Itzcitla (NPC of [[Characters/Draugr Helsi]])


  • DOB: January 21, 2004
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Ocelot


  • Pronunciation: Its-CEE-lah
  • Etymology: "star," Nahuatl


  • Summer: Free-roaming -- near the Pictou River, most often.
  • Winter: In the cold months, Itzcitla lives and eats with Draugr.


  • Size: Small-medium cat, 35 pounds (16 kg).
  • Build: Sleek, well-muscled: the epitome of a predatory jungle cat. Although he is strong and not a small cat, he is no match for a Luperci.
  • Features: Huge eyes, small ears, large and vivid pink nose -- essentially a miniature jaguar.
  • Coloration:
    • Pine Glade (#C9C585) colors his dorsal half.
    • His ventral half is dull, pale gold in Mint Julep (#EFECBC).
    • Gondola (#0F0A0A) spots his body, of course.
    • His eyes are very bright Confetti (#E2EA57).


Largely independent, Itz tends to fend for himself. He is quite docile, although not affectionate in the least -- don't look to Itzcitla to purr and rub his head against a leg. He has never shown aggression toward Luperci, regardless of their size -- though he tends to avoid young children.

Skills & Abilities

  • Itzcitla does not speak high or low speech, and seems to be completely mute, making few (if any) sounds. It is probable that he understands Spanish better than English, as he was raised in Eterne.

Likes & Dislikes

  • He likes water -- on very hot days, he can be found swimming in the river!
  • He enjoys hunting with a Luperci partner.
  • He is not extremely fond of other cats, but he has tolerated several in his lifetime: Omitl (Eris's lynx) and Amini (Eris's housecat) lived with him previously, and various Salsolans own felines of other species. While Itz is never aggressive toward them, neither does he seek their companionship.


  • Prior to Eris's ownership of him, the feline was hand-raised by Luperci and later kept with an older docile ocelot; this was how he learned to hunt and was part of his training. He was intended as a "showy" pet for the upper-crusties of Eterne, not a practical or functional pet.
  • Itzcitla was initially given to Eris in Mexico as a gift. His ability to hunt saved Eris's life on her journey north from Eterne.
  • Some of Eris's companions were taken from her as a result of her downfall; Itzcitla was given to Draugr.
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