BirthdayNovember 15 1994
Join DateSeptember 22 2010

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1.  Basic Information

My name is Chance and I'm the player behind Poppy Monroe, the daughter of Lolita Monroe and Niro Takekuro. I'm from a small bilingual town in Ontario, Canada and can speak both French and English fluently. French is actually my first and most used language, if you really want to know... I attend a French High School and everything. I always did write in English however, due to the fact that the general internet population I RP'ed with over the years were also English.
Speaking of role-playing, I've been doing it for roughly seven years now, from action-packed X-Men fandoms to soap opera-like real life. For some reason, wolves aren't what I'm used to, but it's a fun and interesting new experience. I'm very glad to be a part of this community.
Usually my posts average 500 words, 300-400 at the very minimum. I will always match the player I am writing with in order to be fair. If the situation or plot calls for it, or if I have high muse at that moment in time, I can go all out and write massive 1,000-1,500 word posts, but they are far and few between. I play both males and females equally as well, and although Poppy is a female, I usually tend to steer toward the male population, merely because on most sites I've been on in the past, they are the minority.

2.  Chance's 'Souls History

  • First Joining 'Souls
I joined 'Souls on September 22nd 2010, a day after my main (and currently only) character's birth. I stalked the site for two whole months before finally being able to play. I admit, it was a long process, but it gave me the time to stalk my character's parents and other family members, as well as her pack-mates, so that I can know more about what is going on.

3.  Chance's Personality

I'm very bubbly and open. Add me on AIM and don't be afraid to poke me once in a while, I love knowing the players I RP with. Writing has always been a passion of mine, for as long as I can remember. A little more recently (as in, three years ago) I discovered I also loved the dramatic arts, and so I have since starred in a few school productions.
I always have ideas popping up in my head for my characters. I guess it's a writer thing, you know, the whole creativity aspect? Anyway, I love to plot, from relationship/mateship plots to complex rivalry plots. Friendships, family stuff - it's all loads of fun, especially on sites such as this one, where some characters can have grandchildren that were born in-game. If you have any ideas where Poppy could be involved, throw me a shout via PM, I don't bite! Plotting in advance is also fun, by the way.