Lythica "Killjoy"

Lythica came from a long line of vain dogs that prided themselves on their dog heritage, no matter how mixed and mottled it already was. It just so happened that Lythica was the black sheep, being of great size and stature and not particularly lady-like no matter how hard she tried, she was an outcast from the start. This was how she earned her nickname "Killjoy"; all fun and conversation would cease when she walked into an area or a room. Growing tired of the way her family treated her, she decided to set out upon the world and make a name for herself some other way. At first, she was a mercenary, the easiest work to find; then she learned about trade, both the honest and dishonest kind, sadly; then she began learning certain skills that others might find useful and pay her for - such as hunting, fishing, crafting, building armor, etc.

Her skills made her useful and her size (she was a freakish giant) made her stand out among the troves of Luperci in the trading ports. Towering over everyone else, she noticed that in the outside world, her 'defect' seemed to interest others, make them ask questions. It wasn't a thing that was shunned like back at home. This gave her an advantage that no one else had.

Eventually, on her travels, she met a small, thin coyote by the name of Belial Massacre and quickly and easily, they fell in love. Never thinking she'd be a mother, she suddenly was going to become one and panicked about all these preparations she had to make. Eventually, she secured a cabin for her small family in the woods, and made it her new goal to raise three happy and healthy pups into fine, gifted, and skilled young canines.


Athens Gray (#E6E5EB)
Tuna (#32323A)
Shark (#1E1F25)
Neptune (#84C0AB)
Cod Gray (#161616)

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Lythica "Killjoy"

Date of Birth:Nov 16, 2015
Subspecies:91% Dog, 6% Mountain Coyote, 3% Eastern Timber Wolf
Birth place:Ohio, USA


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