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  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Year: 1995
  • PM: Sergio Vega
  • Discord: andy#9427
  • Hey! :D I work irregular schedules so my activity sometimes fluctuates depending on what’s going on that week. Most of my posts also tend to be via mobile, so please let me know if anything is confusing and I will make corrections.
  • My current interests are Voltron & Overwatch. :0 If you like Voltron or play OW, pls hit me up. I'd love to chat/play with you!
Sergio Vega
Novus of Sapient
  • None


  • Priority: Urgent, pack and group threads have top priority.
  • Reminders: I keep a close eye on my thread log, but if two weeks have passed, please feel free to send me a PM. If it is my turn in a group thread, feel free to send me one if 48 hours have passed without response.
  • Length: I do not mind posting at any length. On occasion, I may write posts upwards of 1,000 words so please let me know if you would like to stick to a certain word count and I will accommodate. Do know I do not expect RP partners to mirror length so post at whatever length you are most comfortable with! :)
  • Endings: IC & OOC endings are both A-OK! Let me know if you would like an OOC end to one of our threads or to revive and complete one.


  • LASKY: I will not always be available for LASKY threads, but if you have a plot idea, I am more than willing to listen! Feel free to ask and depending on my current time and interest in your idea, I may be able to do so.
  • Mature: Violence, gore and substances are OK! For sexual threads, I may ask to fade-to-black. I will not RP romances or anything sexually suggestive with players under the age of 18. I will not plot or RP rape.
  • Assumptions: You are welcome to make assumptions and minor powerplays in your posts in our threads. Feel free to ask any questions if you need to, but otherwise, I will PM you if necessary.


  • I am always open to plotting! If you are interested in any of my characters or even feel as if my style would suit an adoptable of yours, contact me asap. I will likely be interested.
  • I prefer plotting "loose" key points, such as planning the basic outlines of a relationship and their possible threads/adventures, but keeping it open enough that we are not forcing either of our characters to possibly go OOC. It is okay if you feel like, in the end, the plot is taking a different turn than initial planned! We can always adjust.
  • If you wish for an already established history/encounter, I am open to that! This is where I would be up for LASKY threads to help determined if whatever we have in mind works out for the characters.
  • I like to avoid plotting any form of end-game romance. I prefer it happening completely IC versus via OOC planning. This is to keep either party from feeling as if they must force their character to like mine or vice versa should they not actually fit! Should they, however, be getting along swimmingly, I am more than willing to discussing the possibilities (and likely shipping it already).