Seti (NPC of [[Characters/Machidael Lykoi]])


  • DOB: ~May 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cape Cobra (Naja nivea)


  • Pronunciation: Seti
  • Etymology: Unknown, Egyptian


  • Residence: Wanders with Machidael; non-permanent.


  • Size: 4 feet long
  • Features: A medium-sized cobra -- small enough to comfortably fit about Machidael's neck, large enough to be intimidating.
  • Coloration:
    • Her dorsal half is primarily Chenin (#DDD466).
    • Primrose (#F1EAA0) decorates her underside.
    • Her head is Copper (#BE7032), with markings in Sidecar (#F7E1CE) and

Cod Grey (#1D1B19) in circular patterns.

  • Her eyes are Pizazz (#FF9600).


  • Seti is a cobra. She is predatory, with a simple and calculated intelligence primarily designed for recognizing, assessing, and dispatching threats.
  • While not aggressive, she does not tolerate touch by most Luperci, and will flare into an attack stance quickly. Anything other than freezing and allowing her the chance to retreat is sure to result in a bite.

Skills & Abilities

  • Though not always deadly, Seti's bite can be -- severe bites generally result in death. At minimum, a bite results in several hours of acute respiratory distress and paralysis.
  • She understands simple Arabic Luperci high speech. She speaks a smattering of Luperci Arabic speech: Machi, yes, no, bad, good, very, and jackal, among a few others.
  • She is intolerant to cold and must be kept near a fire, heated rocks, or on Machidael's person in winter.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Machidael, Mirutes, Sepirah, rats, rabbits, raccoons, newborn puppies
  • Dislikes: Being touched by others, others in general, cold


  • Seti was born to Mirutes Mwinyi's snakes in 2014. Mirutes fetched her from the clutch of snakes in the Oasis and brought her back for Machidael.
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