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Creatures is the catch-all term for all roleplayed non-canine characters and, like the term Loners, does not refer to an actual group or collective. There are no leaders, no foundation date, and no claimed territories or boundaries for Creature characters. Past Creatures have included bears, big cats, cows, birds, foxes, and so forth. Formerly, all non-wolf characters (including coyotes, dogs, etc.) were labeled as Creatures; nowadays all characters of the genus canis are titled as Loners (also including African Wild Dogs, though they cannot shift), while all non-canis characters are considered Creatures. Very few are capable of high speech and cannot communicate with canines. In the past, ghosts of deceased characters, canine or otherwise, have also fallen into this category.

Creature companions for canines -- such as horses and pets -- are considered cNPCs and do not count towards the board total of Creatures. A recent trend has found a lot of Creatures making their homes within and among members of packs; this is done with OOC and IC permissions. Creatures do not count towards pack member totals, but by the packs' discretion may be "designated" to lower, basic ranks.

As mentioned in the rules, Creatures are not Luperci and do not have secui or optime forms. There are no pack games or incentives for posting other than fun and plots! Creatures not natively found in New Brunswick are allowed, but must have probable and logical cause to be located in the area (a reason why a tiger would be shipped across the ocean by a Luperci, for example).

This page was not updated on a regular basis for a very long time, so many past Creatures of note have not been listed here. If you are aware of any currently unmentioned, feel free to add them beneath the Former category. Thanks!

1.  Members

1.1  Active Creatures

  • Vesna — A Siberian tiger (with some Bengal tiger blood) brought to North America by a group of Luperci hoping to make magical cures and potions out of newborn tigers. Escaped with her mother and eventually came to Nova Scotia.

1.2  Current NPCs

1.3  Inactive Creatures

  • Element — One of the most well-known Creatures, Element was a black cat with piercing green eyes that spent most of his time in the Neutral territories. He was capable of both High and Low Speech and befriended many canines.
  • Malachi — Malachi was a very charming brown bear who thought she was a wolf.
  • Clare? — Clare was a cougar that arrived in the 'Souls area in March 2011.
  • Ki'somma na Nipahem — Ki'somma was an excitable cougar currently residing within Sangi'lak. After the nomad clan left Nova Scotia, the cougar stayed behind to fend for himself.
  • Digby Fenfir — Digby was a grizzly bear.

1.4  Dead

  • Cael? — Got trapped in his den and burned to death during the fire that destroyed Bleeding Souls.
  • Feng — Feng was a clouded leopard growing up in Cercatori d'Arte. He was ranked as a Gamekeeper. He died from a supposed brain tumor.

2.  Territory

These guys stick mostly to the shared territories, although with recent trends many have been moving into packs.

3.  Perceived Culture

In order to communicate with most of these guys, you need to learn low speech, unfortunately! Very few other creatures have the capacity to speak high speech. Foxes and predators such as big cats are capable of using high speech, though dialects may vary depending on the specie.

4.  External Links

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