Jérôme Moineau

Jérôme Moineau

by Raze




Date of Birth

21 August 2009




Birth place

Mer Bleue




100% Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Loner


Pack Vinátta
Rank Frjáls

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Jérôme Moineau (formerly known as Glasgow) was a member of Vinátta.

Born in Mer Bleue alongside sister Finch, Jérôme lived the simple life of a young dispersal male until an injury forced he and his sister to join one of the small packs in the area. However, a band of troublemakers known as the Ironside Coalition ambushed Jérôme and forced him to betray his pack, stringing him along through blackmail and intimidation. When he tried to escape, he was raped, turned Luperci, and mutilated -- and his identity further stripped from him when the group took to calling him "Glasgow."

Eventually, Jérôme managed to flee. He joined Vinátta and met Shiloh Dawnbringer, whom he began to develop romantic feelings for (albeit unrequited). When she had puppies, Jérôme stepped in for her distant lover and helped raise them. However, shortly after the pups' birth his old enemies targeted Vinátta, leading to the Ironside Conflict. Jérôme was forced to reveal his identity, and when the Ironside wolves were defeated, he made amends with and further integrated himself into his new pack.

As a Vináttan, Jérôme was good friends with Shiloh and her children -- especially Dreyma Moineau, whom he shared blood and similarities with. He acted as hunter and tailor for the pack for approximately a year, until he recognized that he was clinging to hopes that Shiloh might return his feelings. He parted ways with Vinátta once Shiloh became pregnant with her lover's second litter.

Jérôme wandered on his own for another year and a half, spending some time in Mer Bleue and in Manitoba, and was later accompanied by Dreyma, who had made the decision to strike out on her own after various other members of her family departed the pack. They traveled together for another few months before Jérôme met Sarah Sansonnet -- love at first sight, though this time it was requited. They had a single daughter, Alouette Moineau.

1.  Appearance

Jérôme is a timber wolf of average height and weight, though his long legs give him the illusion of tallness. He has a leanly muscled, well-balanced build -- one that looks remarkably average in most forms, though it translates to a rather lean, toned Optime. The rest of him is nondescript as well, but he has large paws and a fairly rumpled coat; several old scars litter his skin and disrupt the flow of fur, though most of these nasty scars are hidden.

His fur has the typical timberwolf pattern, a base Old Copper (#7A502D) overlaid with English Walnut (#412F24), such as on the top of his head (with a "mask" of the former color). His underside, from muzzle to belly and legs, fades to Coral Reef (#C3B49E) while darker Baltic Sea (#18171A) streaks most of his back, including his tail.

Overall, Jérôme has few defining features but for his face. He has distinct markings beneath his Cork (#41271B) eyes, a sort of upside-down triangle dipping into the pale color of his cheek. This probably would be his most notable characteristic, but for the faded scars on his cheeks -- a sort of faded "smile" that stretches past his lips.

1.1  Images

1.2  Forms


  • Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)
  • Height: 32 in (82 cm)
  • Average in every way, if long-legged.
  • This is Jérôme's default form. He is the most comfortable in it due to being born non-Luperci, and so he generally doesn't shift out of it unless he needs to.


  • Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)
  • Height: 40 in (102 cm)
  • Heavily muscled, but also notably tall and long.
  • Jérôme isn't fond of this form, disliking it sacrifices endurance for strength, but he will shift to it in dire situations when he needs to fight.


  • Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Height: 6ft 5in (77 in) (193 cm)
  • Average height, with toned and lean build. Mane is feral and unstyled; posture is more hunched as well.
  • Jérôme isn't clumsy or uncomfortable in Optime, but he still only really shifts when he needs to.

1.3  Other


  • Cheek scars stretching from lips; forms a faded but macabre "grin."
  • Several indistinct scars littering his skin; mostly hidden by fur.


  • Frithr necklace; always worn.

2.  Personality

Jérôme is a soft-spoken and private individual, though he prefers the company of close friends over solitude. Guided mostly by instinct, he may come across as a little backward and uncomfortable. He is, however, respectful and obedient to hierarchy, communicating largely with body language when it suffices. He avoids conflict the best he can unless a friend or his pack is slighted, in which case he grows fiercely protective. Of himself, Jérôme thinks little; he thinks himself a misfit not generally worth anyone's time, yet tries his hardest to amend his mistakes and provide for Vinátta and his new "family."

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Forests, running, hunting, cats, tanning, singing, puppies, rain, Shiloh
  • Dislikes: His scars, Luperci-supremacists, bears, mud, meaningless conversation


Respectful, soft-spoken, bitter, resigned, instinctive

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Introverted and submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral


  • Sexual assault
  • Wire; being in contact with it or bound by it


  • His friendship with Shiloh and her children
  • Protecting and providing for Vinátta to make up for his past


  • Atheist, but respectful of Norse beliefs
  • Private about his religious beliefs, Jérôme won't tell anyone what he does or does not believe in.


  • Species: Jérôme does not think any species is better than another, but he does largely see them as separate; for example, he thinks coyotes and wolves are equally good but that they are very different. Hybrids confuse him, and so he tends to categorize a hybrid as one species or the other -- he might simply call a coyote-like coywolf a coyote, for example.
  • Non-Luperci: Born a non-Luperci, he still feels kinship with them and believes they are equal to Luperci. Regardless, he doesn't think badly of even the more humanized Luperci, only finds them odd.
  • Sexuality: He is uncomfortable around homosexual males but has no problem with homosexuality itself.


  • Heterosexual
  • Family-oriented, seeking a life partner rather than a quick lay.
  • Shy and soft-spoken about attraction for others; sits on his feelings forever and keeps them bottled.


  • Rejects all substances.
  • Jérôme dislikes not feeling in control of himself, and finds most substances "unnatural."

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Shiloh Dawnbringer is his closest friend in the pack. It is no secret that he has a crush on her (and might even love her). He spends most of his time with her and her family, valuing her friendship as it is and helping her where he can.
  • Abigail, Alessan, and Dreyma, Shiloh's children, were often babysat by Jérôme. They view him as an uncle-like figure. He is especially close with Dreyma, who is older and also actually related to him, albeit distantly.

3.2  Family: Moineau

  • Mother: Wren Moineau
  • Father: Corentin
  • Littermates: Finch Moineau
  • Extended: His relations through the Moineau family include some distant cousins in his own pack (Chloé and Dreyma, as well as more cousins that he does not know about -- including Vesper of Inferni.

3.3  Other


Family Relations

  • Finch Moineau is his sister. He was very close to her as a youth, but became separated from her at about the time he joined the Ironside Coalition. They have since reunited, but both have changed, leaving Jérôme nervous and cautious about their relationship.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • The Ironside Coalition was a gang of Luperci Verto that terrorized Jérôme's home territory; he was eventually blackmailed into helping them. Notably, the leader, Jáskrim, raped him and turned him Luperci. They were killed off in the Ironside Conflict, but he still thinks of them.

4.  Interaction

4.1  General

  • Scent:
    • Vinátta scent: salt, pine needles, wood shavings.
    • Stronger earthy smell, and ironlike smell from blood and kills.
  • Speech:
    • Average tenor, soft volume, gruff.
    • Jérôme rarely speaks unless he needs to. Once he does speak, however, he has little concept of reining in his tongue; he tends to speak his thoughts as they come.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Feral gestures, few humanized ones with hands.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Jérôme uses posture as a means of expression; his body language magnifies his emotions. He is quick to show appropriate submission as well as dominance, and tends to go bristly and snarly whenever he's faced with violence. When neutral, he looks very calm and at ease, but this often switches to uncertainty if with a stranger.

4.2  Assumptions

Anything beyond the okayed assumptions, PM and ask first. Vinátta members may assume the following:

  • Seeing Jérôme around hunting, scouting, or hanging out by his den.
  • Seeing Jérôme walking around with Shiloh or with her children.

4.3  Residence

Jordheim Vinatta

  • Jérôme lives in Shiloh's house, in its main room. He curls up on furs by the fireplace, out of the way of the sewing table and never trespassing into her bedroom.
  • Jérôme previously lived in a den outside of Jordheim, but it was destroyed following heavy snows.

4.4  NPCs

Credit goes to Kellsarina @ deviantArt!


  • Age and DOB: >20 years, born Dec 1990
  • Species: Horse
  • Description: Blue is an ancient mare, her bloodlines too muddled for any breeds to really be picked out. She is rather thick of build and slow of step, and completely unremarkable. She is, as her name suggests, a blue roan. She is a sabino, with a streak of white under her belly. She also has a white star and a white sock on her hind left leg.
  • Personality: Blue is not much of a companion animal. She's rather aloof toward Luperci and could care less about them, having suffered abuse in the past and simply growing jaded and used to whatever is thrown at her. When given a task, she comes to life, but only until the work is done. She is dominant among other horses, though she could often care less about them. She isn't maternal, and has been known to chase foals that pester her.

4.5  Abilities


  • Hunting: Jérôme is a very good hunter and prefers to chase prey the old way. Like a true wolf, he uses his endurance to wear his target down before going in for the kill.
  • Combat: He can fight well enough in his four-legged forms to defend himself. He uses a feral style of fighting, relying mostly on his teeth in Lupus and Secui. In Optime, he may attempt a few swipes to take advantage of his long arms, but he is generally unskilled. He cannot use weapons.
  • Skinning & Tanning: He has considerable skill working pelts, both skinning animals and tanning leather to be used for other purposes. He collaborates with Shiloh on projects such as cloaks.
  • French: Jérôme is fluent in Canadian French but will not draw attention to this.


  • Social Awkwardness: At least as far as Luperci interaction is concerned, Jérôme is quite awkward. He tends to speak his mind without knowing how it might be viewed as wrong, and he is quick to posture his way into and out of bad situations. He also is clueless about concepts like hybridization and finer points of Luperci lifestyles.

5.  History

5.1  Pre-'Souls Timeline


  • August: Jérôme and Finch Moineau are born to parents Wren Moineau and Corentin. They live as non-Luperci in Mer Bleue.
  • December: An especially rough winter comes, and prey begins to weaken and die off beyond the normal amount for the season.


  • January: Famine comes when too many wolves capitalize on the weakened animals, and Corentin steps up to hunt for his family. He is killed by a moose, but a pack takes pity on the family and allow them to come with them to more bountiful territories.
  • March: The pack splits off when spring hardly brings any more food, the families all finding their own paths. Wren takes her children further south
  • May: Wren meets up with her sister, Summer Moineau, and stays with her little family cluster until autumn comes.
  • September: Summer dies of an illness that nearly claims Jérôme's life as well. Wren takes him and Finch away again, although the two have become independent yearlings. They continue to travel with their mother regardless.


  • February: Jérôme makes the decision to strike out on his own as an adult.
  • March: He spends some time in an abandoned city, interested in the human ruins, and befriends a cat there. He helps hunt for the cat and her kittens, and so they become fast friends until Jérôme -- unable to live strictly off the mice and other small animals available in the city -- has to move on.
  • April: Finch catches up with Jérôme, asking if they can travel together, as they've always been close. He agrees, and they strike out together in the wilderness.
  • May: However, the two have a falling out over their reasons for traveling together and their destination. Jérôme is searching for a purpose in life and always wants more, while Finch is merely content to travel and see the world. When Jérôme takes too long looking for packs and settlements, Finch wanders onward.
  • June: Jérôme has a short but doomed relationship with another she-wolf, who turns out to be Luperci. He loves her, but isn't ready to give up his own lifestyle to be changed as well.
  • October: Jérôme spends some time investigating a Luperci pack, but is ultimately rejected due to his inability to shift even though the Luperci live feral lives. As he leaves the territory, he reunites with Finch again.
  • November: A mountain lion spooks Finch, who disrupts some unsteady rocks and takes a tumble with the landslide. Finch injures her leg in the fall, and the mountain lion -- also frightened and hurt -- attacks the siblings. A nearby non-Luperci pack drives the mountain lion away and offers Jérôme and Finch a home for as long as they wish to stay.
  • December: Jérôme and Finch make the decision to stay with the pack until Finch is fully healed, and start to adjust to pack life.


  • January: Jérôme learns about a troublesome group poaching on the pack lands -- apparently a cluster of former pack members called the Ironside Coalition, who were rejected after being turned Luperci. This gang apparently wants revenge, and Jérôme decides to help his new pack by keeping an eye out for them.
  • February: Finch is attacked by an unknown Luperci while out in the woods, and her healing is set back slightly.
  • March: Jérôme is ambushed by the Ironside Coalition, who kidnap him and demand that he betray the pack's secrets -- or they'll kill Finch, an easy target due to her injury. Jérôme has more loyalty to Finch than to their pack, and so he agrees to help Ironside by vouching for their disguised members and leading them to the pack alpha, who is killed. The pack is all but destroyed, with a couple of members -- Finch included -- thankfully escaping. Jérôme thinks that he's allowed to leave at this point, having done his job, but the group kidnaps him again.
  • April: The group's leader, Jáskrim, makes several passes at Jérôme during this time, as they travel and live off the caches and other resources in the pack lands. A straggler from the pack is also found, but before Jérôme can help them, they are killed off by Ironside.
  • May: Jérôme eventually tries to make his escape, but the Luperci capture him, and use sharp wire to rip his lips into his cheeks, giving him "Glasgow smile." Skrim also rapes Jérôme, turning him Luperci, and the group as a whole starts to call him "Glasgow" to further destroy his identity.
  • June: Jérôme is still valued for his ability to "blend in" and infiltrate non-Luperci packs, especially with his now-pitiful appearance. The Ironside Coalition works to drive the little throngs of non-Luperci in the wilderness to extinction through killing them off or turning them, while also surviving off their land.
  • November: The group assaults a lone non-Luperci and his few-month-old daughter, but Jérôme manages to save them. Unbeknownst to him, they are distant relations, Absolon and Chloé Moineau.
  • December: Jérôme makes a final escape. The leader nearly kills him in this attempt, but Jérôme tears into Skrim's face. Half-blinded, the man is unable to catch him, and Jérôme goes on the run from the gang. As the new year turns, Jérôme reunites briefly with his old cat friend, who tells him about Nova Scotia and the large packs there.

5.2  'Souls Timeline


  • March: Jérôme joins Vinátta under his alias, Glasgow, seeking the pack for protection. He quickly sort-of befriends Shiloh Dawnbringer, who teaches him about the pack's culture in exchange for some information about cats.
  • April: Jérôme helps Shiloh with a puppy, Jack Taylor, who is being cared for by the loner Boomer McGee. He does his best to hunt for her as well as give advice on Shiloh's pregnant cat, Muddy, though his constant doting gets on her nerves more than anything and he starts to leave her alone.
  • May: Jérôme hears rumors of his old enemies in the area, but his search for actual evidence is fruitless. He learns of Shiloh's pregnancy and tries to stop her from traveling without an escort, but she turns him down.
  • June: Shiloh gives birth to her puppies, Abigail and Alessan, and adopts Dreyma. However, the children are kidnapped in the Ironside Conflict; Jérôme's attempt to comfort her is interrupted when he reunites with his sister, Finch Moineau. Once Saul discovers Jérôme inadvertently brought the Ironside canines down on Vinátta, he interrogates him, and Jérôme is forced to reveal his real name and his past. He narrowly avoids exile.
  • July: Wilson is cruel to Jérôme about his feelings for Shiloh, though Jérôme figures out it's because of Wilson's own bad luck with love that has caused his bitterness. Still, Jérôme can't help but agree with the cat that he doesn't have a chance.
  • August: Jérôme urges Shiloh to learn more feral forms of combat after her puppies were kidnapped. The pair also streamline their work together, combining their trades to create cloaks.
  • September—December: Jérôme grows somewhat bitter about Shiloh's relationship with Silvano, her pups' father and a distant King, but one wouldn't know it for his actions. He busies himself with his duties, including watching over the puppies. When Shiloh then Dreyma fall ill, he helps nurse them back to health.

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  • We Do a Childish Dance
    After convincing Shiloh to use her Lupus form more (and eventually learn to fight in it), Jérôme and Shiloh play with her pups on the beach.
  • Struck Down by Nature's Fury
    Shiloh fears that Jérôme is caught out in a storm with her daughter.
  • Teeth in the Grass
    Jérôme, Shiloh, and Chloé patrol -- only to encounter a cougar in pack territory.




  • January: Jérôme tries to be supportive when Shiloh's family life falls into turmoil. He is mostly worried about Abigail and her moodiness. When the Virding's daughter is kidnapped, he spends much of his time looking for her in the vicinity of the pack.
  • February: Following heavy snow, Jérôme's den collapses. He is saved by Shiloh and Taro but has broken ribs and a rough recovery.
  • March: Jérôme is hearbroken when Abigail decides to leave for her father's pack. He reassures Shiloh about Abi as well as Dreyma when Shiloh is threatened by Grace D'Angelo's return. A notable rank change occurs when Florina Soul usurps her mother, but Jérôme has no opinion on the matter.
  • July: Shiloh is, once again, pregnant with Silvano's children. Jérôme, suffering for seasons now with his unrequited love, makes the prompt decision to leave Vinátta so he can fulfill his own life.

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