Spitfire (NPC of [[Characters/Rusty Hollow]])


  • DOB: April 2009
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Horse


  • Pronunciation: SPIT-fire
  • Etymology: HELLA FAST


  • Summer: Free to roam Midnight Shores, especially Charlottetown
  • Winter: Likes access to shelter, very hardy and takes winters well.


  • Size: 15 hands
  • Build: Lightly built, made for speed over short distances.
  • Features: One uniform color pretty much.
  • Coloration:
    • Chestnut, red mane and dark nose.

By Equine Horse Imagery


Spitfire is quick and flighty. She has never been considered brave and will rear if something launches out in front of her. But when she's running, usually she pretty good, it's just walking that gets her.

Skills & Abilities

  • Fast, aggressive when frightened.

Likes & Dislikes

  • She likes running around and keeping to herself.
  • Rolls in the dust on warm days.
  • Sudden noises and appearances stress Spitfire out.


  • Rusty stole Spitfire from traders she was stealing from, believing that she needed and deserved the horse far more than those that currently owned them, despite her lack of knowledge.