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Whispers Neonite is the wolf slave companion of Salsola's Calla Valentine. Whispers once believed himself to be the slave, or embodiment, of Death itself. During his time in Souls, he has fought several leaders of different packs including Cercatori D'Arte's Skye Collins, Casa di Cavalieri's Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, and Cour des Miracles's Silvano Sadira.

In the past, he considered himself above the rules until he was enslaved by a strange woman with a skull mask. He eventually joined New Dawn after escaping and chasing after a beautiful female, Adonia Demos, he had met a few days prior. When she ended up pregnant, both she and himself were demoted to Pariah status. That's when he left, not even thinking about the lives of his chidren that unfortunately didn't make it passed the pregnancy.

After years of relying on himself in the wilds of Nova Scotia, age and his temper inevitably got the better of him and he found himself lured in, once again, by another female, Calla Valentine. After being seduced, he fell asleep due to being drugged by poppy and woke up in a strange, distant place unable to remember how he got there. Unfortunately, with the territory came the news that he was a slave. Too old to really force himself into bad actions, Whispers gave into his fate.



NPC Info


Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Whispers trailing behind Calla when she is about her duties.
  • Watching Whispers bring back a large kill (deer, moose)
  • Being told that Whispers is a slave due to both marking and other things.

1.  Appearance

A primarily white and black wolf who's size and demeanor suggest danger in every sense of the word. Scars litter his form, both on his belly (which is a peculiar place for scars), neck, two crescent moon scars above his eyes and several along both rib cage and his back. He never shifts down so there is never a moment in time where one will see him in secui or lupus to worry about it.

His optime main is long and standard curly. Primarily black (which is starting to grey) with white streaks. He is still in decent shape and size, looking the part of a warrior or guard as Calla intends him to be, standing at 7ft 3in (grandfathered in/stood this tall in 2012 when he was brought in as a played character by Dread), 275 lbs.

2.  Personality

Whispers has always preferred the company of women to males and in the past, has been rather territorial and feral compared to most other luperci. Submissive, for the most part, in the company of older and/or higher ranked members of whatever pack he's in, Whispers is prime slave material. He does not talk back or believe himself to be death incarnate anymore. Will not provoke fights or steal. His days of plundering and border hopping are over.

Most of his time is spent carving bone or practicing with his bow, though under Calla's ownership, the only time he'll have a knife or a bow is when he is either hunting or carving his bone trinkets for the witch. His voice is rather deep and heavy and he imposes the visage of danger when he's near simply due to his scars and rather hefty visage.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

  • Hunting/Traveling
  • Fighting (Unharmed Optime, Bladed, Feral and with bow).
  • Bone crafting/carving
  • Construction and house modification (stone)

2.2  Weaknesses

  • Arthritis in both one of his knees and in his right hand. Leaves his right hand looking rather pitiful with its scars and crooked state.
  • Some hip displasia. Curbs the pain with drugs on occasion.
  • Women
  • Men
  • His anger
  • Is rather slow in an actual fight
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