hey, i'm dante. i'm 20, and use he/him pronouns. i'm new to 'souls! i have an interest in emo and scene fashion/aesthetic, and i listen to a lot of rock and metal (think my chemical romance, ghost b.c., in this moment, mindless self indulgence, etc.)

will be doing art commissions soon, so keep an eye out!

Player Preferences


  • my discord zero [alex]#4311 (all lowercase, because it's case sensitive), this is my preferred method of contact for pretty much anything. feel free to shoot me a dm.
  • if for whatever reason dming on discord is unavailable, my second preferred form of contact is PM on 'souls to my primary (currently zero blackbourne)


  • DM/PMs welcome for plotting. responses are faster on discord.
  • players of all speeds welcome, although i am usually fast, my speeds will likely vary, and don't mind slower paced threads.
  • i don't mind "pokes", but please only do this if it's been at least 4 days since my last post.
  • my word count is flexible, though i prefer to be concise instead of pushing myself to write more. i don't mind shorter posts, it's more relaxing that way.
  • OOC endings are good and not minded either

Active Characters

Inactive Characters

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