Militades (NPC of [[Characters/Myrika Tears]])


  • DOB: 2 July 2012
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Horse
  • Breed: Grade (Draft, Nokota, Vanner)
  • Color: Blood bay


  • Pronunciation: Mee-lee-tay-deez
  • Etymology: "red earth", Greek
  • Nickname: Mili


Stalled in the Great Village at all times.


  • Size: 17.2 hands ( 5.7 ft / 1.7 m ) high.
  • Build: He is a large and thick horse. His size is only accentuated by the way he carries himself -- tall and proud, with head and tail lifted. He does not have the massive qualities of a true draft, however, as his draft heritage is primarily Gypsy Vanner.
  • Features: Thick feathering along each leg, long and thick mane and tail.
  • Coloration:
    • Most of his body is Paco (#3F130E) brown in coloration, though it takes on a Rustic Red (#4C0F03) color around his belly.
    • His legs, mane, and tail are Gondola (#190C15).
    • Most striking about Militades are his pale Muddy Waters (#B89760) eyes.
    • His rear legs are socked; his left forehoof has a coronet. Both are colored Silver Chalice (#ADADAD).
  • Gear:
    • Saddle, blah blah blah


Obstinate and standoffish as a youth to the point of ill-temperedness, Militades has mellowed somewhat in adulthood. He is no easy-going horse: a high-strung stallion at best, only Myrika and a select few others are accepted.

He is extremely dominant toward other horses. He is generally intolerant of other stallions; if not under a rider or otherwise restrained by rope or corral, he will generally try to challenge other horses. This can result in a fight if the other horse is unwilling to back down: Militades is not! He is tolerant toward mares, though he may butt heads with exceptionally dominant ones. He definitely thinks of himself as stallion of whichever herd he's around.

Skills & Abilities

  • Acclimated to tack, saddle, and Myrika (presence and riding).

Likes & Dislikes

  • Mili is intolerant of strange Luperci; he will kick or bite if approached. It is best to leave him alone.


  • Born to Eira in 2012, with Viggo as the presumable father.
  • Myrika began acclimating him to herself almost immediately. He proved extremely stubborn and resistant to training.
  • In early 2014, Salvia Eternity aided with Militades's training.
  • In mid-summer 2014, Militades was ridden for the first time.
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