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Hi, I'm Amoris. Some are made for development, some are further along, or I couldn't keep up with them and decided to adopt them out instead of struggling to keep them active myself.

(Borrowed template from Kite, also borrowed from Raze/Sie. Don't eat me. :x )

1.  Current Adoptables

Here is a list of characters depending on how strict the terms of their adoptions are! Generally, I'm not very controlling when it comes to adoptables and I'm not looking to control everything you do with them, although I might be more picky about some adoptables (the stricter ones) rather than others (the freeform ones).

1.1  Strict

These characters are generally children of existing characters or plot-intensive characters. I will be looking for a player who is active and can write well in these cases, as well as those who show great commitment to plots! These are good characters for if you want guaranteed plots and interaction!

  • None currently.

1.2  Moderate

These characters are ones that might have a backstory or plot opportunity. Some changes are open but the basis of these characters should stay the same. These are aimed for players who like a little meat to their characters, connections and threads. Interaction is high.

  • None currently.

1.3  Freeform

These characters are generally ones that have only basic details and most characters come with a ton of creative freedom! These characters are for those who want to essentially make "their own" character but with ties to a particular family and opportunities for plots. Interaction is likely.

2.  Adoption Information

2.1  Pre-Adoption Changes

For characters without development (e.g., they have not appeared at 'Souls yet):

I'm fairly open to changes to personality and small changes to appearance, just ask! More times than not I'll be willing to have these changes made.
Normally I don't like to make major personality changes (ex; a darker character having a lighter personality), but they can be discussed! It really depends.

For characters with development (e.g., they've appeared at 'Souls already):

Major changes to appearance are not possible because they have already been played before (small changes like clothing, hair style, and maybe adding a piercing or two would be allowed). Changes to personality can only be made after you have played them and developed their personality, and it's realistic.

2.2  Post-Adoption Changes

  • You don't need to ask me about every little thing you do with the adoptable! Although, I would like to know about major personality changes over a small period of time or drastic changes in mental health or if you're planning to kill the character.
  • Some characters may have to join a specific pack. Make sure you double check this type of information on an adoptable.
  • I do not want to control any of the characters! You're free to develop them how you want and you don't really have to ask me about most things.

3.  Re-Adoption


Most of my adoptables are important to have around because they have something to do with my current characters. If you've dropped the character or up and disappeared and are unable to be contacted, I will most likely find a new player.

Specific Terms

I may choose to reclaim the character if you have:

  • been removed in an activity sweep without contacting me within one month to discuss
  • dropped them for a long period of time (6+ months since character was dropped)
  • dropped them with only brief play (0 - 5 months, 0 - 100 posts, etc.)
  • dropped them with inadequate play (unfinished threads and plots, errors in interpreting pre-set character history or personality, etc.)
  • never successfully join the forum with the character's profile
  • been permanently banned from 'Souls
  • broken the adoption contact, e.g. violated a character's required stipulations

Your Stuff

  • All baubles (art, titles, icons, etc.) originally given with the adoptable return with the character.
  • Gift art and gift graphics are typically considered reclaimable with the adoptable. If you bear a particular attachment to a table or something, let me know; I am flexible. :)
  • Commissioned and bought art is considered your property. New players must request your permission to use such items, even in the case of art customized to that particular character.
  • Titles and icons...
    • ... earned via game points, contests, etc. are considered your property; however, you must request removal/transfer in a timely manner after dropping the adoptable or they become the property of the new player.
    • ... purchased via the 'Souls store are considered your property and may be removed/transferred to your own character at any time.

4.  Interested?

You must use the form if you are serious about adopting a character. I cannot adopt a character out to you unless you have used the form to indicate that you agree to my adoption terms. If you happen to chat with me and say "I want to adopt so-and-so" but do not follow through with sending me the official form, don't be surprised if I adopt so-and-so out to a different person who asks!


Contact me by one of the two provided methods, they're the fastest to get my attention.

  • Your preferred nickname: What should I call you?
  • Character: What character do you want to adopt?
  • A RP or other writing sample (e.g., from a previous game): Not necessary if you currently play at 'Souls -- but I might ask for a sample in some cases!
  • Your interpretation of the character: No need to be overly wordy here -- just tell me how you might intend to play their personality, their motives, etc.
  • Any plots or ideas you've gotten for the character: Again, no need to be overly wordy -- just tell me what ideas you might have regarding the character's family, conflicts, packs, etc.
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the contract terms on my adoption page as well as the individual contract terms for this character?:

Do note that, while there might not be a required amount you must write for each form, I will be much more likely to adopt out to someone who shows enthusiasm and goes above and beyond to explain the plans for their character! Chances are, if you aren't willing to write an example paragraph if asked, you might to be that serious about the character!

Some characters may require an additional writing sample or LASKY thread which will be discussed -- usually to set the relationship between certain characters, such as a currently attached cNPC, or gauge whether you fully understand the character.

4.1  Forewarning

I greatly appreciate adopters who are patient, strong and active roleplayers, etc. I may not adopt to players who:

  • Constantly pick up, drop, and switch characters.
  • Constantly ask for adoptables, then fail to join with the adoptable.
  • Show severe streaks of inactivity, constant absenteeism, etc.
  • Have adopted from me before, only to have the situation go awry in some way.
  • Have a history of OOC or IC issues (e.g., rule-breaking, discourteous behavior, dropped plots).
  • Are new and struggle with board concepts, rules, policies, etc., or are obviously very new to roleplay.

Don't be intimidated -- it's just a warning. :) If you're interested, ask anyway -- the worst that will happen is a no, after all! I'm pickier about some characters than others, as per the list above -- for example, a character not integral to my roleplay or plots is pretty much open seasons, whereas I might be considerably more selective in considering the player of a character's on-site child. c;

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