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  • Hello there! You guys all know me as El, because I am an uncreative individual when it comes to naming, and upon joining I made my OOC name a shortened version of my name in the real world. I always planned on changing my OOC name when I became inspired by something unique and exotic sounding, but then the name El stuck and, well...now I have no desire to change it! I live in America and make my home in the flat state of Illinois, home to miles of cornfields and a bipolar weather pattern.
  • Hmmmm what else to put here? Well, I'm currently wrapping up my final year of high school, and am in the midst of the college application process (read: hell). At 18, I am a baby adult and am attempting to prepare myself for leaving the nest next year! I plan on studying a major within Natural Resources management, such as Forestry (hence the Lorax icon). When I'm not spending all the free time I have on Sould rpg, I can be found reading, watching TV, or doing art things in traditional mediums such as chalk pastel. I'm also a crazy animal person, and am the proud mother of a shih Tzu named Boo, two guinea pigs, two red ear sliders, and a crap ton of fish! And because that is not enough for me, I also volunteer at an animal shelter and hold a part time job at a pet store specializing in the aquarium hobby. So, if you have any questions about fish, or just want to chat about them, feel free to hit me up :D
  • I joined Souls rpg with Rowtag sometime in 2015, however I have returned from a hiatus spring of 2017. I also have some other forgotten characters floating around on board, some dating back to 2014, because I was a butt and repeatedly abandoned accounts. So far, I seem to be staying around with Rowtag as my primary, and have even picked up a secondary! Perhaps this time I'll be around for good :)
  • In Febuary of 2017, I was a founding member of the pack Mistfell Vale and currently lead it alongside Sunny! If you are interested in this awesome pack or have any questions regarding it, feel free to contact me <3

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