Steliana Raventhorne

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Steliana Raventhorne
Date of Birth: DD/MM/YY
Age: x years (x human years)
Gender: Female
Luperci: Ortus
Species: Hybrid

  ➤ 37.5% Coyote, 25% Dog, 25% Jackal, 12.5% Wolf

Family: Raven-Shadowryn, Thorne, Phoenix
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
Creator: Silverfrost

Steliana Masaruyumi Raventhorne is the daughter of Adrian Raven-Shadowryn and Asuka Thorne. Her name is a portmanteau of her mothers' names.

She was born in Cairo, Egypt a few days before her cousin Adrestia Phoenix and since they were both only children, the two became thick and thieves. Steliana's mothers met when the Koronis trading caravan stopped by a town to recieve medical aid. Asuka Thorne was one of the healers that healed Adrian when she was injured. Asuka and her brother Daisuke joined the caravan as a healer and guard respectively. Adrian and Asuka grew close and by the time they reached Cairo, the women were wed. With Daisuke's help, they had their first child.

Steliana enjoys combat -- taking after her mom -- but also learned a bit of first-aid from her mother.

When Adrestia decided to head out on her own, Steliana decided to tag along.

By Players

Physical Description

Steliana is clearly a hybrid and her different subspecies blend together well. She could be described as "compact" and she hides her weight well. She's long-legged and has some slenderness to her features. She is well-muscled while being graceful. Her dog blood is most clearly seen in her coloring but also her thick fur. She has a bottlebrush tail and her face more closely resembled a coyote and a jackal. She has long ears and a narrow face with a tapering muzzle.

  • Speech: Alto, English accent but can mimic accents
  • Scent: Herbs, ravens, ?
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: ?
  • General Posture and Body Language: how do they carry themselves?
  • Humanization: High

Lupus: 50 lbs ↔ 26 in
Steliana's Lupus form is more heavily-built, almost wolfish despite being only 1/8. Her dog blood did contribute to her more muscular build but she does have a long-legged and has some slenderness to her. She doesn't take this form often unless she's hunting or traveling.

Secui: 145 lbs ↔ 42 in
When on four legs, this is her preferred form. Steliana is more beastly in this shape, her mane thickening and her bulk increasing.

Optime: 180 lbs ↔ 6 ft 0 in
Steliana is fairly tall and has a bit more gracefulness to her. She has a small bust and some padding around her stomach. She wears clothes in this form, preferring dark colors. Her hair is typically short enough to be put into a ponytail but if it gets any longer, she chops it.

Coloration Palette

Base Coat

Silver (#C9C9C9)

Spots, Saddle, Socks

Spun Pearl (#ABABB0)

Underside, Inner Ears, Toes

Gin Fizz (#FFFAE2)

Saddle, Optime Hair, Mask, Ears

Baltic Sea (#212026)


Gold (#FFD700)


Saffron (#F4C430)


Shark (#2E2F32)
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  • Motivations: ---
  • Fears: ---
  • Likes: ---
  • Dislikes: ---
  • Sexuality:
  • Spirituality:

Main Focus
  • Combat
    • Feral Combat, Hand-to-Hand: Steliana is adept at feral combat, favoring her Secui form for this purpose. She also is trained in hand-to-hand combat by her mother. She makes use of her claws and teeth as well as punches and kicks. She's somewhat of a brawler and fights dirty. She goes for the vulnerable areas and isn't afraid to try to maim her opponents.
  • First-Aid
    • Steliana is capable of patching up minor injuries and caring for some moderate wounds. She knows the herbs to treat wounds and pain as well as how to clean and dress wounds. However more severe injuries such as broken bones she can't do much about. She does know a few herbs to brew into teas for colds and to calm others.
Auxillary Skills and Hobbies
  • Literacy & Languages:
    • Having traveled around the world and being in a multilingual family, Steliana speaks English, Japanese, and German fluently. She can speak some Arabic, Greek, French, and Spanish with varying levels of fluency.
    • Steliana can read and write in Japanese (only Hiragana), English, and German. She doesn't have neat handwriting at all.
    • She does misinterpret the meanings of some words and may use them incorrectly or think that the same words are interchangeable.
  • Animal Care:
    • Steliana understands some Corvid low speech and can speak some of it.
    • Steliana can care for horses, though her knowledge is basic at best. She can ride a horse.

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* indicates adopted


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Active: MONTH YYYY – Present

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Peregrine Falcon
  • Date of Birth: ---
  • Size:
    • Length: --- in (--- cm)
    • Wingspan: --- in (--- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- oz; --- kg)
  • Key Features: ---
  • Coloration: Melanistic
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