendly—hit me up if you'd like to plot or chat!
  • I stole this layout from Rat. >:)

PM — Lorkan Blackmir

  • PM communication is good for important things—please try to give your PM a descriptive subject so I know what's up!
  • I'm generally quick in responding to PMs, but if it's been a few days, you have full permission to spam my inbox.

Discord — Fleur#5660

  • I prefer Discord for chatting and general plotting purposes.
  • If I'm not online, feel free to poke me via PM!






Lorkan Blackmir
Loner Jerk
♂ Dog Hybrid
cNPC: Cackle

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Plots & Thread Requests

  • I'm always open to discuss plots. Anything involving brainstorming and/or a lot of back-and-forth communication I prefer to do over Discord, but I'm not picky—whichever medium you're most comfortable with!
  • I usually don't do sprees unless explicitly stated otherwise (i.e., I post in the Spree Requests thread or Discord channel).

Replies & Speeds

  • Reply times will vary, but anywhere from a few days to a week is the norm. If it's been over a week and I still have not replied, please let me know!
  • I will generally try and notify my thread partners if I'm going to be on absence.
  • I tend to write short to medium posts on average (250-400) words. I have no preference on what I receive.


  • Minor OOC assumptions and powerplay are fine. Anything else I prefer that we discuss beforehand, but I'm generally pretty lax.
  • I am not opposed to OOC endings or pre-arranged threads. Just let me know so that we can hash out the details. :)

Other Preferences

  • I am fine with mature threads and plots, but for sexually explicit scenes I will ask that we fade to black.
  • I will play LASKY on request for relevant canon threads.
  • I am willing to revive dead/archived threads so long as they are relatively fresh and/or important to a plot.


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