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Hi there~ You can call me Eli (or anything else really because I use too many names) and I'm pretty much a huge nerd who rambles a lot and loves run-on sentences. I first joined 'Souls in 2010 as Sorin, flailed around with an awkward self-insert coyote, somehow won Community Soul once, did some other things with other characters, and thennnn... dropped off the face of 'Souls! Whoops.

After finding a bunch of dusty coyote icons in my backup folders, I returned in 2017 with a brand new doggo, different name, and renewed devotion not to disappear again. I haven't gotten any better at introducing myself but would like to think I'm better at roleplaying. Maybe. Hopefully. Did I mention I'm still flailing?


  • current: Gerulf Voznik (loner)
  • crusty: Slade Auctor (??? We Just Don't Know), Darkness Castor-LaRue (dead as a doornail), Noir Nishant (started to join then wandered into a void somewhere)

Useful Notes

  • Please contact me via PM because I am a hermit who doesn't have a Discord and never checks Skype.
  • Feel free to toss me a plot idea and/or thread request any time! Conversational pokes are also welcome, but please have a topic in mind because I short-circuit in casual chats a lot.
  • I'm game for LASKY, canon or otherwise, and would be willing to give Preybot a shot if the need ever arises. (Someone ask me to drag my now-old coyote back into relevance.)
  • Unless otherwise specified, I assume threads take place on the day the original post is made.
  • Reply time varies from a few hours to a few days. Scarce on Mondays & Wednesdays; weekends could go either way. If it's been over two weeks, feel free to give me a poke!
  • OOC endings are fine with me, but for archival purposes I might want to edit a note in the final post stating what the characters do from there? I dunno it hasn't come up yet V:
  • Ask about mature content before it comes up, with exceptions for swearing (any and all; crass language doesn't bother me) and mild violence (blood and fights and even murder, any further depends on context).

Other Nonsense

  • My dA name is a combination of my two main roleplay characters at the time, Nightpath and *squints at character list* Salad Auction. Neither have been used in years but I'm still attached to the username.
  • I am much, much more comfortable with HTML/CSS than Wiki format. I cannot code in javascript or python or CS36000+++ to save my life. Maybe someday I will learn but today is not that day.
  • Art and/or graphic trades would be cool! I never advertise this anywhere but it's a thing I would do if you wanna. C;