Styrr (NPC of [[Characters/Draugr Helsi]])



  • Pronunciation: Stir
  • Etymology: "disturbance, tumult" (Old Norse)


Draugr's ruins.


  • Size: Medium-large cat, 14 lbs.
  • Build: Her fur is thick and long, and her structure in general is reminiscent of a Maine Coon cat. This feline is, essentially, a brick and built of solid muscle. She is almost squarish of shape -- thick and awkward looking when compared to sleek, svelte type cats -- and well-exercised due to a feral lifestyle.
  • Coloration:
    • Styrr's fur is entirely Mineshaft (#1F1F1F) in coloration.
    • Her eyes are Chartreuse (#85EC0C), flecked with Harlequin (#53ED2C) here and there.


She is quite far from the stereotypical lazy cat, though she sometimes seems it while lazing in the sun outside of Draugr's home. However, most of her time is spent prowling, hunting, and generally menacing small creatures found throughout Salsola.

Skills & Abilities

  • Styrr is a miniature killing machine. Rats, mice, rabbits, birds, and even tougher creatures (stoats, weasels, once an opossum) fall to her claws and are left outside of Draugr's home.
  • In the dark, she is virtually invisible, save when the light shines on her eyes.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Styrr is a simple creature of simple pleasures -- affection, play, and hunting.


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