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Polymorph Prismshard (formerly known as Tetrad, both self-given names) is an Indentured Servant of Salsola, their debt belonging to Egregore.

They were infected by Khalifa D'Angelo for a price, a debt, which led to them becoming a servant. However, they got lost on a trip to Portland, owing that to their tendency to experience dissociative fugues. Suffering from this, they did not remember where they were supposed to be going for a long time, the memories repressed deep in their mind until Hallo unknowingly assisted them. Once four identities (hence the name Tetrad), Polymorph ended up changing it to better represent who they had become: fragmented to the highest degree. Though Polymorph had dreamed of reintegrating into a full identity at one point, they now have come to terms with themselves. They are plural, and always will be. This acceptance has made them happier, and they have slowly entered a stage of recovery.

Since returning to Salsola with Marik D'Angelo, Khalifa's son, Polymorph has wound up in Egregore's possession as his servant instead.

Polymorph is the cNPC and indentured servant of Egregore. Salsolan characters may reference seeing Polymorph in the general vicinity of Egregore, seeing them helping him with various tasks or helping your or other Salsolan characters with their own. For more information, send a private message to Viktor, preferably over Discord.

Polymorph Prismshard
by Nic

Credit: Nic

OOC Information


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 04 Apr 2018
  • Etymology:
    • Polymorph: From polymorphism, the quality or state of existing in or assuming different forms (English)
    • Prismshard: From the English words 'Prism' and 'Shard'.
  • Epithet: The Shapeshifter
Physical Description
  • Gender: Non-binary (Only they/them)
    • Sex: Female (Never use she/her!)
  • Pronouns: They/Them only. Never she/her.
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Species: Coywolf
  • Pack/Loner Band: Salsola
  • Rank: Indentured Servant (Dec 2021 – Present)

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Polymorph…
    • Talking to themself, thinking out loud
    • Performing small tasks for others, including your character
Plot Opportunities
  • Have Polymorph take care of your livestock or personal horse!
  • Something's odd about them talking to seemingly no one, sometimes mentioning a name: 'Hallo'... ask them about it? (Or if your character is spiritually inclined, have them see Hallo for themself!)

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


In Lupus form, their body stands twenty inches tall, and twenty pounds heavy. Polymorph is a ragged looking thing, scrawny and clearly a hunter of smaller game. Their fur is surprisingly soft to the touch as they are an avid groomer, yet often this dark pelt is marred with dirt, leaves, or other aspects of nature's gifts. One could assume they must groom so frequently because they get dirty and muddy just as frequently.

One of their eyes is green (the right), and the other is a dark red. Polymorph often appears to be squinting with their red eye. Their eyes, in general, are the most expressive part of them. They will blink slowly to show peace, almost like a feline, widen them to show shock, and so forth.

Their posture and the way they carry themself depends on the day because of their fractured personality. Usually, they will remain submissive, although they can have outbursts of aggression and dominance at times. They are not strong, but Polymorph is a fantastic runner, thanks in part to hunting smaller animals for so long. They are accustomed to sprinting for rabbits and mice among other things. While they were never much help in a pack hunt, this canine's legs have carried them far as a lone hybrid.



  • Lupus : 20 in (50.8 cm) ↔ 20 lbs (9.07 kg kg)
  • Secui: 30 in (76 cm) ↔ 125 lbs (41 kg)
  • Optime: 5ft (152.5 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)


  • Speech: Polymorph has a deeper, androgynous voice that is somewhat scratchy and monotone.
  • Unique Scent: Primarily earthy, sage, marshy
  • General Posture and Body Language: They are light on their feet and typically stealth is their default, though not usually their intention. They are guarded, folding their arms and turning their body away frequently.

Coloration Palette

Fur (Go to name that color!)

TUNDORA (#43383D)
THATCH (#B38D95)

Optime Hair

THATCH (#B38D95)





Reference Images

by Nic By Nic

1.2  Personality

Summarized: Kind, anxious, loyal, gullible

Angst? What Angst? | Cloudcuckoolander

While Polymorph's personality can depend on the day since accepting themselves, the changes between their fragments is not so drastic. One would think that after breaking into smaller bits the changes would only be more noticeable, but instead how small they are hides them. From a bird's eye view, Polymorph is whole. It is only when you get close now that you can see all the cracks in their psyche.

On an average day, Polymorph can be trusted to be excitable in nature, curious and kind. Overall, they are harmless, and any outbursts they may have would be purely verbal: they would not raise their hand at someone, perhaps not even in self-defense. They are eccentric to a degree, and often don't understand more complex social behaviors: things like sarcasm elude them. Polymorph is alright being a black sheep these days, where they were once insecure: but they still feel a degree of anxiety about different things in their life. They have a tendency to worry but now direct it at fretting over other's business and how any plan may go awry rather than their own issues. Because of their experience with going into dissociative fugues, they do not like to travel far without someone there to watch them, unless there is no other choice.

Their greatest strengths are their kindness, loyalty, and willingness to grow. Their greatest flaws are that they worry too much, they are gullible and will believe any lie except the most absurd, and that they trust other people's minds more than their own (for obvious reasons), which can lead them to feel they have to rely on others.

In general, they view themself as a tool or object to be used by other canines. Their frequent out of body and dissociative experiences have yet to truly show signs of improvement although they have taken on an almost unbreakable optimistic attitude, which improves their overall mood and allows them to cope with their problems.

  • Motivations: Belonging somewhere, growing their strengths
  • Fears: Dissociative fugues reoccurring
  • Likes: Being around others or observing them
  • Dislikes: Conflict of any kind


  • Packs: They believe that Salsola can do no wrong. Polymorph is highly oblivious to their status as a servant, or rather, does not mind it.
  • Age: Believes elders to be wise by default.


Polymorph is primarily interested in those that display a high amount of masculinity. Because of their hard road to recovery, they have mostly been focused on themselves and have not given a thought to romance beyond daydreams. They do not have a high libido and find it scandalous to speak about sex in explicit detail.


They grew up in a superstitious pack that thought of them as a collection of 'spirits' rather than a collection of personalities. Before, Polymorph disregarded this explanation and thought it insulting. Recently, however, they have started to find it a comfort. After their dissociative fugue on the trip to Portland, they began to notice take notice of spirits all around them, and have recurring visions of a fox named Hallo. Their belief in magic and spirits only grows every day, and as such, they find it easier and easier to communicate with them.


They have never tried substances because they are oblivious to their existence. If confronted with them, Polymorph would likely try them unless warned about their dangers.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

  • Song & Dance:
Began picking up this skill during their misadventures before returning to Portland. Polymorph found a love for performing for small groups. Because of their kindness, they found it easy to get along with travelers they met on the way, and oftentimes performed for them in front of their campfires, simple little songs at first, but growing in confidence, especially when they met someone who could provide an instrumental accompaniment. They often sing about their feelings, or dreams: flickers of visions they have.
  • Low Speech (Horse):
Polymorph likes to talk to animals. Sometimes, as with horses, they try to communicate back if they are tamed. As this speech has not been practiced much yet, Polymorph can only understand basic emotions from horses, most notably happiness and fear.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Cooking & Cleaning:
As a servant, they began to pick up this skill, but its learning since has been interrupted for the most part: at least the cleaning has. Cooking Polymorph has liked to practice on their journey away, though this cooking is more just putting meat over a fire and not burning it. It's a start.
  • SKILL:
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2.  History


Upon coming to 'Souls for the first time, Polymorph was then known as 'Tetrad', four parts of a personality. They were deeply troubled by their plurality at that point in their life, and would've done much to simply get rid of it. They were a Non-Luperci and wanted to be changed into one of the shifting kind they saw. This was made into a reality by Khalifa, who took on the task of turning them through a blood transfusion. Saying that they now owed him a debt, Polymorph was led to Salsolan borders and taken in as an Indentured Servant to Khalifa.

Having their first shift just as an earthquake hit, Polymorph went back and forth from being highly obedient to angry at their enslavement due to their illness. It may have been their conflicting personalities that brought them to shatter, or it could've been just coincidence. Nevertheless, as Khalifa took them on a trip to Portland, Polymorph became lost in the night, entering into a dissociative fugue.

They do not remember most of the events that occurred during this time: although they had many small adventures that led to the growth of skills such as preforming. One of their main ties to this past is the memory of singing and dancing. They experienced childhood amnesia afterwards as well: they to this day no longer remember who their parents were or how they grew up, exactly. Polymorph broke out of this fugue through a memory that was not their own, instead of the ghost fox Hallo's. They saw a vision of a Salsolan spike trap and suddenly remembered where they had been meant to go all those months prior: Portland.


Finding Khalifa again, Polymorph begged for forgiveness from the man, feeling horrible at being gone for so long. The man promised he was just happy to see Polymorph in one piece, and asked for a 'favor': to take care of his pup, Marik, on the return journey to Salsola. Polymorph hastily agreed, having long forgotten any part of them that had been upset about how things had gone with the man before.

3.  Relationships



  • Egregore is a wolfdog that has inexplicably taken charge of Polymorph's life as his new master. One day they found themself trapped in his snare, but instead of being afraid that they were caught in a trap, they were friendly and impressed by him.


Minor Relations

Past Relations (Show)
  • Khalifa D'Angelo was the Luperci that turned them and gave them a debt to pay off as a servant in Salsola. Polymorph trusts Khalifa, perhaps this is undeserved, but they do. While due to the fragmented personality they can be disobedient at times, most days they are not. For this reason, they carried out Khalifa's wishes upon finding him again.
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.

4.  Assets


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5.  Miscellaneous

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