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  1.   1.  History (Overview)
    1.   1.1  Before the Foundation
  2.   2.  History (Timeline)
    1.   2.1  2013
    2.   2.2  2012

1.  History (Overview)

1.1  Before the Foundation

In August of 2011, a lone wolf named Zalen Damaichu was visited by the spirit of his great-great-grandmother, Ruby, who had been in life a founder Alpha of the pack Silent Dawn. She revealed unto Zalen his heritage and the history of the lands he now inhabited. Spurned by this knowledge, Zalen began to become increasingly jaded when it came to the lives those around him lived. The Luperci of Nova Scotia were beginning to discard their animalistic natures and replace them with more human ones; they lived in human homes, cooked their food, clothed their bodies and fought with human weapons.

Zalen disagreed with this way of life and went north into ‘Souls lands to find a place where he could escape this humanization that was quickly spreading among his brethren, but instead met a young wolfess named Titania . The two both felt this calling back to their feral roots and decided that they would gather like-minded wolves and return to the northern area to found a pack. In the months following their meeting, they met with and formed the eight founding members of New Dawn.

Near the winter solstice, Zalen decided it was time to head north. He along with his new mate Titania, gathered amongst them the wolves they had met with previously, the majority of which were loners, but several of which were former Crimson Dreamers, including Zalen's mentor and adopted mother, Soran Aatte. Together they headed north, and after Zalen and Titania met with the leaders of Ichika no Ho-en, they settled north of that pack in the territory Zalen and Titania had scouted and marked.

2.  History (Timeline)

2.1  2013


  • At the very beginning of November, X'ryin and Sequoia Exultare disappear under mysterious circumstances and Sangi'lak disbands. New Dawn mourns the sudden loss of their only and closest ally.


  • During a hunting party, lightning strikes and catches the Sunrise Meadow on fire. All members escape except for Tharin, who is killed in the blaze. The pack is shocked and mourns.


  • Marauders invade the pack lands and take Krys hostage. The Dawners are quick to dispatch them and save their pack-mate, but this invasion worries the leaders of Sangi'lak, and they decide to move their back closer to New Dawn for protection.


  • Tragedy befalls New Dawn. Adonia is killed by a bear, followed closely by Augustus. The pack mourns.


  • Zalen and Jazper confront Anathema about its leaderships objectionable decisions. The meeting does not go well and both Zalen and Jazper are chased off. A destructive snow storm hits 'Souls.


  • Zalen is torn between two females, Raeka and X'yrin. It is discovered that Zalen and Jazper of CdC are related. Noah, then, feeling that he is an inadequate father, challenges Zalen for the Alpha rank and loses, and then leaves in shame. Raeka challenges Tharin and wins, and demands to be made Alphess; Zalen accepts.

2.2  2012


  • A new, dominant female joins New Dawn; Raeka Rain. She quickly guns for Zalen's affections.


  • Finally, the months long conflict between New Dawn and Amy Sunders comes to a head, and she is killed, along with two of her cronies. Adonia gives birth to the Alpha's litter; two sons, Kerrian Demos and Keylo Damaichu. Xy'rin also gives birth to Veyra Damaichu and the alliance is forged between New Dawn and Sangi'lak.



  • Zalen feels he must continue his lineage and mates with two different females, Adonia Demos and X'yrin Exultare of Sangi'lak. The latter mating is to help build and alliance between the two packs.


  • Zalen and Titania finally conceive their first litter, but after taking to a birthing den for over a month, Zalen goes to check on her only to find their miscarried puppies and Titania missing, leaving Zalen as sole leader of New Dawn.


  • (Apr-Nov) See: New Dawn Conflict. New Dawn is finally presented by its first confrontation; that being with Amy Sunders. The dog has attacked New Dawn's members as well as stolen Kohaku Amarok from Kiara Amarok. Zalen calls upon New Dawn to hunt her down and bring her to justice.


  • (Jan-Mar) During this time period New Dawn began to establish itself as a stable pack. It sadly saw its neighbour to the east disappear, but it became better acquainted with Inferni and Casa di Cavalieri. The pack flourished and many of its members mated up. These were good times.