Jonesy (NPC of [[Characters/O'Riley Eternity]])

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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Lineage
  4.   4.  Skills & Abilities
  5.   5.  Likes & Dislikes
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Jonesy is a mule who functions as a pack animal for Salsola member O'Riley Eternity.




NPC Info

  • DOB: 2012
  • Gender: John Mule (Gelded Male)
  • Species: Mule
  • Color: Bay
  • Pronunciation: JOAN-ZEE
  • Etymology: God is gracious, English


Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Jonesy at O'Riley's home.
  • Seeing O'Riley working with Jonesy.

1.  Appearance

  • Size: 15hh, 1000lbs
  • Build: Sturdy. Big head and ears, skinny legs and tiny hooves.
  • Features: Jonesy has a short mane. He is a very easy-to-read animal, and makes his attitude about things very clear.
  • Coloration:
  • Gear:
    • Jonesy has a saddle that fits him (and would fit another similarly sized animal), along with a blanket, decorative gear, and bags.
    • A sturdy but simplistic leather harness.

2.  Personality

Smart, stubborn, highly social.

3.  Lineage

  • Sire: A donkey
  • Dam: A quarter horse

4.  Skills & Abilities

  • Very tough (tougher skin and hooves than a horse)
  • Natural resistance to disease and insects
  • High endurance
  • Rider trained, cart trained

5.  Likes & Dislikes

  • Jonesy likes food, working, affection, and mud.
  • He dislikes snakes, biting flies, and noisy birds.

6.  History

  • Jonesy was obtained and used by the Salsola Outpost for well over a year.
  • When O'Riley Eternity came to Portland seeking to return his mother's reindeer, she insisted he take Jonesy in exchange, citing that he would need a reliable pack animal.
  • Jonesy accompanied O'Riley and Kamari Kaiser on their expedition to the south.
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