June Belgrave

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  • Full Name: June Belgrave
    • Origin: Latin — Roman Goddess, Juno
    • Pronunciation: joon
    • Meaning: 'young'
  • Date of Birth: 02 November 2014
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Ft. Preble
  • Mate: Khalifa D'Angelo


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Pack Information

  • Pack: Salsola (2016 - Present)
  • Rank: The Family

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June Belgrave is the middle daughter of three, born to infamous slave merchant and smuggler Solomon the Salamander. She was raised by her timid, foreign mother Joy, along with her two sisters Sari and Anja Belgrave, before relocating to Nova Scotia at the behest of Sari.

Currently located in Portland at the Salsolan Outpost, she is the wife of Khalifa D'Angelo and mother to their four children: Marik D'Angelo, Arkana D'Angelo, Evander Belgrave, and Farron Belgrave.



Proper Lady, Beauty Equals Goodness, Damsel in Distress

While her sisters Sari and Anja are brazen and fearless, June is much more reserved, gravitating towards the simpler things in life and wanting to make a name for herself as someone that is exceptionally ordinary.

June presents as a well-educated, yet soft-spoken woman, quite mature and well-rounded culturally because of her upbringing and early life. She quite enjoys the quiet joys of domestic life, including sewing, cleaning, and entertaining company, while she utterly despites combat (she wouldn't know how to wield a weapon if her life depended on it), thievery, and the cold. Her material wealth is observable in her choice of high-quality clothing, yet she is endlessly devoted to choosing modest styles that do not flaunt her beauty. She utterly respects authority and has integrated in Salsolan society well, both because of her lofty connections and courtly airs. She is exclusively pro-Salsola and thinks very highly of her pack, ignoring the more unsavory rumors that she has heard over the years.

She is heterosexual, if only because it is all she that she has been taught to be, though generally does not harbor attractions to other women. Displays of affection are often interpreted as one trying to be polite and proper, and she is quite embarrassed by the prospect of romance due to inexperience, especially so late in life. She has limited exposure to substances besides the occasional glass of wine. While June is not particularly spiritual, she follows a loose, polytheistic system, as she has been exposed to many faiths both in Barbados and Portland.

  • Speech: June has no true accent, as she grew up in an ocean port that saw many foreigners passing through. Because of this, she is multi-lingual, and can easily speak French, Spanish, and the Islander Bajan-Creole of Barbados. She has a beautiful singing voice, which she inherited from her mother, but is usually too demure to use it.
  • Scent: Sea salt and pine, Khalifa, her children


June resembles a much smaller and more slender gray wolf with New Guinea Singing Dog attributes (long legs, smaller head, longer tail); it is easy to tell she is not a full blooded wolf. Her face is sharp and angular, with delicate, soft curves in all the right places. She is small and dainty, almost fragile-looking, and she is exclusively found in her Optime form, as she is highly humanized. Oftentimes she is found wearing modest clothing and accessories of medium- to high-quality. Her hair is a deep chocolate color with graying roots that if relaxed has a soft wave, though it is mostly worn in a long braid.

Her fur is a mix of sandy creams and darker browns, natural and earthen-toned as a result of her hybrid blood. As she has grown older, June has begun to suffer from white hairs peppering her pelt, though she wears her age well, still retaining a youthfulness that younger women would die for.

by Alaine
5 ft 4 in (165 cm) ↔ 118 lbs (54 kg)32 in (97 cm) ↔ 85 lbs (39 kg)18 in (43 cm) ↔ 24 lbs (11 kg)


June was born in the faraway region of Barbados, the middle child of three. With her father, Solomon, often away on trading excursions, she and her sisters were, more or less, raised solely by their diminuitive mother, Joy.

Happily fulfilling the role of a model-daughter within the family's wealthy residence on Barbados, young June felt that her life was secure and had a plan; She was prepared for the predictably comfortable story that should befall her, becoming a seaman's wife and raising his children with docility and grace. Unlike her bossy older sister, who was determined to be like a son to Solomon, and her impetuous younger sister, who was always running off and getting into trouble, June was content to live within the restrictions of her old-fashioned domestic life.

However, after reading a note left to her by Sari detailing that she had run away for good this time, June's simple life was shattered. Desperate to find her sister before Anja (or heaven forbid their poor-tempered father) could find out about her antics, June made the difficult decision to leave all that she had known and step out into the world. With an immodest amount of wealth to her name, June hired a small vessel to take her to Freetown, where she finally found Sari - Who had cut off all her beautiful russet hair, and was grubby enough to be a ship's boy!

It was then that stubborn Sari persuaded (read: manipulated) a reluctant June to accompany her on their grand adventure. Afraid to return home to her father's dismay and anger, and perhaps secretly a little thrilled by her braveness thus far, June nervously agreed to go along with Sari — with the promise that if they ran into any trouble, they would both return to their birthrights in Barbados. Knowing that their father had trade connections with a pack, Salsola, the young ladies sought out a representative of the Thistle Kingdom.

Having managed to avoid the worst of Freetown's filth and scum, June was quick to jump on the opportunity of meeting Salsola's Lord Commander, Lokr Revlis, on one of his infrequent trips to Freetown. Upon learning of the two girls' unique and valuable heritage, Lokr readily agreed to escort them back to Salsola, where she began her life anew as an Associate.

While she remained in the Thistle Kingdom for some time, June eventually relocated to Portland to serve her pack abroad at Ft. Preble, quietly working to foster relations between the Thistle Kingdom and her father. For many a year, her days were listless and bland, and she politely refused a handful of suitors until she reached an age where she assumed she was too old to marry. However, June's life was soon to be forever changed when she crossed paths with the smooth-talking Khalifa D'Angelo, who saw an opportunity to further his own agenda.

After what June assumed was a whirlwind, but genuine romance, she found herself wed to the younger man, and shortly thereafter, she bore him four children: Marik, Arkana, Evander, and Farron. Strangely, after the birth of their litter, Khalifa has been more and more absent in the home, throwing himself in his work and only visiting the family at the end of a long day, and June, with little alternatives left, has embraced her role as a mother above all else.


Familial Connections

  • Mother: Joy
  • Father: Solomon the Salamander
  • Siblings: Anja Belgrave & Sari Belgrave
  • Mate: Khalifa D'Angelo
  • Children: Marik D'Angelo, Arkana D'Angelo, Evander Belgrave, Farron Belgrave
  • Anja Belgrave — Although better able to tolerate their bossy older sister than Sari, June still struggles with Anja's overbearing, domineering nature. She doesn't understand why it is so important to Anja to take on the responsibilities that a son of Solomon would have - And naturally feels that Anja looks down on her timid, old-fashioned femininity.
  • Sari Belgrave — Being the more easygoing and light-hearted sister, Sari was a closer confidant to June. June taught Sari many things, such as to cook and sew, and often acted almost as a second mother to her. However, Sari was always uncomfortable with how content June remained in their mother's house and is easily frustrated by her meek nature, and June struggles to understand her sister's boredom and claustrophobia within the confines of their small lives.

Notable Relations

  • Khalifa D'Angelo — June thinks she loves her husband, or at the very least she fell in love with him in the beginning; he was tall, dark, and handsome, and she never would have imagined that anyone would come off so strongly so quickly, especially given her age. He was frequently interested in her family's business, asking questions, making connections — yet June would never have imagined that their marriage was merely a way for Khalifa to get his foot in the door and expand his Mercante-oriented goals. Their children followed soon after, and while June was, at first, overjoyed, she found herself lamenting the newfound isolation, especially as Khalifa became immediately distant after their birth.
  • June loves all of her children equally, though has a subtly noticeable affinity for her similarly quiet daughter, Farron. With their father frequently absent for business purposes, June has been somewhat restricted to her home, and most of her social interactions come from conversing and caring for her sons and daughters, who are on the cusp of adulthood themselves. She is secretly loathing the day that the rest of her children decide they are ready to go off on their own; Marik was the first to step foot outside of Portland, and she fears that his siblings will be quick to follow suit.

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Credit: Alaine


  • Clever little creature with a penchant for shiny things
  • She can often be found twined around her mistress' neck like a furry scarf
  • Her kleptomania often embarrasses June, who has to give back all the things she steals
  • Given as a coming-of-age gift to June from her father in Barbados


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