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Hallo folks and welcome to my page! My name is Rosie (another one!) but on the internet I go by Erethas or Tynethyne or occasionally Sharolen depending on the websites. I'm half-brit who enjoys tea, chocolate biscuits, reading, watching birds at the bird feeder, a variety of music, Guild Wars among other things.

A friend introduced me to Fort to role-playing waay back in the day when Avidgamers was still around and soon afterwards another member lead me to their wolf rpg. The among the rpgs I joined were Redwall and Wolf rpgs which grew to include Horse, Western, Lion and a few others of varying genres.

The three rpgs/websites, all inactive or deleted, were Fort Nightshade, Wolf Canyon and Avidgamers (miss them). My first two characters ever were Slide (Shifter) Shadow, a black vixen who was handy with a rapier and always wore voluminous cloak that matched and Bloodtooth Goldeneye, a black wolf.

1.  Posting Info

1.1  Reply Times

  • (Active) 0-4 days. I'm a medium/slow replier
  • (Busy) 1-7 days. 14 at most
  • Priorities: Threads that I am most behind on, threads with plottage and threads with a decent turnover.

1.2  Ending Threads

  • Can do OOCly, ICly and fade to black
  • 3-4 week old threads will be considered abandoned.
  • Reviving threads is all good with me. I'm down for it.

1.3  Requesting Threads:

  • Pretty much anything; shoot me a pm :).
  • Sorry, no preybot.
  • Will do Lasky for test-drives and plottage?
  • Mature threads within reason.

2.  'Souls History

3.  Information

3.1  Contact

  • Skype: roseaotter
  • PMs are best for me; reply speed may be quick or a few days in coming, and I'll reply in due course. I am naturally a bit socially anxious.
  • email:

3.2  Current Hubs and RPGS

  • RPGS: 'Souls, The Vulpine Imperium
  • Hubs: Redwallsurvivor, DA, Youtube, SF, FanFiction

3.3  Past RPGS

  • Wolves and Dogs: Penumbra, Northern Epic, Wolf Mountain, Silver Mountain Creek, Backlash, Blackblood, various others
  • Redwall: Fort Nightshade, DAB, Fort Ruddler,
  • Various: Stranded (lion), Duke's Crossing (human), True Arrows (anthro), Felia (anthro), various others

3.4  Tidbits

  • Animals: Sea Otters, Cheetahs, Horses (Arabian), Wolves, Birds (eg. Towhees, Chickadees, falcons), Foxes, Hedgehogs,
  • Interests: Reading, Books, listening to music, hanging out with friends, looking at DA and FF
  • Dislikes: seeing lots of blood,
  • Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Bambi, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Lion King, Balto, Monty Python, Serenity, Death at a Funeral, Waking Ned Devine, A Fish Called Wanda, No Country for Old Men
  • TV Shows: Fringe, Dexter, Homeland, Masterpiece Theatre/Mysteries, Nature on PBS, anything with David Attenborough, Doctor Who, Justified, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Foyle's War, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (first 2 seasons), Star Gate Universe, Doc Martin, MI-5/Spooks,
  • Music: A large variety of music though some rap, jazz and screamo, elevator music don't really appeal to me.
  • Games: Guild Wars 1 & 2, Age of Empires 2, Wolf Quest,
  • Books/Authors: ROBIN HOBB!!!!!, George Martin, The Firebringer Trilogy, The Wild Road, Firebringer and Sight by David Clement-Davis, Brian Jacques and his brilliant Redwall Series, Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel (good lord, all that research), Harry Potter, Clan of the Named series by Clare Bell, Watership Down,

4.  Characters

4.1  Active Characters

  • None

4.2  Future/Adoptable Characters:

4.3  Adoptables

4.4  Inactive Characters

4.5  Replayered

4.6  Dead Characters

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