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by Songbird

Malus Reinhart was the leader of the Loner group that harassed and were later captured by Anathema in the 2015 Midsummer Nightmare Conflict plot.

He is the illegitimate son of Corso Reinhart and Nye Nightrunner. His mother abandoned him to his father shortly after weaning him. Corso did his best to raise the boy, but ultimately left him in the hands of his servant, Guan Jian. Malus grew up unknowingly well-off in the busy trader’s port of Snakegrass, Australia. Business took the Reinharts to North America. After the death of his mentor, Jian, Malus left to Nova Scotia on a self-searching quest. He slowly realized he was simply running from his problems, but decided to remain in Nova Scotia anyways.

Malus banded with a group of other loners in The Trenches, becoming their leader before they were ultimately kicked out when Anathema moved south in late 2014. Despite their odds, Malus lead his companions in harassing the larger pack of Anathema in order to try and take back what was stolen from the small band of loners. He was captured in July of 2015, however, and was forced to fight for entertainment purposes of the pack’s Summer Solstice Festival.

Skana Creo took pity on him though, and saved him from death through a life of enslavement. He resided within Anathema as an Abdiel (personal slave) up until the Creo siblings’ departure from the pack, in which Skana set him free. He traveled with with Skana, Vepar Creo, and Sully for most of November in 2015 before joining Sully’s old pack, Midnight Shores.

There, he remained contently as a Pollux up until a certain turn of events in which lead to Skana disbanding the pack [1]. Malus helped take half of the pack’s communal animals down to Casa di Cavalieri and had every intention of joining Skana and the family in their new life in Sapient. After the group had reunited with ex-packmates, Ember and Janus, Malus decided that he wasn’t ready for another pack just yet, and remained with the sibling pair.






  • Date of Birth: 17 May 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: None
  • Mate: None
  • Packs: None
    • Midnight Shores (22 Nov 2015 – 15 Dec 2016)
      • Caelum (Aug-Dec 2016)
      • Pollux (Nov 2015-Aug 2016)
    • Anathema (08 Jul 2015 – 03 Nov 2015)
      • Abdiel (Jul-Nov 2015)
  • Nickname: None
  • Pronunciation: m-AL-us, r-EYE-N-hart
  • Meaning: "good-bad"
  • Origin: Latin

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Malus looks through and through wolf. There is no mistake of this heritage in any of his forms. His golden fur color is the only gene retained from his distant dingo ancestry.
  • Fur: Medium in length, with a thick, coarse, double-coat
    • Optime Hair: His hair is surprisingly soft and straight. He keeps it short and spikey, and with a low wolf-tail.
  • Facial Features: True to his wolf heritage, he has a broad snout and thick face with longer cheek-fur. His ears are relatively small amongst all of his fluff.
    • Lupus: Distinctly large and heavy in build. He has strong, long legs and boasts a body built for take-down and taking a hit rather than speed.
    • Secui: A larger, more formidable form of his Lupus.
    • Optime: Due to his origins, Malus stands tall, solid, and broad-shouldered. He is muscular/toned, showing a lifestyle of heavy work and disciplined training. He is very flexible despite his large size and is very fluid in movement.
  • Humanization: Average. Though, he seldom wears clothes aside from a large fabric that he uses for multiple purposes, from a robe to a sack. He enjoys work with his hands, and has knowledge in blades and leather-working.


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Manhattan (#F5C982)
  • Markings:
    • Banana Mania (#FBE7B5) “eye shadow”
    • Banana Mania (#FBE7B5) undertones: partially coloring his maw before caressing his cheeks; leaks down unto his throat, where it spreads to his chest, and down the inside of his upper arms before encasing his forearms; the color also cuts up just above his collar bone and shoulders, creating a sort of mid-back “cape” down his back; continuing its under-belly course, it moves on down his stomach before spilling down his legs, encasing them in a sort of stocking-like fashion before continuing down the ventral side of his tail
    • Di Serria (#DF974F) cloaks his dorsal side, starting from the top of his snout, covering the majority of his face in a sort of “helmet,” before continuing down his neck, shoulders, back, upper thighs, and dorsal side of his tail
    • Armadillo (#48413B) brow-spots
    • Pale Oyster (#999283), Soya Bean (#5F5748), and Armadillo (#48413B) mix together to create splotches of grey on this boy’s otherwise golden pelt, they form a coalition on either side of his snout, and fade to Pale Oyster around his nose and lower jaw; they band together once more just under the “cape” on his back before spilling down onto the top side of his tail, stopping just short of mid-way down
  • Eyes: Fern (#5EB16F)
  • Optime Hair: Banana Mania (#FBE7B5)
  • Nose, Claws, Paw Pads: Tuatara (#1B1B1A)
  • Scars: Stonewall (#978375)


Banana Mania (#FBE7B5)
Manhattan (#F5C982)
Di Serria (#DF974F)
Pale Oyster (#999283)
Soya Bean (#5F5748)
Armadillo (#48413B)
Fern (#5EB16F)
Tuatara (#1B1B1A)
Stonewall (#978375)
by Songbird by Songbird

1.2  Miscellaneous


42 in (107 cm)
146 lbs (66 kg)


Used mostly for long-distance travel and ambush.

56 in (142 cm)
266 lbs (121 kg)


Used primarily for hunting and taking down large prey.

7ft 0in (84 in / 213 cm)
277 lbs (126 kg)

Optime (Preferred)

The form he is most comfortable with and can often be found in. He enjoys the freedoms he has with using his hands that he is barred from in his other forms.


  • Torn left ear; used to be an earring, torn out during a fight against a drunk
  • Left cheek; knife-wound obtained from Vepar Creo during initial capture
  • Upper right arm; obtained from trying to help his dad after a bad business deal
  • Left collarbone down towards right pectoral; obtained from fight in the amphitheater Skana
  • Across dorsal side of left forearm; obtained from fight in the amphitheater against Skana
  • Lower right side; stab wound obtained from fight in the amphitheater against Skana
  • Inner right thigh; obtained from a childhood fight
  • Across left thigh; obtained from fight in the amphitheater against Skana
  • Left palm; one long scar; received via Anathema’s Rite of Agares


  • Used, wood-handled deer gutting knife with brown-leathered sheath with belt-loop-capable attachment; gift from father from childhood
  • Bowie Knife and sheath; custom elk antler-handle with brown, leather sheath with belt-loop-capable attachment; gift from father
  • Knife with serrated edge; deer antler-handled with black-leathered sheath, leg holstered; traded for wares
  • Deer-skin knapsack


  • A large, olive green fabric that is commonly worn as a robe of sorts, but can be used as a variety of other things
  • Thick, brown-leather belt that carries his knives and other tools


  • Speech: Deep, masculine tones; gruff; blunt
  • Unique Scent: Pine, earth, minerals
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Often fidgets with his hands when anxious; Shies away from touch; Often runs his hands through his hair when frustrated or nervous
  • General Posture and Body Language: Solid, poised, reserved, prideful

2.  Personality

FAULTS: Crass, Outspoken, Pessimist, Bitter, Stubborn, Superstitious
Malus is best described as being a bit rough around the edges. He is by no means soft or a teddy-bear. He speaks plainly, and is not one to use euphemisms. If he sees a problem, he will let you know it and let you know it very quickly. He’s not known for holding back his tongue. Malus is more likely to see the worst in a situation than the best, and is one to judge by someone’s negative qualities than their positive ones. He reasons that he’d rather expect then worst and be pleasantly surprised rather than expect the best and be disappointed. He is rather bitter because of this outlook, and, often sees things as black or white. He’s a very stubborn creature, doesn’t like change, and is a stickler to keeping to what he knows will give him the results he’s after. He hates fickle Luperci and those that are easily persuaded to turn on their own beliefs. Because of this, he looks down upon cowards and will attack—physically or verbally—a weaker personality if necessary to get a point across. A key quirk in his personality is that Malus is highly superstitious. Despite his rough appearance, Malus is quietly, and very, fearful of witchcraft and the dark arts. As well, he firmly believes in karma. He doesn’t like bullying and is disgusted by abuse of power. He is not above seeking vengeance for a perceived due, and will gladly step up to make someone pay for their wrongs. Though he won’t admit it, he has a tendency to want to protect the “little guy.”

STRENGTHS: Loyal, Diligent, Caring, Thankful, Courageous
Underneath his hard shell, Malus does have some good qualities to him. He is undyingly loyal when he puts his trust into someone, and will go above and beyond to defend their honor. He isn’t the type to be persuaded to turn against his companions, and would bite his tongue off rather than betray information about a comrade. Malus is also diligent in his work, being it his combat skills or everyday duties. He is not one to give less than his best, and is one to favor quality over quantity. Though he doesn’t show it, Malus can be very caring…in his own way. He is not one to outwardly show this compassion, and is more likely to let his actions speak louder than his gruff words. He isn’t much of a touchy-feely guy, and may pretend to be annoyed or angry to cover up these perceived feelings. Something else to note, Malus is not one to forget a favor he may be owed. He is a very thankful Luperci, and will make sure his debts are paid, no matter how small. Malus is also not one to run from a fight or challenge, and is a very brave soul.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Meat, Sparring, Working with his hands, Creating/crafting things, Water, Summer, Justice, Control/Organization
  • Dislikes: Injustice, Cowards, Weak personalities, Bullies, High-libido or flowery women, Witchcraft/Dark arts, Loud personalities, Chaos


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, Dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Survival
  • Justice
  • Pride
  • Allies/Friends


  • Being impaired (physically and mentally)
  • Witchcraft/the Dark Arts


  • Packs: Dislikes Anathema
  • Species: Coyotes are a nuisance and are thieves
  • Non-Luperci: They are at a disadvantage against a Luperci
  • Gender: Women are petty and trouble; strongly detests arrogant or weak males
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: Male-on-male partnerships weird him out a little, though he does not have any qualms with other’s decisions for partners
  • Age: Elders are to be respected even when they are wrong


Strictly heterosexual. Though he often finds the opposite sex to be infuriating, he fancies women over men. He does not have a high sex-drive due to his upbringing, and, thus, would be hard-pressed to bed another without having significant, prior relations with them. As well, he was brought up to believe that sexual desires lead to bad decision, and that he should be wise before acting upon them.


Malus is a firm believer of karma and that there is a higher being somewhere in the universe. He believes that good deeds will bring about good fortune, and that sinful actions will breed bad luck. The stars are links to past lives and a sign that one is never alone. He believes in honoring the dead (who deserve it), and has been known to say small prayers before consuming an animal. Cutting off a creature’s head while alive will sever their soul and bind them to the earth (and thus create otherworldly horrors). Witches are feared and can go to hell.


Malus has had a taste or two of alcohol in his life, and while he has never gotten plastered, he doesn’t intend to either. He doesn’t like tobacco because of his father’s constant usage of it, and avoids drugs altogether.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Nye Nightrunner
  • Father: Corso Reinhart
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Extended: Nightrunner, Reinhart, Slate, Slavik
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Skana Creo was Malus’ master when he had been captured by Anathema, though, it was not the typical ownership relationship. Originally, he found her to be frustratingly naïve and kind to him, but, has since gotten used to her companionship over time. He sees her as an invaluable friend, even if he won’t admit it aloud.
  • The Gang, a group of lone wolves comprised of Briston, Ocke, Ronan, and Szenne. He was their leader, and he loved each one of them like family. However, he felt guilty for leading them against Anathema and their subsequent slavery. When Skana allowed him a way out, he had wanted to break every one of them free, however, his ex-master made him realize that he’d only be killed for such a ploy. His decision to abandon them has been a source of unease for Malus ever since.

Positive Relations

  • Asura and Saleos Creo are Skana’s children. He adores the siblings, and has been known to spoil them with gifts. When they’d learned to shift, Malus even taught Saleos the basics of leatherworking.
  • Sully is a friend of Vepar’s. Malus tends to treat him with an air of neutrality, neither showing friendship nor distaste. He is recognized as part of the “family” unit that the Creos provide, and, so, Malus would easily side with him if he were threatened.

Neutral / Negative

  • Vepar Creo is Skana’s older brother, and something of a bother to Malus. He knows Vepar does not like him, and is all too aware of the fiery glare of the dark sibling. He walks around Vepar on eggshells and reluctantly shows submission in his presence. However, even for his dislike of Vepar, he grudgingly accepts him as an “ally” because of his relation Skana.
  • Kentaro Lykoi was the bane of Malus’ existence. If he hadn’t of moved his pack south and forced the band of loners out of their land, Malus would have never been made a slave. As it were, he was forced to fight for the Angelo’s amusement and was damned to the life as a slave up until Skana set Malus free.
  • Axelle Napier is the female version of Vepar. Though he will never admit it, Malus is scared of her, and does well to avoid her wrath.

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: With his father often busy, Malus was left in the capable hands of the Reinhart’s servant, an immigrant wolf from the East. To cull his rambunctious and troublesome tendencies, Guan Jian channeled Malus’ energy into something more productive. He taught the boy discipline, and, in the process, showed the Malus how to fight.
  • Close Combat (Master): Malus’ mentor, Jian, taught him everything he knows about fighting. Being trained since his youth, Malus is a very skilled fighter at conflicts of close interval in his Optime form. He knows how to fight hand-to-hand, but is most renowned for his martial arts knowledge.
  • Bladed Weaponry (Journeyman): He prefers knives and daggers to most other forms. He has a natural talent for wielding smaller blades, and can handle one with deadly precision. With something larger, like swords or axes, he is noticeably less agile and sure-handed.
  • Almost everything Malus was taught was learned and geared towards Optime fighting, not Lupus or Secui. So, if forced to fight in one of his four-legged forms, he is not as skilled of a fighter as he may first appear. However, he can still hold his own well enough, often adapting what he knows and applying it accordingly to each form.
  • Projectiles are not his strong suit. He has trouble adjusting for outside factors, and often has to make a few tries before they land where he wants them to. Malus hates heavy, melee weapons (clubs, maces, etc.) and struggles significantly to properly use them.


  • Education and Learning: Growing up, Malus was never a child known for concern for his own safety. He was rarely without a scratch or a bruise. Guan Jian was often the one to patch him up, and, after numerous times of be berated for his carelessness, Malus learned to perform his own first aid. Since then, his time with Skana Creo has made him more knowledgeable in the medical field.
  • Physical Therapy (Master): Malus is knowledgeable in how to ease strained muscles and set dislocated ones. He also knows a bit on acupuncture if given the necessary materials.
  • Remedies (Journeyman): He knows how to settle internal pains, like stomach and headaches, though, the remedies he knows of are only for temporary ailments. Long-term illness is not his expertise.
  • Medic (Dabbler): The Reinhart can patch up, clean, and dress minor surface wounds, and can assist in more serious injuries.
  • Balms and Ointments (Dabbler): Malus can create salves for surface wounds and burns.

Labor and Trade

  • Leathermaking, Skinning (Master): A trade garnered from his father’s business, Malus can create high-quality leathers. He is also very good at skinning animals and keeping their pelts/skins intact for trade purposes.
  • Craftsman (Master): Malus can create a multitude of things from his leathers and other raw materials, be it clothes or accessories. He has an eye for detail, and has the need for perfection. His works are rarely faulty.
  • Handyman (Master): If it’s broke, Malus can typically figure out how to fix it unless the matter at hand is completely foreign to him.
  • Appraiser (Master): His father’s business and Malus’ attention to detail allows him to be very good at judging a fair price for goods. As well, he can discern fake jewelry and high-end materials from legitimate ones.
  • Sailing (Dabbler): Working in a busy port town had its perks, and learning how to sail was one of them. Though he’s no pro (he hasn’t touched a boat in quite a while), he can keep afloat well enough to get where he’s going. He is learning to perfect this skill since joining the island-dwelling, Midnight Shores.

4.2  Inventory


Malus has little of his own personal effects and lives a rather simple life, so, most of everything he obtains is for his friend, Skana.

  • Offering: Leathers (various, material, pouches, etc.), Skins/Furs, Hand-crafted accessories/trinkets
  • Accepting: Medicinal items, books, glass jars (for Skana) Glue, Gems, Tools for crafting

5.  Previous Residences

6.  History

Before ‘Souls

Malus was born the illegitimate son of Corso Reinhart and Nye Nightrunner in the busy trade port of Snakegrass, Australia. His father was a wealthy businessman who had had an off-and-on again relationship with a pretty noblewoman who frequented the port on her father’s ships. When Nye ended up pregnant, their relationship quickly turned sour. She carried the litter, though it was somewhat reluctantly. Malus was the only pup to survive the trying pregnancy, and Nye quickly dumped the pup onto Corso when he could eat solid food.

Corso did his best to raise the pup, but knew little about raising children himself, and, he had a business that needed his constant attention. So, Malus grew up basically being raised by Corso’s family servant, a wolf hybrid named Guan Jian. Because of this, Malus’ relationship with his father was not one of warmth. He saw him more as simply an authoritative figure than someone he could truly relate to. He grew restless and rebellious because of his frustration with fighting for his father’s attention.

Jian curved this streak of his through the use of his previous lifestyle in the East, where he had been a renowned martial artist. His teachings taught Malus respect as well as discipline, and allowed the boy an outlet for his frustrations and anger towards the lack of companionship from his father. Malus grew to be very fond of Jian, and eventually saw the mentor as more of a father than Corso.

Business took the family to North America. Old age eventually overtook Jian, and, in the wake of his mentor’s death, Malus decided to wander the wilds on a mission of self-discovery. In reality, he was simply running from the pain and loss of his friend. The Reinhart made his way to Nova Scotia, where he met fellow loners Ocke, Ronan, Briston, and Szenne. The group formed a small coalition with one another, and claimed much of The Trenches as their home.

In late 2014, Anathema moved from its lifestyle in the caves of Howling Caverns to Blackmoor Castle in the south. In their claiming of territory, they chased Malus and his companions out of their home. The loners bravely harassed the pack off-and-on for months. Finally, in July 2015, Anathema’s then Angelo, Kentaro Lykoi sought to put an end to the group’s constant bothering of his pack.

At ‘Souls

Kentaro, with a group of five of his subordinates, sought out the band of loners on in early July 2015. Though Malus and his friends fought back, they were eventually subdued and captured by the Anathemans. Malus suffered a cut across his cheek from Vepar Creo when he resisted capture. Kentaro had decided to earn his justice for having suffered the loner’s tantrums for so many months, and, in coincidence with the pack’s Summer Solstice festival, ordered that the loners be forced to fight Anatheman members for the pure sport alone.

The loners were then kept in Blackmoor Castle’s dungeon while they awaited their turns in the amphitheater. Skana Creo, one of the Anathemans that had aided in the loners’ initial capture, visited Malus every day after he was brought in to the dungeons. On the day before his fight, she tried to talk Malus into surrendering, but Malus stubbornly refused to admit defeat to the enemy.

He was surprised and angered when he found out Skana would be his opponent for the fights. Enraged, Malus fought poorly against the medic. He would have knocked the silver Creo out, had it not been for her brother, Vepar, to intervene with the fight and throw her his knife. Skana ended the fight by stabbing Malus with her brother’s borrowed blade. Afterwards, she claimed him as her slave, and Malus was fitted with a metal collar.

Malus remained under Skana’s care. She nursed him back to full health, and he became her assistant of sorts during his brief enslavement. Skana treated him as an equal despite his status within the pack, going so far as to stick her neck out for him when he stirred up trouble with her fellow pack members. Even though Vepar and the siblings’ birds did not like him, Malus grew to accept them as commonplace in his new lifestyle.

He followed Skana into the assault on New Dawn during August of 2015, and served as both added strength as well as an extra combat medic for Anathema. In early-November, the siblings decided to depart from Anathema, and Skana set Malus free the night before the pairs’ departure. Malus quickly realized he did not like the loner life though (his only friends in Nova Scotia were still slaves in Anathema, and returning to the pack would only undo his newly-earned freedom), and tried to follow the siblings in secret, only to be caught by Vepar. After pleading his case to the male Creo, he was allowed admittance into their traveling party, and met Vepar’s friend, Sully.

The group traveled the wilds of Nova Scotia for almost two weeks before Sully stirred them to his old pack, Midnight Shores. The party was accepted by Esmeralda Collins, and Malus joined as a Pollux, and has since enjoyed the freedoms of the pack life as an actual member of one rather than as a servant.

Malus lived a relatively easy life in his new pack. He became more independent of Skana, though, was often never far off from her and her family. He helped out where he could in the pack but had no strive to climb the rank ladder. Malus even mentored Skana’s son, Saleos Creo, in leatherworking once the boy shifted.

When the pack ultimately disbanded, Malus was reluctant to join a new one so quickly. He bid Skana and her family goodbye after helping her take a good handful of communal livestock down to the Midnight Shores’ ally, Casa di Cavalieri, and took to the road with ex-packmates, Ember Stormfall and Janus Stormfall.

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