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1.  Rules/Procedures

1.1  Update, Please!

  • Let us know by posting in the VN Maintenance & Updates thread of ANY animals, whether communal or personal, so we can add them to our website. You are welcome to update this page as much as you like, but if you are uncomfortable editing Wiki pages, only post your info in our Maintenance thread.
  • Likewise, remember to keep us updated if your animals are traded, sold, killed, or otherwise no longer in Vinátta!
  • Please keep the word count of your description below 150 words. If you need more space, use an NPC Template or your personal Wiki page. This page is only meant to be a brief catalog of your companion animal. :)
  • Find premade pixels and templates here! You are welcome to make your own, or request customs in the Talents forum.
  • See also: Jordheim

1.2  Animal Residences

Hoofed animals are expected to reside in the communal stables, but are not required to. Other companion animals are welcome to live inside your character's house in Jordheim, or to wander freely if it is in their nature to do so. Make note of where your animals generally are so that other players know where to reference them. (Horses without a specified stall number can be assumed to rotate through unclaimed stalls.)

Map courtesy of Kitty

Stables & Paddocks

Situated about three miles from the Grand Lake, south-east, sits a quaint livery yard, named as ‘Marsh Valley Livery’ on a small, broken sign by its entrance. While the front gate has long since been removed, the majority of the fences serving as the perimeter remain and it is advised to find a gap in the fences than try to climb over them. Within the compound, a few distinct structures can be seen. First and foremost is the stable block- two stout brick buildings facing each other over a path of concrete that has mostly survived the ravages of time. Of course, the wooden doors on the stables have not quite survived and most are in need of repair or replacement. However, with space for 40 horses, the stables are an investment for Vinátta. Alongside the stable block are the remains of 10 paddocks, whose fences are likewise in need of repair. Behind the stables is the skeleton of a large hay barn, which has the potential to become functioning once more.

Approximately six miles from the Stables is a small farm settlement that serves Vinátta as housing and grazing for livestock they may gain as well as providing fields for growing crops. While no boundary surrounds the entire area, there are boundaries around large sections of grazing with a small barn in two of the fields for housing. As with the paddocks in the stables, the fences will need repairing and small sections of the barn should be replaced but the stone of the barn has stood well against the weather and only minor repairs will need to be undertaken.

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  • ST21: Elli (communal)
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2.  Communal Animals

  • Communal animals may be used for any safe purpose without explicit permission, as they belong to everyone in the pack.
  • Note that trading, killing, injuring, etc. any communal animals will result in IC consequences if permission is not sought from the leadership.
  • All large animals are assumed to be stabled within the communal stables except where noted otherwise.

2.1  Horses

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Mare 2006 Rider Trained

Pull Trained

  • Pregnant, due June 2014
  • Abilities: Riding, packhorse, plowing
  • Personality: Signe is a sweet tempered and approachable mare. Safe for beginner riders. Sometimes considered flirty and playful, Signe is energetic and kind. With a strong work ethic, Signe can be used as a beast of burden, including as a pack horse, light draft and plowing. Despite this, she's a nice ride and prefers open ground like fields and rolling hills as opposed to forests and closed in areas that make her nervous.
Given to Vinátta by Anathema's Aeron Ganesa in October 2012 to solidify a treaty.

Named by Djiacamo in a contest!


Mare 2005 Experienced Handlers
  • Pregnant, due January 2014
  • Abilities: Broodmare
  • Personality: Relatively bad tempered towards those she doesn't know, will warm up to those that are around her often.
  • Description: Draft cross.
Captured in the Dampwoods along with her herd of feral animals by various members of INH in 2011. Broken by Saul. Bore a foal, Helexia, to Hermes after a 2012 stint in CDC. Covered by Vlast, a Svantevit stud in Freetown in exchange for goods.


Gelding 2002 Rider Trained
  • Abilities: Riding.
  • Personality: Intermediate riders recommended. Hagall is energetic and intelligent, a quick learner and eager worker who needs to be constantly stimulated with a job to do. He is bold and friendly with Luperci, but less sociable with horses; he tends to be anxious in the presence of stallions and might even bully males he views as weaker out of paranoia, though he does well with mares. He is an extremely fast and agile horse, good for a quick ride, but tends to become bored if given a less "exciting" task like slow walks. He loves to do new things and reacts well to new stimuli, but sometimes bungles things before mastering them.
Named by Raze in a contest!


Mare 1998 Experienced Handlers

Pull Trained

  • Abilities: Carthorse.
  • Personality: Deep mistrust of wolves due to the abuse of her service.
  • Description: Old, downtrodden, Fell pony cross. Stands at 13hh.
Obtained via the Ironside Conflict, June 2013.


Stallion 2009 Rider Trained

Pull Trained

  • Abilities: Carthorse, Riding.
  • Personality: Safe for beginner riders. Red is docile and friendly, and loves being groomed and petted. Though he occasionally gets excited and won't slow down, he is trained to safely pull carts as well as carry riders. Used to belong to a stallion herd, and is surprisingly well behaved around his gender, which is why he was never gelded. Implicitly trusting of Luperci, thanks to good caretakers throughout his young life.
  • Description: Like his name implies, Red is a rich bay. White stockings and blaze; black mane. Due to his average height and stocky build, it is suspected he is a pony cross horse, although his lineage remains an enigma.
Obtained via New Dawn, November 2013; formerly communal Sangi'lak.

2.2  Other

Icon Name or Species Gender Number or DoB Tags About History


Jolly Jumbuck Ram b. ??? --
  • Owned by Jin and Joon.
  • Jumbuck is the only ram in the flock, and therefore sires all the lambs. Jumbuck only gets territorial when the ewes are in estrus, at which time only Joondalup can handle him without being headbutted.
  • Matilda is the oldest and largest ewe.
  • They are both quite friendly, and enjoy the company of Aniki the donkey.
Waltzing Matilda Ewe b. ??? --
Sheep Ewes x8
  • Description: Predominantly Cormo stock, all white with no horns. Strong, hardy animals that can take hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters equally well. Their wool is exceptionally thick and fast-growing.
  • Trading: Ewes be traded by any pack member WITH permission; lambs can be traded WITHOUT explicit permission, if one is left and entry kept up to date; both can also be adopted as companion animals.
  • Breeding: Ewes give birth to lambs every 5 months or so, sired by Jumbuck the ram. After six months, lambs are considered adults of breeding age. (Sheep breeding info)
Lamb x3 Free to Trade
Chicken Rooster x6 --

Quiet and well-behaved animals.

Gifted by Skye Collins during the feast between Vinátta,Cercatori D'Arte and Casa di Cavalieri.
Hen x13 --
Chick x0 --
Gimli Boar b. 2012 Experienced Handlers He's stubborn and simple-minded, seeking food and nothing else. Traded by Asgeir to Colibri Haki, in exchange for one of the pack's male lambs. He was the only pig until the rest were given to Vinátta by New Dawn.
Pigs Boars x4 --

Generally well-behaved. Can be won over with food. Boars are more dominant than sows.

Given to Vinátta by New Dawn late November 2013. Learn more?
Sows x4 --
Piglets x3 --
Cattle Bulls x2 --

The cattle are a bit skittish and untrusting. They have strong herd bonds and do not like to be separated from each other.

Given to Vinátta by New Dawn late November 2013. Learn more?
Cows x4 --
Calves x0 --


Magni Buck b. ??? -- Magni is docile, willing to follow, affectionate with Luperci and other animals. Can be very protective of goat kids and puppies. Loves his carrots and apples too much - he would easily become fat if left to his own devices.
Arias Doe b. ??? -- Arias is calm, gentle, and everything nice. She tends to look after the other goats, but has a bit of a mean streak if provoked. She does best around children and male companions rather than female ones. Scared to jump over things.
Ehwaz Doe b. ??? -- Ehwaz is a bit of a wallflower. She is submissive and shy, but also eager for attention. She wants nothing more than to please others. Unfortunately, she can be skittish and spooks easily.
Dagna Doe b. ??? -- Her name means "New Day". Dagna is enamored with Magni and tries to follow him everywhere, sometimes getting jealous if the other nanny goats get too close. Disdainful around the sheep.
Brenda Doe b. ??? -- Her name means "Sword", inspired by the steel grey of her fur. Brenda is a troublemaker, the most likely to escape and go wandering off.
Gerda Doe b. 2013 -- Sired by Magni. Her name means "Twig", and her personality is still being shaped as she is a baby. She does love attention and treats, and is unafraid of Luperci, horses, or anything else in the stables.

3.  Owned Animals

  • Owned animals belong to a specific character and must receive permission from their player to be used extensively in threads.
  • All large animals are assumed to be stabled within the communal stables except where noted otherwise.

3.1  Horses

Icon Owner Gender DoB About


Anu Stallion ??? Englemann is a thickly structured pony. Originally traded to IF by a traveler in exchange for several sheep, he was shortly re-traded by Ezekiel de le Poer to Anu in exchange for an apple sapling and three of CD' goats. Anu took the pony with her when she disbanded Crimson Dreams, before coming to Vinátta. Englemann is a friendly, easy-going pony.


Aspen Mare ??? A docile bay draft horse of unknown blood. She was given to Aspen by Cody Rhiannon and is trained for riding and pulling a cart.


Shore Stormbringer Gelding ??? A calm, reliable bay gelding. With the help of her parents, Shore traded with Dalimil Kovachev at The Outpost.

Aodhán #aodhán

Callum Knight

Caretaker: Aspen

Stallion ~2000 Acquired by Callum in early 2014 after they escaped from a horse thief. In exchange for goods, Aspen takes care of Aodhán because Callum lives in New Dawn. He is trained to pull a cart alongside Oriana and can be ridden. Aodhán resembles a Gypsy Vanner and stands 16hh (64in, 162.6cm)


Callum Knight

Caretaker: Aspen

Mare ~2000 Acquired by Callum in early 2014 after they escaped from a horse thief. In exchange for goods, Aspen takes care of Oriana because Callum lives in New Dawn. She is trained to pull a cart alongside Aodhán and can be ridden. Oriana resembles an American Cream Draft and stands 16hh (64in, 162.6cm).

Líadan #líadan

Callum Knight

Caretaker: Aspen

Mare ~2005 Acquired by Callum in early 2014 after they escaped from a horse thief. In exchange for goods, Aspen takes care of Líadan because Callum lives in New Dawn. She has so far proven to be unflappable and can be ridden by anyone in Vinatta. Líadan resembles a Gypsy Vanner and stands 15hh (60in, 152.4cm)


Callum Knight

Caretaker: Aspen

Filly 2013 Acquired by Callum in early 2014 after they escaped from a horse thief. In exchange for goods, Aspen takes care of Eowyn because Callum lives in New Dawn. She is too young to ride or pull a cart. Eowyn resembles a Gypsy Vanner with less feathering and stands 13.2hh (52.8in, 134.1cm) but will grow to about 16hh (64in, 162.6cm). She is the offspring of Aodhan and Oriana.


Auguste Aston Stallion 2012 Apache was given to Auguste as a gift. He is a firey stallion, but behaves around those that he is familiar with. He has a particular attraction to Azur and spends most of his time with her when not in use. He is also her protector. Apache is trained to ride, but only for Auguste, as well as for labor needs.


Auguste Aston Mare 2012 Azur was given to Auguste as a gift. She is a very relaxed mare, especially to those she is very familiar with, but can be a bit easy to startle, mostly with loud noises. Azur is trained to ride and in the process of being trained to have others ride her should they want to or to begin learning to ride a horse.

3.2  Other Livestock

Icon Owner Gender DoB About


Aspen Cow ??? Obtained by Aspen through trade at the Outpost. She is a shy cow, but not unfriendly. Carrots seem to be a favorite treat.


Aspen Llama ??? Obtained by Aspen through a trade at the Outpost. She grazes with the sheep and appears to be protective of them. Read more?


Aspen Llama 2015 Unexpectedly born to Thistle in January 2015.

3.3  Birds

Icon Owner Gender Species About


Palaydrian Soul Male Red-Tailed Hawk Originally captured and trained by Jiva's father, Niro Takekuro, Tobias comes and goes as he pleases. Jiva and Tobias hunt together, although he was raised to think it was "cheating"; there were a few he did catch on his own but most of what he got was the work of Tobias. The bird didn’t seem to mind as he was far more successful and he brought the meals to Jiva knowing his hard time he had hunting on his own. The bird had witnessed it plenty of times. Jiva was quick and agile, but when it came to that last bit of speed he was always too short of killing an animal.


Palaydrian Soul Female Northern Harrier A gift from her mate, Jiva Takekuro. Zalia suffered some injuries from a fishing net that had ensnared her, but Jiva and Drin took care of her fast recovery until Palaydrian could see her companion soar in the skies. Zalia has a limited grasp of high speech and has been trained to follow basic commands. She and Drin communicate through a form of low speech they've formed together.


Palaydrian Soul Male Raven Rok was found as a chick in Palaydrian's garden, surrounded by the local Jordheim cats. After chasing off his would-be assailants, Drin searched for the nest the baby raven could've fallen from, but came up empty handed. She hand raised him into adulthood. He fully understands high speech and can speak most words when he wants to. However, Rok is a master of mimicry and would rather copy cat someone else's voice than his own raspy "roks".


Carya Aston Female Peregrine Falcon She was rescued as an injured chick by Carya and Artemis, and nursed back to health.

3.4  Felines

Icon Owner Gender DoB About


Dreyma Moineau Queen 2013 Offspring of Wilson and Muddy. Appears disobedient and unaware of her surroundings; in truth, she is deaf and therefore has special needs. Learn More?


Fiora vin Haki Tom 2013 Offspring of Wilson and Muddy. Dependent on Fiora, shadowing her everywhere; dislikes horses. Learn More?


Aspen Queen 2013 Offspring of Wilson and Muddy. Previously owned by Ascher Stormbringer. Ownership passed to Aspen when Ascher left in May 2015.


Andira Coeur Tom 2013 Adopted from Sky Rhiannon. Quiet and affectionate, at times outright lazy. Learn More?


Lochlan Stormbringer Tom 2013 One of a stray litter of kittens rescued by Niernan.


Russano Stormbringer Queen 2013 One of a stray litter of kittens rescued by Niernan. Twin sister of Kadlin. Sweet and affectionate cat, very unlike her feral sister. Learn More?


Carya Aston Queen 2013 One of a stray litter of kittens rescued by Niernan.


Chloé Moineau Queen 2013 Captured with the help of Nero Napier.


Chloé Moineau Tom 2013 One of a stray litter of kittens rescued by Niernan.


Aspen Tom 2009 Saved by Aspen from being a coyote's meal. He's a large, grumpy, fluffy grey cat who speaks some words in high speech.


Lila Jordans Queen 2014 Offspring of Major and Thofnir. Lila attended the birth of Alva and adopted her from Ascher when she had been weaned.


Shore Stormbringer Tom 2014 Offspring of Major and Thofnir. Sarge took a liking to Shore, and is a grump like is father.

3.5  Miscellaneous

Icon Owner Gender Species About


Colibri Haki, communal Various Common Deer Mouse The wild rodents have burrowed tunnels all throughout the hill that encases Coli's home and garden. They are free game for hunting, although Coli would get quite grumpy if she caught anyone eating them; she liked to listen to them scratching in her walls and squeaking at night.
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