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May 28 2001



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Arthur Knight

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8 June 2014

HELLO PEOPLE. I'm Dialga, I like to play pokemon (a lot) and I love watching Doctor Who. I am obsessed with drawing and right now I am addicted to Super Mario Kart 8. I like drawing really ugly things on purpose and I like watching weird videos of tornadoes. As you can see, I am running out of things to say right now so I will fix this later. :D

Right now I play Safire Hotep who's a Seigneur CHEVALIER PAGE HAWHAWHAW :D in Cour des Miracles

O yea i also play a jerkface German Shepard in CdA named Wallace North

edit; i have not even looked at this since 2014 oh dear i must update things

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  • You're a potato >:I - Sunny
  • *raze slobbers on*
  • *puts flag of kite-d america* yo i own this person -Kite
    • YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONE!!!!11!!!!1!!ONE!!! -Kite
  • A wild Laura appears. Tornado videos are awesome. That is all.