Raeburn Martel

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Raeburn Martel is a member of Del Cenere Gang, ranked as an Encender.

He is the son of Wade Martel and Annabel Ellery, older brother to Willow Martel and littermates to Silvia Martel and Owen Martel.

Upon helping deliver Willow, Raeburn left to 'find himself' as many young adults do, and his littermates joined him. However, when Raeburn found his mother Annabel again, the littermates were appalled to find out their sibling had been abandoned by her. With his other littermates having commitments tying them down (a quality Raeburn lacked), Raeburn set out as the first to find Willow and make sure he was still alive and alright. This led to him joining the Gang to keep an eye on Willow and get what remains of their family back together again. He expects his littermates to eventually join them of their own accord.

Raeburn Martel
by Hydra Triangle

Credit: Hydra Triangle

OOC Information
Basic Information
Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 03 Dec 2019
  • Birthplace: Maine, North America
  • Etymology:
    • Raeburn: roe-deer brook (Old English)
    • Surname here: hammer (Old French)
  • Nickname: Rae
  • Alias: ---
  • Epithet: ---
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: See Species
    • 50% Canis latrans thamnos (Coyote) 1
    • 50% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) 2
  • Family: Martel
  • Pack: Del Cenere Gang
  • Rank: Encender (July 2022 – Present)
    • Additional:
      • Co-Rank, Co-Rank
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  • Optime: -- ft -- in (--- in / --- cm) ↔ --- lbs (--- kg) (Preferred)


Describe their distinguishing scars – how did they get them (ex. cougar’s claws, training accident, received from Character?, etc.)

Tattoos & Piercings:

Both of his ears are pierced.

  • Speech: Raeburn never picked up the southern twang from Palisade like his younger brother did, and has a pretty standard Northern American accent.
  • Unique Scent:
  • General Posture and Body Language: how do they carry themselves? Lazy and relaxed? Proud and rigid? Arrogant with swagger? Always flaunts their goods?
Coloration Palette


Tuna (#34323B)
Kabul (#5D4745)

Optime Hair

Tuna (#34323B)
Kabul (#5D4745)


Aqua Forest (#619D69)


Lunar (#373937)
Alabaster (#FAFAFA)
Reference Images
Lines by Despi


Summarized: Brave, greedy, intelligent, jealous

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  • Motivations: Looking after his family, finding stability
  • Fears: Injury, being found guilty of crime
  • Likes: Fire, sweet fruit or berries, bugs
  • Dislikes: Mushrooms, non-stop talking, gossip
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Will support their family even if it means personal discomfort.
    • Does not seek positions of authority over others.
    • Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.


  • Species: Though the news that wolves killed his father and scarred his brother hit Raeburn hard, he does not discriminate against wolves. He may, however, seek to protect his brother from them, as he is aware that Will is more wary than him.
  • Non-Luperci: Doesn't understand why someone wouldn't want to be a luperci, seeing as you don't give up your Lupus form. He is aware that fights (wounds, specifically) can transfer the ability to shift.
  • Gender: Thinks men on average are usually dumber, but he kinda likes 'em that way.


Raeburn is biromantic and aceflux. In regards to his position on the ace spectrum, he is sex-neutral, meaning he may engage in sexual activity but does not particularly enjoy it, at least not on the basis of sexual attraction. He is monogamous himself but would not turn up his nose at being with a polyamorous partner.


Raeburn follows some typical Abrahamic religious beliefs, such as a strong faith in a singular God. He has no concept of Heaven or Hell as places that souls travel to, but does believe in some form of afterlife that is good or bad (dependent on how you acted in life). He prays before bed on occasion.


Tobacco, primarily, is preferred. He won't deny other substances in trading, though.


Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Scout
  • Knife wielding: (Master)
Raeburn has hands-on experience with knife fights during his time in the more seedy parts of Maine, and doesn't have a scar to show for it.
  • Stealth:
He is not a refined spy by any means at this point in his life, and is used more so to using his stealthy skills to pickpocket or get the drop on a dangerous looking canine.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Caretaker:
In contrast to his appearance, Raeburn is rather skilled at taking care of young and old alike. Of his siblings, he alone assisted his mother during Willow's birth before their departure into the unknown. He is responsible and often finds himself tending to the sick of the small loner bands he has been a part of during his journeys.
  • Weaponry:
Raeburn makes his own knives or daggers out of stone, bone, antlers, or similar.


by Stolz Gary M on Pixnio

Active: July 2022 – Present

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Raven
  • Date of Birth: ---
  • Size:
    • Length: 21" in (54 cm)
    • Wingspan: 45 in (115 cm)
    • Weight: Small
OOC Assumptions

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Skills & Abilities:

  • Broken understanding of high speech (knows the difference between "no, bad" and "yes, good", at the least)


She has the curious and inquisitive nature of many corvids, however Frank is rather prim and proper for her kind. She is notably picky about what she eats and how she eats it, which Raeburn had to adjust for when first befriending her. She seems to carry herself with a regal air.


Frank formed an unlikely partnership with Raeburn while he lived life as a scavenger. This took place for a couple of months after Raeburn left the family den with his littermates. She began their friendship by calling Raeburn to carcasses to open them, and she hung around him because of his easy-going nature (he didn't even try to bite her once). She was given the name 'Frank' because Raeburn assumed her to be male and still has absolutely no idea of her true sex, not that Frank has a care in the world about this.
She has been trained to commit crimes!! Frank will be rewarded generously by Raeburn if she manages to nab cigarettes, so that is her favorite thing to find.



  1. Looking clear but never recognized (18 July 2022)
    Raeburn, after joining Del Cenere Gang, approaches and speaks with Willow for the first time in years.
  2. Say it ain't so, almost home, until you rang my phone (30 July 2022)
    Seeing Willow casually sneaking out of the Ganglands, Raeburn follows him and visits New Caledonia with him.
  1. Breathe the black (5 Sept 2022)
    Raeburn cheers on Willow while he participates in the Clay Pigeons event.
  1. Don't let me down (8 Sept 2022)
    Raeburn attends the Stockshow Carnival.
  1. Good company makes less work (Sept 2022)
    Willow and Raeburn meet Lossë Fir-Chlis.

1 50% Northeastern Coyote

2 25% Siberian Husky, 15.65% Norwegian Elkhound, 6.25% Keeshond, 3.1% Dachshund

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