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Listed below are the adoptable members of Vinátta. This page is NOT intended to house entire character profiles. The information herein is just a brief overview of the characters within VN.

  • Adopters, click on the character's name and view their complete Wiki profile and availability!
  • Members, feel free to add your own adoptables, or give us the info in our Pack Maintenance if you're not comfortable with Wiki coding.

1.  Pack-Owned

Pack-owned adoptables are adopted out from the leadership to roleplayers. If you are interested in adopting one of these characters, please contact Miyu and Candace by private messaging the VN Account! You'll be asked for writing samples and basic plans for the character in question. These characters are expected to remain in Vinátta, and will be reclaimed as pNPCs if dropped.

Each of these characters has the option to become a Frjáls or to enter the first tier of their chosen path upon adoption.

Finch Moineau
Wolf; herbalist, crafter, trader

Dog; shepherd, horse trainer, sailor

Tarina Skadi
Wolfdog; entertainer, whittler, linguist

Holis Reistad
Wolfdog; healer, sailor, linguist

Cody Rhiannon
Wolfdog; wood-crafter, animal caretaker, soft-spoken

Tak Oreille
Wolfdog; blacksmith, carpenter, animal caretaker

2.  Player-Owned

These characters are current members of the pack, many of whom were born on Vináttan soil and raised in the culture. They belong to their creators, and may be adopted by privately contacting those active players. Player-owned adoptables may have additional stipulations/contracts, so be sure to read everything!

Juno Kurosoul
Wolfdog; daughter of Chloé and Taro

Bjorn Moineau
Wolfdog; son of Chloé and Taro

Akara Firebringer
Wolf; daughter of Palaydrian and Bran

Ahti Firebringer
Wolf; son of Palaydrian and Bran

Dreyma Moineau
Wolf; Stormbringer-raised Moineau Viking

Tobias Rhiannon
Wolfdog, son of Cody Rhiannon

Brinan Amarok
Wolf; son of Altair Amarok and Fayne

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