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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-term aNPCs will be moved here.

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➵ Del Ceneren Thread Catalog

Hello, and welcome to the historical repository for all threads Del Cenere! We seek to keep an accurate and all-encompassing log of threads that go on within Del Cenere, available for people to peruse at their leisure - any and all Del Ceneren Characters (Or hell, even Outsiders who utilize Charmingtown!) are welcome and encouraged to put their threads on this page so it can be reflected on Del Cenere's history page! Remember, contributing your threads will net you our and will net you 5 points per thread (max 50 points per month) in our Pack Game!

In order to contribute your threads, please be mindful of our date format (for uniformity's sake! Examples: Jan 11, Mar 9, Sept 29) and use the following form:

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1.  2019

» June
  1. sooner or later God will cut you down (Jun 5)
    The Coyotes band together for safety, and strategy for their survival, and start discussing things such as leadership and community.
  2. [m] i'll dig my heels into the ground (Jun 6)
    The body of one Pippin Hamer is found, confirmed dead from his wounds, and the coyotes create the first Effigy by means of warning away threats to their prospective members. Del Cenere's first Effigy is made.
  3. There's a thin dark cloud in the evening air (Jun 7)
    The two bands converge, meeting on the beaches of Moosehead Lake to pool their resources and discuss the latest events, swap stories and their beliefs, as well as stories to ease their troubles. Politics are discussed, as well as how value can be gauged by contribution.
  4. [M] A Tisket, A Tasket (Jun 10)
    Twelve tries to woo Lyssa and fails miserably.
  5. [M] Lady Of The Lake (Jun 12)
    Twelve gets it on with Zsorthia Mercedes.
  6. [M] Gotta stop them crazy horses on the run (Jun 12)
    Twelve gives Lyssa first aid after she steals a horse.
  7. [M] Sonder (Jun 13)
    Twelve meets Vesper and Clover.
  8. maybe i knew (Jun 17)
    An intruder is intercepted at the border of the freshly founded Del Cenere Gang.
» July
  1. [M] Headed Into Town (Jul 1)
    Old buildings are sussed out for extensive damages and double checked for sound construction. 12 is on the hunt for a new place to set up shop.
  2. You were dancing in the doldrums, lying in the catacombs (Jul 1)
    Smaller shacks that haven't stood the test of time are pulled down with the use of communal horses, and any wood still in good condition is salvaged.
  3. They're gonna have to deport me to the fiery deep (Jul 5)
    Cleanup efforts are underway for what buildings remain. Evelyn Escuella finds a place to set up her still.
  4. [M] Of Mice and Men (Jul 9)
    Nazario and 12 discuss her future plans.
  5. We'll never stop, cause we're only getting better (Jul 9)
    Cleanup efforts are underway for what buildings remain. Dahlia Winthrop clears out The Ugly Coyote with help.
  6. [M] On a stormy sea, tossed in the waves (Jul 10)
    Twelves tends to John's mule.
  7. I been in the valley, you ain't been up off that porch, now (Jul 10)
    Cleanup efforts are underway for what buildings remain. Skeleton Key is taking a look at some of the decrepit buildings.
  8. when it's burning low (Jul 15)
    Del Cenere hosts its first wedding.
    • Pack Thread
  9. [M] The world spins like a weather vane, fragile and composed (Jul 15)
    Twelve and John commiserate at the wedding.
  10. lay a kiss upon my bones (Jul 16)
    Nazario tends to the Gang's effigies.
  11. [M] I Wanna Be a Dentist (Jul 17)
    Twelve helps Dahlia with her horse's rotten tooth.
  12. Ain't no reason to get excited eh (Jul 17)
    Orlean and his sister join DCG.
  13. [M] The Tooth Fairy (Jul 18)
    Twelve gets kicked in the head by a horse, Clover tends to her.
  14. Just say to me, what you want from me (Jul 18)
    Wood is chopped down and brought in, alongside stones, to help patch what needs patching. Skeleton Key collects lumber for the project.
  15. [M] Only a Finger's Difference Between a Wise Man and a Fool (Jul ??)
    Waynescott finds himself in need of a medic.
  16. [M] Why Do you always risk everything? (Jul 20)
    Lyssa comes to Twelve's bedside, Twelve dismisses her and their friendship.
» August
  1. the eagle has landed (Aug 1)
    Tamara joins DCG.
  2. [M] The World is Quiet Here (Aug 4)
    Twelve is feeling better, spends some time with Waynescott.
  3. [M] Vicarious (Aug 11)
    Boone Winthrop returns from his trade venture with company in tow, and discusses the Del Mar family with Nazario del Bosque.
  4. fortune may hold you, she's not your friend (Aug 15)
    Del Cenere members venture to Inferni's old territory to round up the horses.
    • Character Names
  5. alleviator (Aug 20)
    Nazario meets New Caledonia's Fennore.
  6. [M] He'd make a very nice throw rug (Aug 21)
    Twelve and Tamara de le Poer chase down a bear.
» September
  1. [M] Salt in the Wound (Sept 2)
    Twelve and John preserve some meet.
  2. Soul on fire (Sept 7)
    Lyssa is intent on proving her worth to the Gang.
  3. We will be who we are (Sept 7)
    Clay is dug up from Moosehead Lake to aid in construction. Evelyn Escuella spearheads the project.
  4. [M] Fart Kitten (Sept 8)
    Twelve and Lyssa make up.
  5. so charming (Sept 9)
    A not-so-stranger visits Charmingtown.
  6. don't let the green light turn red (Sept 14)
    Daniel joins DCG.
  7. Cornucopia (Sept 21)
    Aldora Knight comes to discuss and invite to Casa di Cavalieri's diplomacy summit.
  8. [M] Fire aint' scarin' me, I got ice in my veins, you see (Sept 27)
    Twelve has some real talk with John.
  9. [M] Mezzanine (Sept 28)
    The first trade-off with the Del Mar family is made.
» October
  1. [M] Hangnails & Horseshoes (Oct 1)
    Twelve tends to Zsorthia's horse.
  2. Turn your head towards the storm that's surely coming along (Oct 18)
    The foundation for a new outdoor storage is dug, and framing goes up.
  3. We Lead the Mighty (Oct 21)
    DCG attends a diplomatic summit.
    • Pack Leaders
» November
  1. [M] with eyes so dark (Nov 17)
    Raven and 12 share some drinks at the Ugly Coyote.
  2. call upon me, the dust and the scribes (Nov 19)
    Charmingtown's storage collapses in a winter storm.
  3. [m] The Michael Jordan of drunk driving (Nov 19)
    Boone wants someone to blame for the storage building's collapse.
  4. Keeping Me Alive (November 30th)
    Gideon joins DCG.
» December
  1. [M] Krampus is coming (Dec 1)
    Calhoun makes attempts at camaraderie and helpfulness towards Twelve.
  2. [M] Hunting Horses (Dec 1)
    Twelve is accosted by a puppy.
  3. The best way to spread Christmas cheer (Dec 21)
    Lyssa is out gift-giving.
  4. it's burning again, like the first fires (Dec 21)
    Del Cenere celebrates it's first Agarre de Invierno.
    • Pack Thread

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2.  2020

» January
  1. [M] Chestnuts Roasting (Jan ??)
    Twelve seeks out somewhere to warm up.
  2. [M] Don't think you're my savior, I've been dead for a while (Jan ??)
    Daniel comes to the rescue of a delirious Twelve.
  3. [M] Why, the Grinch even took their last can of Who-hash (Jan ??)
    Twelve passes some time butchering some meat.
  4. Lost (Jan 13)
    Someone has stolen Twelve's mule.
  5. [M] Sticky Fingers (Jan 20)
    Twelve and Zsorthia weather the bitter cold.
  6. [M] It's our secret, it's our secret (Jan 22)
    Twelve and Johnathan share a drink after some smart mouth disrespects Twelve.
  7. Be loyal to what matters (Jan 23)
    Casa di Cavalieri sends aide after a harsh series of winter storms.
» February
  1. [m] baby i've got the death rattle (Feb 6)
    Nazario has a chat with a visitor to Charmingtown.
  2. [M] I'm still riding like wildfire (Feb 26)
    Jack joins DCG.
  3. [M] Skin and Bones (Feb 28)
    Twelve takes a brief reprieve in Lancaster's stable for some water.
» March
» May
  1. What's one more double-cross to a traitor (May 8)
    A band of unexpected travelers joins DCG.
  2. get a little worn down in between (May 9)
    Merari joins DCG. Nazario is keen to keep her from Charmingtown.
  3. Brighter than the midnight skies (May 10)
    An earthquake interrupts a party at Moosehead Lake, near Ojo Del Diablo.
  4. my sacred pining whims (May 22)
    Nazario hangs out with his niece.
  5. I Thread the Needle Through (May 24)
    Sugabear joins DCG.
  6. fever for the fire (May 24)
    Alejandra gifts Nazario a new eyepatch.
  7. Ka, iḷisautigisiivsi (May 24)
    Del Cenere's horses need soothing in the wake of an earthquake.
  8. Weave The Strands (May 31)
    Margaux bears ominous news.
» June
  1. and when I let him in I feel the stitches getting sicker (Jun 4)
    Nazario vents to Merari over his feelings of betrayal.
  2. I'm going to where the sun burns (Jun 22)
    The pack celebrates the promotion of the young to the adult ranks with a feast.
    • Pack Thread
  3. Climbed down to hell on the devil's tree (Jun 22)
    There's arson in Irving during the late night and early morning hours. Boone's tobacco crop is destroyed.
  4. I clutched a branch of soot and flame (Jun 23)
    Boone Winthrop's entire crop of tobacco is burned down as a distraction and Luciana Escuella goes missing.
» July
  1. five thousand candles in the wind (Jul 19)
    Lieselotte is found by Nazario.
  2. Turn Your Head Toward the Storm That’s Surely Coming Along (Jul 21)
    An encampment was discovered just beyond Del Cenere's southwest border near the Canaan Bog.
  3. Sing apologies and stare (Jul 22)
    Some pack members followed the group discovering the encampment and reported back to Boone Winthrop.
  4. Where Evening's Dream Goes (Jul 30)
    Nazario and Andrew discuss the Gang's predicament, and more specifically, Boone's behavior.
  5. [M] We're doing it live (Jul 30)
    Boone Winthrop decides that the Gang needs to strike first, intending to take the camp residents alive, but Ulysses Courtright dies in the attempt, leaving Marilyn Courtright alive as a prisoner.
  6. Through dirt and shadow, I grow. (Jul 30)
    Del Cenerens indentify the remains of greenhouse, and start clearing and cutting back area.
» August
  1. But I Takes Delight in the Juice of the Barley (Aug 4)
    Sean joins DCG.
  2. the chain-link lots where the red tails dive (Aug 9)
    Lieselotte officially joins DCG.
  3. [M] Every feather you stole, I grew double new (Aug 11)
    A group from Del Cenere brings Marilyn to swap for Luciana, however the trade goes awry when Marilyn is killed by Ash Del Mar. Lyssa Fontaine is badly injured when the Del Cenerens take Ash into custody.
  4. This memory, is it all that I get? (Aug 23)
    There's an effort to gather seeds and plants to be transplanted for the Gardens project.
» September
  1. Like a Mighty River (Sept 7)
    Wood is collected to make framing for the Gardens project.
  2. [M] milk, milk, lemonade - around the corner fudge is made (Sept 21)
    Twelve makes the acquaintance of Vera, in her typical lewd way.
  3. [M] no glove, no love (Sept 27)
    Twelve has another little entanglement with John.
  4. Remember your virtue (Sept 30)
    A small group, spearheaded by Santiago Tejada, scatters the Del Mar camp's few horses, and sweep in to rescue the long-missing Luciana Escuella.
  5. [M] redemption lies plainly in truth (Sept 30)
    A duo of Palisade coydogs - Earl Waits and Gil Hinson, both armed with crude, short-ranged clubs, intercept some Del Cenerens on their way to the Del Mar encampment, and a fight ensues.
  6. [M] The self is not so weightless (Sept 30)
    Thelma Del Mar and a secui coyote, Marlon Wall, spy Luciana's rescue team making their escape and give chase, only to be cut off by Del Cenerens where they engage in combat.
  7. [M] Fathers and Sons (Sept 30)
    Boone Winthrop leads the way to take on Carlo Del Mar himself.
  8. [M] See life as a worthy opponent (Sept 30)
    A makeshift triage for the injured is set up at Cabeza de Alce for injured Del Ceneren members for those with serious injuries.
  9. [M] Didn't Have a Life, But Surely Saved One (Sept 30)
    A makeshift triage for the injured is set up at Cabeza de Alce for injured Del Ceneren members for those with less serious injuries. Peony arrives, having gone into labor early.
» October
  1. [M] Shallow Roots (Oct 1)
    Del Ceneren members revisit the Del Mar encampment for the grisly job of body recovery - either for effigies, or otherwise.
  2. Pick and Choose (Oct 1)
    Del Ceneren members scavenge and salvage supplies for the Gang's stores, and some trinkets for their own personal use.
  3. [M] Fallen Angels (Oct 1)
    Peony mourns her lost litter, and Twelve offers little comfort.
  4. Engage with the pain as a motive (Oct 1)
    Del Ceneren members mourn the death of Ronald Winthrop at his funeral.
  5. [M] Something's just about to break (Oct 16)
    Twelve makes use of Rhodes Winthrop while working.
  6. I don't like it when you mad at me (Oct 17)
    There's an investigation of Irving's well.
» November
  1. we're watching all the street lights fade (Nov 1)
    Nazario explains the concepts of ofrendas to Lieselotte.
  2. [M] Things fall apart (Nov 15)
    Boone steps down as Nazario's Comandante in the wake of the Del Mar conflict.
» December

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3.  2021

» January
» February
» March
» April
  1. careful creature made friends with time (Apr 16)
    Morrigan seeks out seedlings for the Gardens Project.
  2. Sticks make Pickets (Apr 18)
    Materials are gathered to build trellises and borders.
  3. [M] If we met at midnight in the hanging tree. (Apr 18)
    Plants are identified and transplanted into the gardens for cultivation.
  4. Don't hide your imperfections (Apr 23)
    After a hard winter, the well is re-examined.
  5. [M] Open my heart and let it bleed onto yours. (Apr 23)
    The garden plots are weeded to clear out some pesky plants.
» May
» June
» July
  1. Honey blossoms and honey pots (Jul 4)
    A group of Del Cenerens start drafting up hive ideas for an apiary project.
  2. Lions sit in solemn lines, drinking gin and dropping lines. (Jul 4)
    Morrigan scouts out an appropriate location to set up shop.
  3. There's No Such Thing As Sweeter A Sting (Jul ??)
    Hives are constructed in preparation for beekeeping endeavors.
  4. Stored away for a sweet tooth (Jul 22)
    A receptacle is constructed, perfect for honey harvesting!
  5. And heaven's not enough when you think you've found it and it loses you. (Jul 25)
    Some intrepid Del Cenerens manage to capture a queen bee and relocate her.
» August
  1. Staring out at the setting sun (Aug 23)
    Del Cenere and invited guests amass for Bonfire Night, kicking off the Lancaster Stockshow.
    • Non-mandatory (inter)pack thread
  2. Not sure who's will be done, you can call me a sinner for wondering why (Aug 24)
    The Lancaster Stockshow hosts Rodeo Day - contestants try their hands at the barrel race.
  3. I ain't got a dime in these old worn-out jeans (Aug 24)
    Competitors line up on a myriad of different mounts to try their hand at wrangling Del Cenere's rams (and one very irritable billy goat).
  4. There's a place where the sun doth shine (Aug 24)
    Shepherds gather in the surrounding field and paddock around the Lancaster Stockyard to compete in a timed sheep herding trial.
  5. Don't he look fine and handsome, don't he look at his most (Aug 25)
    Riders gather at the Lancaster Stockyard to kick off the Cross Country Horse Trial through the Burnt Church Mountains.
  6. Good friends are very hard to find (Aug 25)
    The three-legged race is sent stumbling down the main thoroughfare of Charmingtown.
  7. Rye whiskey makes your heart beat louder, makes your voice seem softer (Aug 25)
    Participants in the sack race hop their way down the beach lining Moosehead Lake.
  8. Go dig in the meadow, good people (Aug 25)
    Young racers, in lupus form, all run through a make shift lure course.
  9. Climb through the briar and bramble (Aug 28)
    Festivities wrap up and the Stockshow comes to a close with a feast prepared by the barbecue teams.
    • Non-mandatory (inter)pack thread
» September
  1. [M] Friends in Low Places (Sept 13)
    Florene Braithwaite and Lyssa Fontaine begin a night of drinks when suddenly, Florene grows sick and ill.
  2. [M] Burning Down the House (Sept 13)
    Remy Debois and Rafaela Tejada encounter Rat Calloway attempting to sabotage the stables. A fight ensues, Rat is captured.
  3. [M] Steeled Sword, Oh, What can I Do (Sept 13)
    Peony Braithwaite and Morris take on a brute named Bandit, followed by a quick introduction of Pirate Calloway. Pirate escapes, Bandit is killed, and then Fredrick Knight shows up.
  4. [M] I could hear them howling from afar, in a moment all went screaming wild. (Sept 13)
    Jimena Escuella and Lyssa Fontaine encounter Merlot the Merciless, the resulting fight ends with Merlot dead.
  5. The Shankill Butchers Ride Tonight (Sept 13)
    Cent, Dinar, and Hosea Courtright encounter Najzure Aripaya and Valentine. When Cent is trapped, Hosea Courtright comes to the rescue, Valentine is killed by Dinar and Najzure by Cent.
  6. [M] A Brother's Love is Never Ending (Sept 13)
    Bennet Braithwaite and Florene Braithwaite begin a seemingly normal day until Azure attacks the defenseless Florene. After the fighting ensues, Bennet reacts and Azure’s left dead. Peony briefly shows up for an assessment of her siblings.
  7. [M] In your hesitation, I found my answer. (Sept 13)
    The aftermath of the attacks leave Morrigan Archeron patching up Florene Braithwaite.
  8. [M] I Need Noise, I Need Blood In The Cut (Sept 13)
    Lyssa Fontaine and Jonathan Winthrop fight Raj Aripaya, who is ultimately captured and imprisoned.
» October
» November
» December

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4.  2022

» January
» February
  1. Winter Caps the Rooftops and Shrouds the Earth in Silence (Feb 24)
    The Parish aid and distribution site.
  2. A call, a withering echo (Feb 24)
    Irving aid and distribution site.
  3. Stuck in the old cabin house (Feb 24)
    Charmingtown aid and distribution site.
  4. Gather ye children of men (Feb 24)
    Nazario helps a stranded Catalina in the midst of the blizzard.
  5. Have You Seen Me? (Feb 25)
    Nazario helps a stranded Bisbee in the midst of the blizzard.
  6. Something Productive? (Feb 25)
    Peony helps a stranded Trelawney in the midst of the blizzard.
  7. whiteout (Feb 26)
    Peony helps a stranded Colter in the midst of the blizzard.
  8. He cries 'Oh Lord, what have you done?' (Feb 26)
    Nazario helps a stranded Lyla in the midst of the blizzard.
» March
  1. Well you better be scared if you see that I'm getting close (Mar 21)
    Snow followed by excessive rains down fences in the Lancaster Stockyard, and the pigs take advantage of an escape route.
  2. How can I even know what lies ahead if I don't go?' (Mar 24)
    El Camino calls upon Del Cenere's population in a state of emergency, announcing the mass-exodus of Charmingtown in the wake of rising floodwaters.
    • Mandatory Pack Thread
  3. [M] I see a chance, I take it slow, and I know I just can't leave these things behind (Mar 25)
    Nazario begins the first leg of Charmingtown's exodus.
    • Non-mandatory Pack Thread
  4. [M] They lifted the Ark, high above the Earth (Mar 25)
    Peony takes the second party of Charmingtown's exodus.
    • Non-mandatory Pack Thread
  5. [M] I guess there's gotta be a break in the monotony (Mar 25)
    In the midst of relocation efforts, Pippa the cow goes into labor.
  6. [M] Gather ye sons, and horses (Mar 25)
    Tempers run high as the stockyard's horses are relocated to open spaces outside Irving.
» April
  1. Oh, sweetheart, it’s a blessing for sure (Apr 4)
    The construction of La Pezuñaveloz in Oxbow Quarter begins.
  2. A home to be (Apr 6)
    Bis, Flintlock, Anya and Zsorthia break ground and make headway on Bisbee's foundation and floors.
  3. Days fade into a watercolour blur (Apr 8)
    The Gang celebrates Luces de Primavera.
    • Pack Thread
  4. Stillness said and leave me silent (Apr 10)
    An accident occurs during the construction of La Pezuñaveloz.
  5. In the meantime (Apr 12)
    Peony drops by with a gift while Bis is putting finishing touches on her fireplace.
  6. Made a good run, just a little too slow (Apr 14)
    Cassidy breaks ground on The Bullstand of the Oxbow Quarter in the Irving Barrio.
  7. A roof overhead (Apr 21)
    Bisbee, Nazario, Flintlock and Zsorthia work on thatching the roof with pine needles.
  8. Oh, there's a river that winds on forever (Apr 30)
    In the wake of the tragedy of the floods, Nazario and Briarblack get to work.
» May
  1. Pull the curtains (May 7)
    Willow Martel joins the Gang.
  2. Way out here (May 8)
    The afternoon after Willow arrives in Charmingtown, he meets Trelawney.
  3. Hammer and nails (May 15)
    Bisbee works on repurposing some supplies from damaged buildings in the Ganglands, and Willow introduces himself to her.
» June
  1. Devil's in the details (Jun 5)
    Alonso directs Willow & Winslow while they help prepare decorations for Del Cenere's third birthday party.
  2. Be the anvil or the hammer (Jun 8)
    Laird helps Bisbee hang some shelves in her new home, before they go out to practice lassoing.
  3. Work in progress (Jun 30)
    Flintlock, Boots & Anya stake out foundation and begin to lay flooring.
» July
  1. Stacking stones (Jul 5)
    Anya stacks rocks to make a partial wall for her chalet.
  2. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? (Jul 17)
    Bisbee, Morris and Flintlock put the roof on Anya's house while she's away.
  3. Don't be in a sulk (Jul 10)
    Willow Martel tries to take himself a bit more seriously and put his back into building his own residency. He lays the foundations with the help of Flintlock and Bennett.
  4. Ain't nothin' to cry about (Jul 16)
    Octavia takes wind to some gossip about Willow. The two talk and catch up, having met previously in Palisade.
  5. Looking clear but never recognized (Jul 18)
    Raeburn, Willow's older brother, arrives in Del Cenere Gang. The two have a tense meeting, and Fredrick Knight notices. He talks with Willow after.
» August
» September
» October
» November
» December

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5.  2023

» January
» February
» March
» April
» May
» June
» July
» August
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» December

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